Mid-Level Poker Strategies

Once you’ve learned and successfully incorporated the most basic poker strategies, it’s time to bring your game to the next level. We’ve put together an intermediate strategy, complete with in-depth skills of observation, avoiding common distractions in live and online poker games, and new ways to improve your poker game.

3 Essential Poker Moves

There are specific moves one can make in poker to bring in more chips on an otherwise average pot size. The first is the “Float” maneuver; little more than a delayed bluff, but highly effective in the right situation. Next is the infamous “Check-Raise”, goading an opponent into raising the pot only to raise him back (requires a strong hand). Last we cover the “Post Oak Bluff”, a fake value bet on the river to dupe a strategic poker player into thinking you have a monster hand.

Poker Table Distractions

If you want to be a serious poker player, you need the discipline of a pro. Never let yourself get distracted from what’s going on at the table. You should be paying close attention to your opponents in the beginning to get a good read on their game, and maintaining that focus throughout to exploit all weaknesses. Just paying attention to everyone else at the table isn’t enough either. If you’re call-folding too often, you may find yourself looking up and wondering what happened to all your chips!

5 Multi-Tabling Tips

The better poker player you become, the more bored you might find yourself playing a single table, especially if you’re playing a proper, tight poker game. Luckily, online poker allows you to participate in multi-table games, where you could be multiplying your profits and eliminating the annoying waiting period between eligible starting hands. In this section, we’ll give you 5 great tips for multi-tabling at your favorite online poker room.

Using TV Poker to Improve Your Game

If you like the game of poker, chances are, you enjoy watching the pros play in high stakes ring games and major poker events like the World Series of Poker. Televised poker games shouldn’t just be used for entertainment purposes. You can actually learn a lot by watching these guys and gals banter around the felt. In fact, the ability to see the hole cards of each player gives you an even better read on their moves, helping you to see what works and what doesn’t, and when and how to implement more advanced poker strategies.

Learn Your Tells, and Use Them!

Every poker player was a novice at some point. Whether you still consider yourself a novice or not, it’s time to take a close look at your past and present poker game. What poker tells are you giving off, and how are other skilled players reacting to them? If you can give off poker tells accidentally, surely you can implement a few good acting skills to relay poker tells on purpose, giving your opponents a false impression of your holdings. Come on in and have a seat – It’s reverse psychology 101!