PokerStars Review

PokerStarsAs one of the most easily recognisable names in the online poker industry, PokerStars welcomes players of all skill levels and experiences to their site. Anyone that wants a warm welcome and a great range of poker opportunities would be advised to at least see what PokerStars has to offer.

PokerStars Software



When it comes to playing on PokerStars, you will be playing on the PokerStars network, ensuring that this is a unique poker playing experience. Given the size and popularity of the site, this makes perfect sense and it provides PokerStars players with a poker playing style and comfort that is unavailable elsewhere. This is the largest poker network in the world and the software is very highly thought so if you are looking for a place to play poker, this is likely to be as good as anywhere else you can gain access to! While the poker network is one of the oldest online, the software has always remained up to date.

There is no browser play option but with mobile, PC and Mac options, you should find that there is plenty of poker options available with this software.


As you would expect from such a large site, there is an impressive array of features on the PokerStars site. You can customise the theme of the site, the tables and even how your own character looks. Whether you want to play as your family pet or a famous actor, the choice is yours!

With respect to statistics, Poker Stars is able to provide a great deal of information that will help people to make the most of their time. There is an opportunity to view opponents statistics, your own hand history, notes about opponents and so much more. If you have the time to carry out the research, the PokerStars site will give you everything you could want or need to know about your style of play or your potential opponents.

Setting up home games is one of the strongest features available on the PokerStars site and it really helps to bring friends together. If you used to play poker with your friends but find it is hard to find the time and place these days, arrange a time you can all get online and let PokerStars take care of the rest. This is an ideal opportunity for friends to ensure that they get the pleasure of taking on and beating their friends at poker!

Another great feature is the BOOM! Hand replayer that allows you the chance to upload your favourite poker plays online and share them with your social networking following.
When it comes to playing against the pros, this is something that comes very easy at PokerStars and the software points out the members of Team PokerStars Pro, giving you the chance to take on the big name stars or leave them be.

Download PokerStars

With download options for PC and Mac users, everyone can join in the fun when it comes to PokerStars. The size of the download is 12.4MB so make sure that you have this available before you download!

PokerStars Mobile

There is a mobile option for PokerStars, with Android and iOS users catered for, but before you concern yourself with that, you should follow the link to sign up. In order to gain access to the poker games through your smartphone or tablet device, you need to have your account set-up so get that fixed first and then look forward to having plenty of mobile poker fun.

If you are playing on the move you will often have no time to waste so the “Play Now” button which grants you access to poker games with one click can be of great benefit.

You can use the web cashier to deposit and withdraw funds while on the go, giving PokerStars a more mobile poker feel than many of the main contenders in the poker industry. With plenty of real money games and tournaments on offer from the site, you should be delighted with what PokerStars has to offer their mobile gamers.


You can’t argue about the range of poker games that the PokerStars site provides for poker players. While some poker sites focus purely on Texas Hold Em and Omaha, Poker Stars goes further. On the site you will find the aforementioned Hold Em and Omaha options but also Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, Draw 2-7, Triple Draw 2-7, Single Draw, HORSE, Razz, 8 Game Mix and even Badugi. When it comes to finding the widest selection of poker disciplines, you should be able to enjoy what PokerStars has to offer.

Facts and Figures for PokerStars
Company locationIsle of Man
Founding date1999
Quality insuranceIsle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Instant Play, Mobile
Multi tablesYes, unlimited
Resizable tablesYes, any size
NetworkPokerStars Network
Game variationsHold'Em, Omaha (Hi-Lo), Stud (Hi-Lo), Draw (2-7), HORSE, Razz, 8-Game, Badugi
USA playersNo
Live chatNo
Telephone UKNot available
Telephone Intl.Not available

PokerStars Bonus



When it comes to online poker sites with big name players, you will be hard pushed to find a site that offers more than Poker Stars. The opportunity to pit your poker skills against the best in the business is a huge incentive for any poker player but there is a need to make sure that the site offers plenty of other reasons too. This is where bonuses can make all the difference and you will not be let down by the bonuses that PokerStars have to offer.

When it comes to grabbing an initial poker bonus, a 100% deposit bonus is well worth looking out for. One incentive that the PokerStars site has over similar offers from different sites is that the 100% bonus goes all the way up to $600! Using the PokerStars marketing code: PSP4264 gives you the chance to earn up to $600 with your initial deposit on the site.

PokerStars Sign-up Bonus



While some sites only count the first deposit you make as being eligible for the bonus, this is not the case with the PokerStars site. On this site you are able to make up to three qualifying deposits in a 90 day period to get you up to the maximum bonus value. This is a brilliant offer and one that is not replicated on too many poker sites. This way you can really maximise the level of bonus that you receive from the site without feeling as though you are depositing too much money in one go.

The way that this bonus is staggered is perfect for players who would rather get to know a site a little before fully committing large sums of money to their online account.

One interesting thing about the PokerStars site is that they provide their bonuses for a number of different currencies. The maximum bonus for US dollars, as stated, is $600 and players need to earn 17 VPPs for every US Dollar of their bonus. If a player is using Canadian dollars, the maximum bonus stands at $625 and they will need to earn 16 VPPs for every Canadian dollar.

European players are also catered for and if the Euro is your chosen currency, the maximum bonus amount is 465 while players will need to earn 22 VPPs for every Euro of their bonus. For players in Britain, the maximum bonus level is £390 and the clearance rate for Sterling players is to earn 26 VPPs for every £1 of bonus. The bonuses on the PokerStars site for every currency level is subject to change depending on the fluctuating currencies, so it is always worthwhile checking the latest promotions just in case there has been a change in the values or clearing rates for every currency.

One of the areas that is important but sometimes overlooked when it comes to getting bonuses is the amount of clearing time that is available. When you use the PokerStars site, you are well looked after in this regard because there is a 6 month clearing period to earn your bonuses. This is a great bonus for players and if you feel that some sites don’t provide you with enough time to fully earn your bonus, you will be delighted with what PokerStars has to offer.

It has to be said that a big strength in the PokerStar bonuses is the fact that it is very simple. The site maximises the opportunity for players to get a bigger bonus and they provide plenty of time for players to earn the VPPs that sees them receive their bonus amount. With PokerStars you are guaranteed great games, big names and plenty of fun but they also offer a lot of poker bonus opportunities too.