888 Poker Show That All Sport Isn’t As Sexist As Sky

Unless you have been living under a rock on the Moon in recent weeks, you can’t have helped but notice that two presenters of Sky’s football output have gotten themselves into a spot of trouble. Yes, Andy Gray had trouble tucking himself in and Richard Keys was convinced people were going about smashing things and now the two of them have lost their jobs. This has led to many people to come and criticise the world of sports about its sexist attitude but not everywhere is like that.

888 Poker acknowledge that there are some excellent female poker players out there and the site gives its members the opportunity to pit their wits against one of the best female poker players in the business.

Leo Margets is one of the best

Leo Margets WSOP 2009

Leo Margets is one of the top rated female players in the sport and her 27th placed finish out of 6,000 at the 2009 WSOP Main Event was a major accomplishment. Margets was the highest placed women in the tournament and this saw her walk away with a prize of more than $352,000 in the process. This player has shown she has the ability and strength to compete with the men but if you feel you are man enough to take her on, you have the chance with 888 Poker.

The first Thursday of the month offers the biggest prize because if someone manages to knock Leo Margets out of the running, they will pick up $1,000. The prize for managing this on any other Thursday is a mere $250 so there is a big incentive to play at the start of the month. This player and the overall winner are also rewarded with having a bounty placed on their heads for the next games, which means there will be plenty of players gunning to take them out. It is certainly a dog eat dog eat world out there.

Leo does have her charms

The advertising campaign being run by 888 Poker is hardly striking out at the world of sexism as they place an emphasis on the rather attractive nature of Margets but when it comes to poker, she is definitely a player to watch.

Leo Margets 888 PokerWith a buy-in set at $10+$1, most people should be able to justify a shot at this tournament but with spaces limited to 500 people, there is a need to be quick before the places fill up. If you feel you have the ability to be the bounty hunter that can knock Leo Margets out of the running, this is the perfect opportunity for you.