888 Poker Has What You Are Looking For

888 PokerWhen it comes to finding the best poker site for your needs, there is a lot to think about. Every person is different so it is important for you to think about what sort of criteria is important for you. You are not short of options when it comes to enjoying online poker but if you want to enhance the amount of enjoyment you get from your poker time, it is best to focus on finding the site that offers what you are looking for.

One of the most important things to think about, and something that can be overlooked at times, comes down to the security and reliability on offer from the big names. There may be offers and promotions provided by a lesser poker site which sounds really enticing but in the long run, the respectability and assurance that comes from choosing a big name poker site is often of benefit. Of course, there are some good poker sites that can offer a strong reputation and plenty of great offers.

Poker that you can rely on

888 Poker is the best site for anyone who wants to start playing poker and if you download 888 poker today, you are in line for a great time. The site is very well regarded and it belongs to a highly regarded online gaming company. Then again, if you are more interested in the promotions, free gifts and poker opportunities, you are sure to be satisfied with what is on offer as well. It is the all-round benefits and opportunities provided by 888 Poker that makes it the natural choice for so many poker players. Boosting your bankroll at the start of your time on a site will ensure that you get the best opportunity to settle into the site and get to know what it has on offer.

Download 888 PokerWhen you see what 888 Poker has on offer, you will be glad of the big welcome bonus provided by the site. There are always tournaments and cash games taking place, so no matter what style of poker you prefer, there will be something that meets your needs. Although Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker game on site, you will have a chance to play other poker games, which is a crucial element for some players.

No matter what poker experience you are looking for, 888 Poker is sure to deliver what you need.

888 Poker Show That All Sport Isn’t As Sexist As Sky

Unless you have been living under a rock on the Moon in recent weeks, you can’t have helped but notice that two presenters of Sky’s football output have gotten themselves into a spot of trouble. Yes, Andy Gray had trouble tucking himself in and Richard Keys was convinced people were going about smashing things and now the two of them have lost their jobs. This has led to many people to come and criticise the world of sports about its sexist attitude but not everywhere is like that.

888 Poker acknowledge that there are some excellent female poker players out there and the site gives its members the opportunity to pit their wits against one of the best female poker players in the business.

Leo Margets is one of the best

Leo Margets WSOP 2009

Leo Margets is one of the top rated female players in the sport and her 27th placed finish out of 6,000 at the 2009 WSOP Main Event was a major accomplishment. Margets was the highest placed women in the tournament and this saw her walk away with a prize of more than $352,000 in the process. This player has shown she has the ability and strength to compete with the men but if you feel you are man enough to take her on, you have the chance with 888 Poker.

The first Thursday of the month offers the biggest prize because if someone manages to knock Leo Margets out of the running, they will pick up $1,000. The prize for managing this on any other Thursday is a mere $250 so there is a big incentive to play at the start of the month. This player and the overall winner are also rewarded with having a bounty placed on their heads for the next games, which means there will be plenty of players gunning to take them out. It is certainly a dog eat dog eat world out there.

Leo does have her charms

The advertising campaign being run by 888 Poker is hardly striking out at the world of sexism as they place an emphasis on the rather attractive nature of Margets but when it comes to poker, she is definitely a player to watch.

Leo Margets 888 PokerWith a buy-in set at $10+$1, most people should be able to justify a shot at this tournament but with spaces limited to 500 people, there is a need to be quick before the places fill up. If you feel you have the ability to be the bounty hunter that can knock Leo Margets out of the running, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

888 Poker Offer An Incentive For Regular Players

Play More and Win More PromotionMarketing and promoting poker can be a difficult task as no one wants to be seen to be overly encouraging players to play. Non poker fans will often have a negative image of online players so any campaign that rewards players for playing online poker regularly will be deemed with suspicion by some people. However, enjoying a game of online poker a few times a week is no major issue for most people and is a great way to relax after a hard day at work.

With so many gaming options online, poker players will always find a reason to play if they want so any encouragement from a site isn’t going to alter the playing habit or frequency of punters, it will merely encourage them to play on a particular site.

Play More and Win More is a Simple Concept

Which is where the Play More, Win More feature currently offered by 888 Poker comes in. 888 Poker is a well thought of name in the online poker industry and has developed a strong reputation over the years. This latest feature is likely to win the site more popularity as it basically provides regular punters with a further chance to win.

If you play twice a week on 888 Poker, you will be automatically entered into a weekly tournament with $500 up for grabs. If you play four times a week, you are rewarded with entry into a weekly tournament with $4,000 as the prize.

$10,000 is up for Grabs for Regular Players

If you manage to make it onto 888 Poker six times a week, the reward is entry into a fortnightly tournament where the prize is $10,000, which would be a welcome bonus for anyone. The competition between online poker companies is very fierce but this means punters are obtaining the benefit with deals and promotions.

If you are a regular online poker player, this offer by 888 Poker rewards you for your loyalty to the site and gives you an opportunity to make a big winning.

And if you are looking for a site where a Play More, Win More attitude is set to be encouraged, where better than the one that uses Australian cricket legend Shane Warne for endorsements?

Shane Warne Knows How to Play More and Win More

Shane Warne

Warne knows a lot about winning through his illustrious career but his recent text romance with Liz Hurley indicates that he knows something about playing and winning too. 888 Poker are unable to offer you the chance to get the mobile phone number of Liz Hurley but they still provide an attractive offer for any poker fan.

If you are going to play anyway, taking advantage of the Play More, Win More offer makes perfect sense and could give you a greater opportunity to win big at 888 Poker.

888 Poker Gets Social

888 Poker is making big waves, and the perfect kind for surfing – first with a new 3D online poker room and now with full social media integration.

Social media integration means that 888 Poker can now be joined with and enhance the experience of all your social networks. Connect your 888 Poker account (at my.888Poker.com) to your various accounts with social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and maybe best of all YouTube.

Compare 888 Poker performance with your Facebook friends, Tweet about your progress in a game on Twitter, and record your poker games and capture those incredible hands to share with your connections on YouTube.

Plus, the social networking experience at my.888Poker.com includes Blue Carpet Events, behind the scenes looks at various big money live poker tournaments in exotic locations, an insider look at the World Series of Poker, and an bustling community of players like you posting blogs, commenting on discussion forums, join themed groups with like-minded people on subjects that interest you, ask and answer questions, study up on the successes (and hard-won lessons) of the elite group of 888 Poker Ambassadors, post photos and videos, take poker polls, and win prizes by participating in exclusive 888 Poker social media promotions. An example of one such promotion is a huge refer-a-friend bonus of $50 for you and $25 for each of your friends you refer who sign up for my.888Poker.com.

At the time of this writing there were 15,117 members in 35 groups writing, reading, and commenting on 276 blog posts, 2,678 photos, and 210 videos on my 888 Poker.

Members of my 888 Poker also get the opportunity to set up private tables and private tournaments at 888 Poker. So you can invite your Facebook friends to an exclusive 888 Poker tournament or cash game with a select invitation only group of players.

New 3d Poker Room At 888 Poker

888 Poker 3D888 Poker’s slogan is “We play different” and they’re not kidding. Case in point: the new 3D poker room that 888 Poker has just released.

888 Poker’s new 3D poker room is nothing if not stunning. It gives players an incredibly choice in the look and feel of their game, with graphical choices in the deck that you use (with different front and back designs on the cards), and table layouts and themes, including the option of placing 3D featured images behind your table. You also get to choose from a broad selection of 3D player avatars. Additional game settings (such as auto muck hand, and post blinds) and color indicators (such as to indicate whether each player Folded, Called, or Raised) make game play not only more visually appealing but smooth, intuitive, and much easier to follow the action.

The 888 Poker lobby has also been improved with its 3D renovations, with a bevy of customisable options for players comfortable using the 888 Poker lobby, and a quick-click beginner’s lobby offered as an alternative to players who aren’t quite accustomed to the full breadth of options offered in the regular 888 lobby.

In honour of their new 3D poker room, 888 Poker is holding a special promotion called 3Directions to Win, in which players can win prizes like iPads and cash up to $15,000. The 888 Poker 3Directions to Win promotion includes crazy give away tournaments offered at buy-ins of just 8 cents, as well as prizes awarded to players who participate in at least 10 Sit & Go tournaments in the new 3D 888 Poker room at stakes over $1.

Already 888 Poker boasts an overall 5 million player pool. With news of this innovative 3D poker experience the site is now offering, players can only expect this action to continue to build.