bet365 Poker Holds $2,500 Beginners’ Races

bet365 Poker $2,500 Beginners' RacesIt doesn’t take years of experience to win big at online poker. Sometimes you’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time, like at bet365 Poker while they’re holding their $2,500 Beginners’ Races.

bet365 Poker’s Beginners’ Races are just what they sound like: leaderboard tracked points races for new bet365 Poker players with a guaranteed cash prize pool of $2,500. What should be especially appealing to new online poker players about the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races is that these races are only played on low limit tables.

Eligible table stakes to qualify for the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Race Leaderboard are only $0.25/$0.50 (or in other currencies: £0.25/£0.50 or €0.25/€0.50) or lower. New players will be eligible for 5 Beginners’ Races on bet365 Poker and each raked hand counts the same (regardless of the stakes).

How players are ranked on the bet365 Beginners’ Races Leaderboard is not by performance in the hands they play but simply the amount of raked hands they play. That’s perfect for players new to poker who may put in a lot of time playing raked hands but may not necessarily do so well in those hands.

The top 100 finishers in the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races win cash prizes with the lowest possible cash prize awarded (for 61st place through 100th place) being $10. All players reaching 4th place and above win more than $100 each, with the 4th place finisher getting $105, the 3rd place finisher getting $120, the 2nd place finisher getting $135, and the 1st place finisher, the winner of the Beginners’ Race Leaderboard, getting $150.

Interested players must opt in to the race after opening their new bet365 Poker account. At that point, there are 5 different races you may compete in, the first being the one which is in progress when you opt in to the promotion. You may also compete in the following 4 races which would allow you – in the best case scenario – to come away with $750 overall (if you win all 5 races).

bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races Leaderboard periods typically run about every two weeks.