Zahir Aslam Is A Big Dusk Till Dawn Winner

Zahir AslamWhile footballers dream about winning in famous stadiums like Wembley or Hampden, poker players want to play at the most prestigious poker venues. There will be many poker players who have dreamt about winning a major event in Las Vegas and having all eyes of the gaming community on them. However, a poker player doesn’t have to go all the way to Las Vegas to experience playing in a world-renowned poker venue, there is one in Nottingham.

Okay, Nottingham may lack the glitz and glamour that Las Vegas delivers nonchalantly but there is no doubt that the Dusk Till Dawn club is one of the most respected poker venues in the country. It hasn’t been easy for DTD to earn this reputation but it is fully deserved and it shows no sign of slipping away. This means that poker players will always be keen to make their way to the venue and try and be a winner.

One player that no longer has to dream about being a DTD winner is Zahir Aslam. This is down the fact that he has become the latest poker player to clinch the £300 Deepstack game. This is no mean feat, especially when you take on board that there were a total of 468 players vying for the prize. A top prize of £33,596 is definitely a huge incentive for players and there was a massive turnout.

Plenty of interest in this poker game

Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club

This is always a tournament that is very popular with DTD players and even though there was a £300+£36 buy-in for the event, there ended up being an overlay of close to £10,000. When there is a guarantee of £150,000 for a single poker tournament, it is probably not surprising that there is a massive level of interest in the event.

Of the 468 players, only the top 63 were guaranteed to take cash home which meant there was heartache for Terry Jordan. Jordan was the 64th player in the event which meant that everyone still sat at a table upon his exit knew there was a minimum of £600 coming their way. When the bubble bursts, some players can relax, safe in the knowledge that they will receive some cash reward for their poker endeavour. The final table was set up when Dennis Troake crashed out in 10th position.

Paul Hardy was the first player to exit from the final table with £3,138.75 for his trouble and he was swiftly followed by James Sykes who earned £3,720. In 7th place was Peter Wigglesworth who received £4,650 and in 6th was Robert Moss, who received £5,231.25. In 5th place was Aaron Brunskill who received £6,939.75 while 4th placed finisher David Shaw received £8,137.05. Third place went to Hasmukh Khodiyara who smashed through the ten grand level with £11,625. The runner up spot went to Adam King who received £19,413.75.

All of these players were left in the slipstream of Zahir Aslam though who take home more than £30,000.