General Information

PaysafecardPaysafecard is one of the most commonly used payment methods on the internet. The main advantage of Paysafecard is the possibility to use the service without a bank account or credit card by purchasing the card in one of the currently 110,000 stores in Europe offering it. In order to pay with the Paysafecard via internet, you will simply have to enter the PIN of the card. You will not be charged with any additional costs or fees and most poker rooms will offer you the option to combine several cards with various amounts of money in order to achieve your desired amount of deposit.

Creating Your Paysafecard Account

Contrary to most conventional internet payment methods you do not need an account in order to use a Paysafecard. Simply go to in order to find the nearest retailer where you can purchase your card. Paysafecards come in variants of €10, €25, €50, and €100. You can also use the option to buy the card right on the website of Paysafecard if you so wish.

Payments and Transfers

You will be able to perform online payments or to put money on your poker account right after purchasing a Paysafecard. Simply enter the 16 digit PIN Code found on the card when being prompted for it. You do not necessarily need to use up the entire amount of money on your card but are able to use partial amounts. By going to the Paysafecard website and entering your card’s PIN Code you can retrieve the current amount of money that your specific card is credited with as well as all transactions that it has been charged with.

Poker Payouts with Paysafecard

Due to the nature of Paysafecard’s offered service and the non-existence of a personal account, you will have to use an alternative option (bank account, credit card, cheque,…) if you want to withdraw money from your poker account.

Your Paysafecard does not have an expiry date, the purchased funds will stay valid until completely used up.

Tips and Hints Paysafecard Poker

The Paysafecard is being sold at post offices, tobacconists, petrol stations, chemists, banks, etc. – varying from country to country. You can simply go to and retrieve the location of the nearest vendor.

The main reason for Paysafecard’s popularity is the fact that you can easily and safely perform money transactions on the internet without the use of a credit card or other personal information.

When executing an internet payment you will not be charged with any additional fees from Paysafecard. You will be credited with the whole amount that you paid for the card.

Be aware that some sales outlets may not offer all the different cards (€10, €25, €50, €100). Usually, you will be able to find this additional info on the Paysafecard website when requesting a list of vendors.

In order to protect your Paysafecard from third parties, you may choose to assign a password to your card. Simply click on “Password Protection” when in the balance query part of the site. Each password will be valid for one Paysafecard at any time. Should you forget your password you can retrieve it by using the secret question feature. Once activated the password cannot be deleted.