Sam Trickett Becomes An Ambassador For The ISPT

Sam TrickettSam Trickett is to join Michael Mizrachi as an ambassador for next May´s ISPT at Wembley as organisers attempt to add credibility to the event.

One month after the International Stadiums Poker Tour engaged Michael Mizrachi to represent them, ISPT have finally guaranteed something – that at least two players will be competing in their €20 million guaranteed tournament.

The ISPT announced Trickett´s role of ambassador by publishing a humorous biography of the “best poker player in England” on their site, who finds that poker “offers him as many excitement and adrenaline as football”.

Trickett himself commented on Twitter that “I just want to announce that I will be an @ispt_poker official ambassador. Will be one of the biggest tournaments ever held May 31, 2013” which co-incidentally was word-for-word what Mizrachi tweeted in July.

According to the ISPT write-up of their new ambassador, Trickett was quoted as saying “As a poker player, I have to be associated with such an enormous event. Being part of this tournament means being part of the history of poker”. It could also be Trickett´s only chance of visiting Wembley next year.

Further ISPT Announcement due Next Monday


According to Stephen McLean – the ISPT´s UK “agent” – an announcement is scheduled for next Monday 3rd September which will provide more details of how the event is going to be managed and what financial security is in place for players wishing to buy-in to the event at this early stage.

It is hoped that many of the questions which have been asked on poker forums and in poker clubs throughout the UK receive a definitive answer but, while representatives of Groupe Bernard Tapie continue to contradict the ISPT PR team (you know who we mean Camille), it is unlikely that many sceptics of the event will be pacified.

We wish the International Stadiums Poker Tour the best of luck and look forward to hear what they have to say next week.

PKR Shop Adds Great Reasons To Play

PKR ShopA lot of online poker sites offer points to players every time they play a money game on their site but more often that not, these points do not accumulate anything. They are meant to be seen as loyalty points and to provide some benefit in using the site on a regular basis but more often than not; they build up and build up without actually achieving anything for the player. This is not the case on the PKR site where these points can be used to buy a gift from a huge range of items.

As you would expect, there are plenty of poker products to choose from with cards and chips being amongst the most popular of items. If you play poker a lot at home, these are essential items and if you can get them for free through playing poker online, it provides a good benefit to a regular poker player. As you go up the scale, the site offers poker tables and other larger products which are redeemable for a greater number of PKR points.

Read about poker

A nice touch is found in the large selection of poker books that are available. Whether you want to brush up on your skills and strategies, learn more about the origins of the game or read about some of the characters from the world of poker, PKR provides a great selection. Many of the books are also available in the e-book format if you are technologically advanced.

Aside from playing and reading about poker, you may choose to tell the world you are a big poker fan with the clothes you are wearing. PKR has a clothes shop section online and it is possible to buy t-shirts, shirts, hoodies and all manner of clothing accessories emblazoned with some form of poker element. There are a number of humorous poker t-shirts to choose from which should satisfy anyone who enjoys the lighter side of poker.

Great sporting memorabilia available

Of course, not everyone has poker at the centre of everything they do in life and these people will be glad to know that there are non poker products too. There are some amazing sporting memorabilia products up for grabs, including signed pictures and football jerseys. The PKR site also offers a number of luxury items including watches, sunglasses and men and women’s fragrances.

If you feel that playing poker and having the chance to win things is enough of a reward, you can use the PKR points to donate to charity. PKR Poker provides players with the opportunity to donate to their own African charity, so playing poker can help others less fortunate to gain benefits. Many people find it easy to criticise poker websites but with elements like this, they are certainly not as bad as anyone could make them out to be.

These shopping options may not enhance the poker experience but they can add a further reason to enjoy playing on the PKR site.

partypoker Could Be Sending You To Vienna For The World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour ViennaMidge Ure and Ultravox may have warbled on about Vienna and how things meant nothing to him but partypoker are giving all poker players a great reason to care about Vienna. As you may know, the World Poker Tour has expanded and it now contains a stop off in Vienna, the Austrian capital. The Austrian leg of the WPT tour takes place in March and if you want to be there, partypoker could put you in the heart of the action at the Montesino Casino.

The site is offering a range of qualifiers and weekly satellite games all the way up until the 13th of March, so there are plenty of opportunities to book your place in Vienna. The opportunity to go abroad and play poker at a major event is something that most poker players dream of so being funded to do it by winning a few poker hands is something worth playing for.

End of March is when you could be Vienna bound

The Vienna leg of the World Poker Tour takes place between the 25th and 29th of March and is sandwiched in between stops in California and Slovakia. With it being the second last European date on the tour, there is sure to be a great deal of interest and the fact that Vienna has only recently been added to the tour line-up should create an extra level of interest in this event. There will be more than enough poker and gaming opportunities to keep you occupied but if a break in play occurs, there are worse cities to be in than Vienna.

When you arrive at a tournament, you know you are going to be up against some quality players who have sponsorship deals and major backing, which can be quite intimidating. This is why partypoker are looking to level the playing field with a $7,000 package for each winner who makes the trip. This package includes the $4,600 buy in for the WPT Vienna main event.

You will get plenty of spending money too

It also includes five nights’ accommodation and $1,400 spending money to allow you to make the most of any time you have in Vienna away from the poker tables. With one in twenty players picking up this Vienna prize package, there is a huge incentive to get online and play with partypoker. Even if this site is not one of your regular poker playing sites, this is the sort of prize that will grab attention and divert you towards it.

Celeb Poker Can Give You A Big Hand

In poker, and perhaps in life, there are few things better than sitting with a big hand, knowing that you are about to win all the money that is up for grabs. Occasionally you will have a great hand that is beaten by the bad beat but there are sometimes you just know your hand isn’t going to be beaten. Picking up the pot is one thing but knowing that you have outsmarted your opponents is a great feeling and is why some people get into playing poker.

$100 a day up for grabs

Celeb Poker Hand of the Day Bonus

Celeb Poker understands the great rush when you turn in a huge winning hand and they are attempting to make the feeling even better. They are doing this handing out $100 for the best hand that is played every day. You would think that winning with a big hand would be reason enough to celebrate but this additional bonus could leave you feeling on top of the world. It also means there is an even greater incentive to pull out all the stops when playing because an extra $100 on top of your winnings is not something to be ignored.

As you would expect, there are a number of conditions to this prize but nothing too painful or treacherous to stop you getting your hands on the additional loot. First of all, to win the prize, the hand must consist of 4 Kings or better. The hand must be played in a Texas Hold ‘Em ring game and that game must have at least three players involved when the hand was dealt. These are conditions which may prevent some poker players from winning the prize but they should be general enough to appeal to most players.

You have to hold the right cards

To qualify for the hand of the day bonus, the pocket cards have to be used in the winning hand’s ranked cards. When a “4 of a kind” Kings or Aces hand is played, the player must be holding the pocket pair in order to be eligible for the prize.

In poker, there is always a chance that more than one player will play the same winning hand on the same day and in this case, the bonus goes to the player that receives the best hand first. This is fair enough and it could be an incentive for all the early birds who like to play poker in the small and early hours of the morning.

Getting a helping hand is never a bad thing but if you are lucky enough to hold a big winning hand, Celeb Poker could be slipping you an additional $100 for your trouble!

bwin Make The New Players Feel Like Winners

So much in the world of poker is aimed at the big players, the big hands and the big money prizes. This can come about for a variety of reasons but usually the more money you have at your disposal, the more chances you have of winning. This is the way of the world but sometimes there is the opportunity for the smaller player or novice to get the benefits that can make them feel on top of the world. bwin may have a massive reputation in European betting and gaming as well as being associated with some of the biggest names in football but the site is also able to look out for the smaller player too.

bwin Poker Rookie Challenge

An interesting opening bonus

The Rookie Challenge, as you would expect, is based around new players to the bwin website and goes further than the usual opening bonuses. The introductory bonuses for poker sites have become quite staid, usually offering a 100% bonus of your deposit amount and occasionally some freeroll incentive as well. This is not enough to differentiate a site from the many other sites offering similar incentives so there is a need for something else. Providing a tournament that pits newcomers up against each other is one way to make people feel as though they can become a winner early on in their time on a site.

5 stages to get through

The concept of the Rookie Challenge on bwin Poker consists of 5 separate stages with the players battling their way up from the bottom. Taking on opposition players in head to head matches gives you a chance to win money for nothing that can be used at a later date. A victory in a head to head match gives the victor 3 freeroll tickets and a further 3 tickets with a value of $1.20, which are able to be used at a later date in a real money poker tournament of the victors choosing. Building confidence and bankrolls on a site is crucial to becoming a regular winner and this is what the Rookie tournament helps players to do.

Each newcomer is rewarded with 10 free tournament tickets for the Rookie Challenge, which should give everyone a chance of victory in the Sit & Go tournament and then try to progress through the stages as quickly as possible.

bwin may be one of the biggest names in online poker but by looking out for the newcomer with their Rookie Challenge, they have shown they are able to look out for everyone in the world of poker.

bet365 Poker Helping Out New Players Getting Started

If you have just started playing online poker or are new to a website, it can be frustrating trying to get your first win. You may be a good player at home with your friends but the world of online poker is a major step-up and it can be very difficult to make your mark against so many good players. If you are only playing online poker to make some money, this can be very frustrating and it may actually turn some people off from playing poker online altogether. bet365 Poker understands that it can be hard to be the new kid in town and so they offer a way to give new players a great chance to win some money.

If you open an account with bet365 Poker and opt in to the new player tournaments, you have 5 chances of winning a share of $2,500. The website has set up a number of Beginners’ Races which have been especially created with the new player in mind. After joining, the new entrant is eligible to play in the race that is ongoing and then the following four races. This should provide ample opportunity to get up to speed with the site and to hone your poker playing skills.

Play against new players

bet365 Poker Beginners' Race

One of the major plus points of the Beginners’ Race is that you will only be competing against other players that are new to the site as well. This should mean that everyone is on the same learning curve, which will hopefully provide an opportunity for everyone to feel as though they have a chance to win a big prize. It should also lower the frustration factor that some players inevitably feel when they are pitched in against veterans that know their hands like … well, like the back of their actual hand!

Another great reason for getting involved in the Beginners’ Race is that there is no need for a huge bankroll for playing. The only stakes that are counting for the race are £0.25 and £0.50, so there is no need to go overboard in your attempt to pick up experience on the site. In a way, Bet 365 Poker is encouraging sensible poker play here and that should always be applauded from a poker site. It can be too easy for them to chase after the profits and big time players so something that gives a benefit to the small players is a positive step.

Everyone can be a winner at the Beginners’ Race

The final plus point about the way the tournament is set up is that it is the number of raked hands you are able to play that decide where you are located on the leader board rankings. This should level out the playing field a bit and ensure that every new player has the same opportunity to be a winner.

It is no surprise to see a poker website offering something for new players; after all, this is what sites revolve around. It is nonetheless good to see bet365 Poker offer new players the chance to build some confidence and winnings by pitting them against other new players and level the playing field.

888 Poker Show That All Sport Isn’t As Sexist As Sky

Unless you have been living under a rock on the Moon in recent weeks, you can’t have helped but notice that two presenters of Sky’s football output have gotten themselves into a spot of trouble. Yes, Andy Gray had trouble tucking himself in and Richard Keys was convinced people were going about smashing things and now the two of them have lost their jobs. This has led to many people to come and criticise the world of sports about its sexist attitude but not everywhere is like that.

888 Poker acknowledge that there are some excellent female poker players out there and the site gives its members the opportunity to pit their wits against one of the best female poker players in the business.

Leo Margets is one of the best

Leo Margets WSOP 2009

Leo Margets is one of the top rated female players in the sport and her 27th placed finish out of 6,000 at the 2009 WSOP Main Event was a major accomplishment. Margets was the highest placed women in the tournament and this saw her walk away with a prize of more than $352,000 in the process. This player has shown she has the ability and strength to compete with the men but if you feel you are man enough to take her on, you have the chance with 888 Poker.

The first Thursday of the month offers the biggest prize because if someone manages to knock Leo Margets out of the running, they will pick up $1,000. The prize for managing this on any other Thursday is a mere $250 so there is a big incentive to play at the start of the month. This player and the overall winner are also rewarded with having a bounty placed on their heads for the next games, which means there will be plenty of players gunning to take them out. It is certainly a dog eat dog eat world out there.

Leo does have her charms

The advertising campaign being run by 888 Poker is hardly striking out at the world of sexism as they place an emphasis on the rather attractive nature of Margets but when it comes to poker, she is definitely a player to watch.

Leo Margets 888 PokerWith a buy-in set at $10+$1, most people should be able to justify a shot at this tournament but with spaces limited to 500 people, there is a need to be quick before the places fill up. If you feel you have the ability to be the bounty hunter that can knock Leo Margets out of the running, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Grab A $1 Million Hand From partypoker

partypoker Million Dollar HandAnything with $1 million in the title is going to grab your attention, which is exactly why it was placed in this title. Even though you know that there is some catch involved, the thought of $1 million draws poker players like moths to a light. Even though they know it’s not what they are really looking for, it is impossible to escape it.

After all, with talent, skill, determination and a little bit of luck, surely everyone in a tournament has a chance of winning?

On partypoker, the chance to win $1 million is not even related to your poker skills, it is related to the frequency of your play. If you enjoy a lot of poker, this is the sort of promotion that rewards your loyalty and love of the game.

What do points make?

The $1 Million Dollar Hand game is running in January and for every 15 points a player picks up on partypoker; they are presented with a card. An old British TV show used to say that points make prizes but on partypoker, points mean cards and cards can ultimately mean money.

If your random cards see you with sitting with a pair, you pick up $3 and the prizes progress upwards from here. A two pair equates to $10 and three of a kind earns you $20. This continues all the way up through poker hands with the top billing awarded to the Royal Flush.

A Royal Flush is what to aim for

If you hold a Royal Flush, you will walk away with a share of $1 million and if you are the only partypoker player holding a Royal Flush that money is all yours. If you find out you have to share the prize with a lot of players, you will be annoyed but in reality, you are getting money for nothing.

The chances of winning the big prize are slim but if you are planning on playing a lot of online poker this month, why not give partypoker a go? It may not be an original idea but it is a neat twist on the loyalty scheme where regular players are rewarded with the opportunity of winning extra money.

If your poker skills are strong, the additional games you play could see you walk away with additional funds anyway but if not, you could still be in the running for a big prize. And if that happens, partypoker will be responsible for starting one of the biggest parties of your life.