Collect Cards And Be A Poker Winner

bet365 Poker Road To RioAt Max Poker Bonus, we love poker bonuses and so do you. However, this was not our first love and before we found ourselves falling in love with the turning of a poker card, there was another type of card that we loved to collect. Well, cards and stickers because we used to love collecting these cards and stickers for any big football tournament. Whether it was the standard league campaign or the big football event of the summer, being able to collect cards and stickers to fill in your book was a pretty big aspect of growing up. Swapping your cards with friends was a great way to move through your collection quickly and there are adults all over the world who hear the word Panini and are instantly transported back to their youth.

The magic and wonder that comes from collecting cards never really leaves you and this is something that bet365 Poker is keen to take advantage of. The site has a Road To Rio promotion running in June and July, and there will be plenty of prizes on offer. This should ensure you can get involved with the World Cup as much or as little as you like. If you love football and poker, you will adore what is on offer during the Road To Promotion which kicked off on June 5th. However, if you just love poker and prizes you will still have plenty to look out for in the upcoming weeks.

Big poker prizes on offer every day

A top prize of €5,000 is always going to be something worth playing for but there will also be prizes on offer every single day. If you are involved with the promotion and you socialise in the lobby of the bet365 Poker, you will be in the running to win an iPad Mini. There will be one handed out every single day so if you want to grab a prize that will help you to surf the net, play poker and stay in touch with all of the latest news at the World Cup, this is going to be of considerable interest and benefit to you.

The card collecting element comes to the fore with the fact that you need to collect 11 cards to progress on to the next round of the promotion. The cards are of players performing at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil so you will feel like a child again when you get involved with this promotion. If you are keen to maximise your chances of winning, and at Max Poker Bonus we aim to maximise everything we do, you should look to play poker on the premium tables at the bet365 Poker site. This will give you double the chances of picking up cards, which is always going to be something that players should be looking out for.

If you have been looking forward to the World Cup but have been looking forward for a way to reignite your passion and connect with the tournament like you did as a kid, bet365 may have the solution. If collecting cards was a big part of your youth during a World Cup summer, get involved again but this time, you may be very well rewarded for doing so.

bet365 Poker Offers A Premium Poker Promotion

bet365 Premium PromotionWhile there are many different poker promotions to choose from, it is hard to argue with the excitement and drama that is provided by a poker promotion that sees you ranked against fellow players. Not only are you looking to defeat your peers when you square off against them, at the table, you need to be racking up more points than them to rise up the rankings.

bet365 Poker knows that this is the sort of promotion that players love and if you want to see a big cash prize at the end of a promotion, how about the fact that there is a total of €650,000 on offer. The main body of the promotion sees 5,000 players battling it out for a share of the €500,000 prize on offer. However, there will also be an additional €150,000 on offer to players, so there is a lot of money to play for.

There is no fixed end date for the promotion, so you want to get involved as soon as you possibly can. The promotion will come to a close when the amount of money awarded hits the €500,000 mark, so getting involved as soon as you can, will help you to be a bigger winner. The site had success with a recent €200,000 Premium Chase promotion, and this is the natural successor to that event.

Poker players love the chance to pit their wits against their peers

It stands to reason that the more players you are ahead of, the better prize you will receive. There are 5,000 prizes in total for the main element of the promotion but you still want to focus on catching and overtaking as many people in front of you. However, you will also want to keep an eye out for the players coming from behind. You don’t want to focus so much on the players ahead of you that you allow yourself to be overtaken. When it comes to making the most of your chances tom win in this bet365 Poker promotion, it makes sense to look forward but to keep an eye out for attacks coming from behind.

The position you hold is determined by the number of coins you receive and you earn merit points to pick up coins. You can push yourself up the rankings by playing on cash tables which have stakes up to €2/€4, £2/£4 or €2/€4, so there is variety on offer if you need it. This variety can also be found in the fact that every poker variation and every style of limit is available for the promotion, including Pot Limit Omaha. If you are looking to give your ranking a boost, you will be delighted to learn that the Premium Table cash games provide you with twice the amount of coins, enabling you to really push on in your pursuit of poker glory.

Make sure to check in to the poker lobby to confirm your progress and keep playing to bag a bigger prize.

888 Poker Has What You Are Looking For

888 PokerWhen it comes to finding the best poker site for your needs, there is a lot to think about. Every person is different so it is important for you to think about what sort of criteria is important for you. You are not short of options when it comes to enjoying online poker but if you want to enhance the amount of enjoyment you get from your poker time, it is best to focus on finding the site that offers what you are looking for.

One of the most important things to think about, and something that can be overlooked at times, comes down to the security and reliability on offer from the big names. There may be offers and promotions provided by a lesser poker site which sounds really enticing but in the long run, the respectability and assurance that comes from choosing a big name poker site is often of benefit. Of course, there are some good poker sites that can offer a strong reputation and plenty of great offers.

Poker that you can rely on

888 Poker is the best site for anyone who wants to start playing poker and if you download 888 poker today, you are in line for a great time. The site is very well regarded and it belongs to a highly regarded online gaming company. Then again, if you are more interested in the promotions, free gifts and poker opportunities, you are sure to be satisfied with what is on offer as well. It is the all-round benefits and opportunities provided by 888 Poker that makes it the natural choice for so many poker players. Boosting your bankroll at the start of your time on a site will ensure that you get the best opportunity to settle into the site and get to know what it has on offer.

Download 888 PokerWhen you see what 888 Poker has on offer, you will be glad of the big welcome bonus provided by the site. There are always tournaments and cash games taking place, so no matter what style of poker you prefer, there will be something that meets your needs. Although Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker game on site, you will have a chance to play other poker games, which is a crucial element for some players.

No matter what poker experience you are looking for, 888 Poker is sure to deliver what you need.

PKR Running Bets For WSOP Main Event

WSOP LogoPoker players all over the world are starting to get a little bit excited about the WSOP Main Event. This is one of the premier events in the poker calendar and players are getting ready to get on a plane from all corners of the globe. If you are sat at home wishing you were involved with the major event, there is going to be a chance that you can have some excitement and perhaps even win some money.

This is because PKR are running betting odds on the WSOP 2013 event and there are a number of special Main Event betting opportunities being lined up. Anyone that is looking to enjoy the WSOP 2013 finale from the comfort of their own home may find that things get a little bit more interesting and engaging when there is money involved with the tournament!

If you want to back the British poker players at the WSOP Main Event, there is a genuine chance to put your money where your mouth is. This is because one of the categories that WSOP provide bets in is the country of birth of the winner. If you are fully backing someone from the UK to beat of all the competition, you will get odds of 21/1. This is definitely going to be worth a flutter and it will give you more of personal involvement with the tournament, so why not get involved when you can!

Are you backing the Brits at the WSOP Main Event?

There are odds of 1.4 to 1 on a player from the USA winning the tournament while the odds on a Canadian player rest at 11 to 1. If you fancy a French born poker player will win the Main Event, you will receive odds of 29 to 1 while the odds on a German player stands at 34 to 1. There is then a big jump to 68 to 1, which is where you find the odds for an Italian or Russian player to win the Main Event. If you don’t think that the eventual winner will come from any of these nations, the Rest of the World odds at 7 to 1 is a great bet to take on.

PKR LogoIf you think that this is the year when a female is going to go all the way at the Main Event, you will get odds of 21 to 1. This means that PKR think that there is the same likelihood of a female winning the Main Event as there is any poker player from the UK doing so! The odds of a female reaching the final table at the WSOP Main Event stand at 3.25 to 1 whereas you will get odds of 1.25 to 1 of no female reaching the final table.

You will also find odds on the top players in poker winning a bracelet and whether any player will win more than one bracelet at this event. You will also find Main Event bets like the age of the winner, the age of the final table players, the winning hand and even the number of players from the US who will make up the final table. No matter what sort of poker bet you can think of, you can bet that PKR will deliver it for this major WSOP event.

The PKR site has long held a reputation for innovation and there is no doubt that this is a poker site that looks like no other. Plenty of poker players that love the interaction and engagement with other players have decided that the PKR site is the one for them. Being able to create an avatar based on yourself or any other character that you want to represent provides a great deal of excitement and higher level of engagement for players. The fact that PKR also provides great innovation with their poker odds is something to look out for too.

Sky Poker Wants A Big Game Of Winner Stays On

Sky Poker LogoWhether you were playing mini football games as a kid, computer games as you were growing up or on the darts oche or on the snooker table in the pub, the concept of “winner stays on” is one we should all be familiar with. This is where the reigning champion gets to stay in place and all contenders who fancy a crack at the champion need to take him or her on directly. In many ways this is a fair way to do it but if you are in a pub and there is only one snooker or pool table, you may find that the quiet game against your mate may be out of the question.

There is no doubt that the concept of winner stays on adds a little more competition and in some instances, it can be a fantastic way to get more people involved. There is a real sense of excitement and drama that comes along with beating the champion and the longer a champ stays in place, the bigger the excitement and drama will become. This is why Sky Poker are getting fully behind their King Of The Hill promotion which works along the concept of the winner stays on mind-set.

Affordable buy-in attracts players

At 9pm every evening, the King of the Hill event takes place and there hundreds of pounds on offer every single evening. There is a very affordable buy-in of £7.50, which should see plenty of poker players having the chance to get involved. From this money, a fiver is placed into the prize pool of the night, two pound goes to the 8.30pm heads up match which takes place the following evening and 50p is allocated to fees for the tournament.

The major difference of this event and many other events is the fact that the player who wins the tournament gets the opportunity to play the winner of the head to head match from the previous evening. This means a winner one night gets another chance to play for a big prize the following evening. If one player manages to get a strong winning run together, they could be picking up a considerable amount of money over their winning run. If you are the King of the Hill, you may need to clear some space in your evenings to make sure that you are perfectly placed to take advantage of what is on offer.

Anything which is a little bit different is going to grab the attention in the online poker community and this promotion definitely stands out from the crowd. If you love the idea of the winner getting to stay on and always playing for more cash, this is the promotion for you.

Take A Poker Gamble With Bolton Wanderers Players

Bolton Wanderers LogoThis is the time of the football season when many clubs have to take a gamble. League titles, promotion places, play-off spots and avoiding the drop, not to mention cup finals, are all at stake and sometimes you have to be brave to achieve success. Sunderland were looking in a very bad way at the bottom of the Premier League but after that thumping 3-0 win over Newcastle at the Sports Direct Stadium, the appointment of Paolo Di Canio is looking like it was a very sensible move. If the Italian can keep Sunderland in the top flight, the gamble will have been all worthwhile and the club will be able to look forward to next season.

One club who is also looking to take a gamble this week is Bolton Wanderers. This is not bad news for boss Dougie Freedman, he can relax safe in the knowledge that he is still wanted by the board of directors; it is the players who will be taking the gamble alongside the fans.

This is down to the fact that the club is running a poker night on Thursday night, in association with, sponsors of the club. It is a charity poker night and funds raised will go towards Hearts and Goals, the campaign the club is backing this season. When fans turn up at the ground, they want to see some of the top players and this is an area where they have no concerns or worries about what is on offer on Thursday evening.

Plenty of Bolton stars will be in attendance for poker night

Fabrice Muamba

The club has promised that a number of first-team players and coaching staff members will be on hand for the Thursday event, which kicks off at 7.30pm. There is a £12 entrance and registration fee and £4 from each registration fee will go towards Hearts and Goals. The money will be used to buy defibrillators and to help raise awareness and knowledge of cardiac arrests and CPR.

This is obviously something that is very close to Bolton Wanderers Football Club after what happened to Fabrice Muamba at White Hart Lane last season. Amazingly, Muamba has made a great recovery and while he is not able to play football, he is able to enjoy a happy and healthy life with his family. Muamba has issued a statement supporting the night, which reads;

I would like to thank the club for hosting the event and 188 for the donations. All monies raised make a difference, whether in allowing us to educate people on how to give effective CPR or providing defibrillators in public places.

Even though there are still a few tickets left for the big evening, the interest in the event has encouraged the organisers to create an online event supporting the same cause. This will be played on Sunday the 28th of August, giving poker players another opportunity to play for great Bolton Wanderers prizes and to help a worthwhile cause.

Freeroll Your Way To Wembley

ISPT LogoFollowing their exits in the Champions League, Arsenal certainly won’t be making it to Wembley in May and if Manchester United are going to be visited the hallowed turf before the height of summer, they are going to have to overcome Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup quarter final replay. Even if they do that, their Wembley trip is only guaranteed for the semi-final and local neighbours Manchester City are lying in wait to prevent United from making it back to Wembley in the month of May.

On the basis of this, it seems rather difficult to get to Wembley in May and when you think about the vast sums of money that have been spent by these clubs, it seems rather expensive too. Perhaps Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have been barking up the wrong tree. There is a way to get yourself to Wembley in May and if you play your poker cards right, it won’t cost a penny. Some of Arsenal’s defenders play as though they have no value and should have been bought for nothing but you get very little for free in modern football.

Social network sites providing poker opportunities

This is not the case with poker in the present day though and if the launch party for the ISPT got you dreaming of being a big Wembley winner, listen up. Dusk Till Dawn Poker are official backers of the ISPT Wembley event and as you would expect, they are getting a little bit hands on with the lead-up. In the latter half of April, social media players will get the chance to join in the freeroll events that will see two lots of 10 300 Euro Day 1 seats being up for grabs. Getting involved with the ISPT on Facebook or Twitter could give you the chance to play your way to playing poker in the world famous stadium for no cost at all (ignoring travel cost and your expenses).

If luck is on your side, you could go all the way and the 22nd and 29th of April are the dates when the freeroll events are taking place. It may seem like a tall order but with Millwall or Wigan definitely making a return trip to Wembley in May and Bradford having already reached there this year, is it too much of a stretch to think that you may make it too?

partypoker Offering Incredible WSOP And WPT Packages

partypoker PromotionsRoll up, roll up, it’s time for some thrilling poker action at partypoker, where players can secure packages to this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) and April’s World Poker Tour (WPT) Vienna.

Yes, the poker room is offering players the chance to win incredible prizes that will take them to Las Vegas and Italy, as well as possibly gain entry to the Spring Million promotion that is guaranteeing $1 million in prizes come early May.

That’s not all, though, as players can still qualify for the partypoker Card Rush promotion, which will see prizes offered from 10 PartyPoints all the way up to $5,000.

Really, there couldn’t be a better time to sign up to partypoker with so much going on, as well as the poker website’s normal line-up of events and promotions.

Hurry! Card Rush Promotion Ends Tomorrow

But be quick if you want to win some prizes from the Card Rush offer as it closes at midnight tomorrow ET (Eastern Time Zone, February 28). However, if you do manage to get some play in, you can quickly earn 15 PartyPoints for a card that will include a free gift from among the 1.8 million on offer.

Check out the ‘Prizes’ tab, then look for ‘Card Rush Race’ to get going, folks. There are still prizes up for grabs, including entry to $2,000 and $20,000 freerolls, as well as an incredible 25,000 PartyPoints, and even $5,000 in hard cash.

The Card Rush Freeroll Schedule

  • Friday, March 2, 13:00 ET, $2,000 Card Rush Freeroll; 14:30 ET, $15,000 Card Rush Freeroll
  • Saturday, March 3, 13:00 ET, $5,000 Card Rush Freeroll; 14:30 ET, $10,000 Card Rush Freeroll
  • Sunday, March 4, 13:00 ET, $3,000 Card Rush Freeroll; 13:00, $20,000 Card Rush Freeroll
  • Monday, March 5, 14:30 ET, $7,500 Card Rush Freeroll

Other prizes include as many as 20 Card Rush Race points, which will see the leading 200 earners win from $100 to $9,000, while every 20th placer from 220 up to 2,200 is guaranteed $50.

WSOP 2012 Qualifiers Kick Off

Meanwhile, partypoker’s WSOP 2012 promotion kicks off at midnight ET tonight and runs until 23:59 on Sunday, June 17, when players can grab hold off a $14,000 package through satellites that includes the $10,000 main event buy-in and quality accommodation at a top Las Vegas hotel for 10 nights, as well as $2,000 cash to spend.

Each Sunday from 14:50 ET will see a $750 buy-in WSOP Satellite run, which will reward 5% of the field with those incredible WSOP packages.

However, partypoker know that not everyone has the bankroll to afford such a large buy-in, so the poker room are also providing sub-satellites that run daily, from freerolls to WSOP Satellite Qualifiers that cost just $80.

partypoker WSOP 2012 FreerollsFreerolls to Las Vegas Start Here

The freeroll will see the leading 25 players handed tickets to the daily $2 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy – and thereafter you can aim for a spot in the WSOP Satellite Qualifier as every $80 added to the prize pool provides an entry.

There is also a $4 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy with the same criteria and even a $9 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed event that will hand out WSOP Satellite Qualifier seats for 10% of the field.

Then, if you are again among the top 10% in this $80 event – which run daily at 14:50 and 19:50 ET, as well as Sundays with a turbo tournament at 12:50 ET – you are in the $750 buy-in WSOP Satellite and just one step away from getting on a flight to Vegas come early July… if you can make the top 5%.

Get on over to partypoker to take a look at their full qualifying structure page for a shot at the big time… and big bucks!

WPT Vienna Satellites Up and Running

Of course, partypoker and WPT Poker are famous for their great giveaways and this is certainly also true of the WPT Vienna promotion that is running right now at the website until 23:59 ET on Sunday, March 25.

If you have your sights set on making it to Vienna’s Montesino Casino for the April 10 to 15 main event, partypoker have numerous WPT packages worth $7,000 to give away.

Qualifiers run every day between now and March 25, with freerolls providing the leading 25 players with entry to the $1 WPT Vienna Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy tournament.

However, players can also buy into the $6 Sub Qualifier Speed event – with both Sub Qualifier tournaments offering seats for each $40 added to their prize pools in the Satellite Qualifier that runs every day.

The WPT Vienna Satellite Qualifiers start at 13:45 and 20:45 ET every day, while there is also a Sunday turbo event. Similar to the above satellites, every $375 added to the prize pool will provide one seat at the next WPT Vienna Satellite.

World Poker Tour Vienna$7,000 Packages to be Won

One $7,000 package is already guaranteed from the $375 buy-in Vienna Satellite that runs every Sunday at 15:20 ET, while each extra $7,000 added to the prize pool also assures places in the main event come April 10.

The WPT Vienna prize package includes the $4,700 buy-in to the main event, as well as six nights’ hotel accommodation and $900 to spend.

Keep the faith and maybe you’ll be lining up alongside some of the world’s best poker pros as they all aim to emulate Dimitry Gromov’s success from last year when he defeated fellow Russian Maksim Kolosov in their heads-up encounter to leave Italy with $636,733.

If you are interested, check out the full qualifying structure here and get registered today for an opportunity to face up to the top pros in Vienna.

PKR Backs The Poker Wiki – Now Online!

The Poker WikiAttention, poker fans– there’s a new poker information site on the web, and they’re gunning for the number one spot when it comes to comprehensive poker information. The Poker Wiki, backed by PKR Poker, who coughed up a lot of the funds to make this brilliant concept a reality, is now online. While the site is still new, it already offers plenty of great information, and it’s expected to grow rapidly and steadily until it becomes the internet’s best source for all things poker related.

PKR Poker are the number one 3D online poker room, and the UK-based company has released a true wiki– “an online poker encyclopaedia created by players, for players.” True to wiki fashion, users will be able to add and edit articles, verify the sources, and add citations and links to other pages. As the PKR press release put it, “”Users of The Poker Wiki can access all content for free, and in true wiki fashion can also submit edits and updates as well as adding their own articles. Poker players may write biographies of their poker careers to date, bloggers can provide articles about their websites, casinos can add details of their cardrooms and tournament schedules and live tournament organisers can provide information on their events, including results and reviews.”

While the site is doing well at providing information and has already grown considerably since their launch, there are naturally some areas that could use improvement. Some of the pages need editing, and whether The Poker Wiki lacks them entirely or they simply can’t keep up with the influx of new pages has yet to be seen. The pages are full of citations, which is a promising sign that the people writing the articles are making sure that they verify their facts. The links between articles are currently largely lacking, which means that when you find something interesting in one article and want to move to the next, you have to do a search for it, rather than simply clicking. With time, this will also surely improve.

PKRNow that the site has gone live, PKR Poker has released it into the wild, so to speak. According to their press release: “Although initially funded by PKR, The Poker Wiki has been developed as a standalone project. PKR Media Manager Dan Grant explains: “PKR has worked with a team of writers to get The Poker Wiki up and running, but from now on our involvement will be very hands-off. The Poker Wiki’s future is now in the hands of the poker community who we hope will pick up the baton and contribute content to help create the world’s foremost repository for all things related to poker.”

The main page of the site currently features articles on Doyle Brunson and the 2012 WSOP Schedule Announcement, as well as recently added articles on poker strategy, poker terms (like ante, poker dice, and table image), online poker sites, poker tournaments, and professional players. For wiki newbies, the site even offers a Users Guide that tells users how to do pretty much everything they could imagine, so there’s no excuse for not pitching in and exploring the site!

PocketFives Lends Helping Hand To Lost Poker Players

PocketFivesWhen everything looks darkest for American poker players, who have suffered disaster after disaster since Black Friday four months ago, one website is going above and beyond to come to the rescue– PocketFives. The website, which offers an assortment of training and coaching opportunities so that players can hone their skills, is now offering a new service by helping American players relocate to other countries so that they can continue to play the game that they love.

PocketFives has a new “poker refugees” page available for Americans looking for an alternative to playing live poker in sites like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and casinos on Native American reservations. Currently, the site specializes in helping American players relocate to either Costa Rica, Panama, or Canada, and for $1000, they’ll help you with all your paperwork and relocation, but if you want to move your family or roommate, it’s going to cost you ($1500 for a family, $750 for a single person). This cost includes an interview, the right kind of visa, airport pickup, tips for setting up a bank account/utilities (including the most reliable internet possible), getting online poker sites to recognize your new location, and information on English-speaking professionals and how to get around in your country of choice. A thousand dollars will get American poker players some peace of mind, likely the first that they’ve had in quite some time.

If you’re looking to relocate somewhere else, PocketFives can help you on a case-by-case basis, but their specialty is the three countries they name. Why Costa Rica, Panama, and Canada? First of all, all the countries have an extensive tourist visa (90 days in Costa Rica and Canada, 180 days in Panama), but the clencher is the renewal– many people live for years on renewed tourist visas in these countries, because all one needs to do when the time expires is leave the country for 72 hours (3 days) and then come back. All three of these countries also allow Americans to open bank accounts within their borders, something which not all countries will permit. With the proximity of these countries to the US, renewing a visa can be as simple as taking a trip back to the States to visit friends and family. Panama and Costa Rica offer a cost of living that is substantially lower than that of the United States, while Canada offers the convenience of a shared language and lightning-fast internet speeds. For those players holding out for other locales, keep in mind that PocketFives is currently working on forging partnerships in Argentina, Australia (although Australians may be the next to suffer a Black Friday-esque fate), Bali, Columbia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

PocketFives has enlisted the help of Kristin Wilson, a real estate specialist currently living in Costa Rica, to help pave the way for American poker players who are looking to relocate. Wilson is the creator and head of this PocketFives service, and as a member of the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors who has already relocated many American poker players looking to return to their beloved game, she may be just the person to usher in this next era of poker change.