888 Poker Offer An Incentive For Regular Players

Play More and Win More PromotionMarketing and promoting poker can be a difficult task as no one wants to be seen to be overly encouraging players to play. Non poker fans will often have a negative image of online players so any campaign that rewards players for playing online poker regularly will be deemed with suspicion by some people. However, enjoying a game of online poker a few times a week is no major issue for most people and is a great way to relax after a hard day at work.

With so many gaming options online, poker players will always find a reason to play if they want so any encouragement from a site isn’t going to alter the playing habit or frequency of punters, it will merely encourage them to play on a particular site.

Play More and Win More is a Simple Concept

Which is where the Play More, Win More feature currently offered by 888 Poker comes in. 888 Poker is a well thought of name in the online poker industry and has developed a strong reputation over the years. This latest feature is likely to win the site more popularity as it basically provides regular punters with a further chance to win.

If you play twice a week on 888 Poker, you will be automatically entered into a weekly tournament with $500 up for grabs. If you play four times a week, you are rewarded with entry into a weekly tournament with $4,000 as the prize.

$10,000 is up for Grabs for Regular Players

If you manage to make it onto 888 Poker six times a week, the reward is entry into a fortnightly tournament where the prize is $10,000, which would be a welcome bonus for anyone. The competition between online poker companies is very fierce but this means punters are obtaining the benefit with deals and promotions.

If you are a regular online poker player, this offer by 888 Poker rewards you for your loyalty to the site and gives you an opportunity to make a big winning.

And if you are looking for a site where a Play More, Win More attitude is set to be encouraged, where better than the one that uses Australian cricket legend Shane Warne for endorsements?

Shane Warne Knows How to Play More and Win More

Shane Warne

Warne knows a lot about winning through his illustrious career but his recent text romance with Liz Hurley indicates that he knows something about playing and winning too. 888 Poker are unable to offer you the chance to get the mobile phone number of Liz Hurley but they still provide an attractive offer for any poker fan.

If you are going to play anyway, taking advantage of the Play More, Win More offer makes perfect sense and could give you a greater opportunity to win big at 888 Poker.