APAT Back For Seventh Season

APAT Season 7No matter the activity in life, it can be all too easy to focus on the big names and the star players. When there is big money involved, people will inevitably look towards the top players but one of the best things about poker is that it is open for everyone. On the right day with the right turn of cards, a lowly player can take out a massive name, which is something that is not always available in other activities and sports. By and large the big name poker player will take care of the smaller poker player but there can be occasions where the lesser known player wins.

However, there is a lot to be said for providing amateur poker players with their own events and this is exactly what the Amateur Poker Association & Tour is doing. This summer has seen the commencement of the 7th season of the APAT and there are plenty of great poker events to look forward to. The season got off to a cracking start, piggybacking onto the ISPT event at Wembley Stadium on the 1st of June. This Saturday event allowed players the chance to grace Wembley and join in the fun. Big name poker players were looking to play for the top prize that promised €1m but for amateur poker players, there was still plenty at stake.

This season is seventh heaven for APAT

APAT Live Tour

There is going to be a stop-off in Prague and in Las Vegas but by and large, this season is going to give UK poker players the chance to stay close to home and take part in some major poker events. The next event takes place at the end of June at the G Casino Coventry when the APAT English Amateur Poker Championship takes place. The following weekend, Saturday the 3rd of August, Welsh poker players get their opportunity to get involved with the APAT Welsh Amateur Poker Championship which is taking place at the G Casino in Cardiff. There is then a run of events at the end of August taking place in the Dusk Till Dawn club in Nottingham. This is one of the premier poker venues in the UK and there are seven different events taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Gala in Bristol plays host to the LPPL Players Championship on Saturday the 7th of September and then on Saturday the 28th of September, the APAT Irish Amateur Poker Championship is played out in Dublin. The Celtic cousins are in action the following weekend as well as the Alea Casino in Glasgow plays host to the APAT Scottish Amateur Poker Championship.

That is all of the UK events for 2013 but with two foreign jaunts to end the year and then plenty more poker events lined up for the first half of 2014, this seventh season of the APAT is sure to be an exciting one for amateur poker players everywhere, which means that everyone gets a chance to be a winner.