Poker Odds And Probabilities

Here we would like to introduce you to the world of odds and probabilities – after all that is what poker is all about. If you are able to weigh your chances correctly you will more often than not end up with more money than before. Surely luck will always play its part but in the long run it lies in your own hands whether you are going to be a winning player or not. While a good player knows when the odds are in his favour a really good player knows when they are not and when he should simply accept defeat and forget about the money he has put on the table already instead of going on and losing even more.

Whether you want to know the probability of a certain hand or the odds to beat another hand – we provide you with the answer. Learning when to fold is one of the most important lessons for a poker player and for that it is necessary to have a basic knowledge about probabilities and odds in poker. Of course people will win hands where they only had a 5% winning chance to begin with but keep in mind that with this hand the same player will lose the remaining 9 times out of 10. While this may not comfort you at the time of losing to such a player you should be aware of one thing: you want to be a successful poker player in the long run and this can only be achieved by using the odds to your advantage.

For your convenience we have programmed a Poker Odds Calculator to help you evaluate your cards and develop a feeling for the actual quality of your hand. If you learn to judge your hand correctly you will have much more success in the game and be able to cope with unexpected losses more easily as you will find them to be the exception of the rule.

When we now wish you “good luck” we actually mean “a lot of good odds”.

Good luck!