bet365 Poker Helping Out New Players Getting Started

If you have just started playing online poker or are new to a website, it can be frustrating trying to get your first win. You may be a good player at home with your friends but the world of online poker is a major step-up and it can be very difficult to make your mark against so many good players. If you are only playing online poker to make some money, this can be very frustrating and it may actually turn some people off from playing poker online altogether. bet365 Poker understands that it can be hard to be the new kid in town and so they offer a way to give new players a great chance to win some money.

If you open an account with bet365 Poker and opt in to the new player tournaments, you have 5 chances of winning a share of $2,500. The website has set up a number of Beginners’ Races which have been especially created with the new player in mind. After joining, the new entrant is eligible to play in the race that is ongoing and then the following four races. This should provide ample opportunity to get up to speed with the site and to hone your poker playing skills.

Play against new players

bet365 Poker Beginners' Race

One of the major plus points of the Beginners’ Race is that you will only be competing against other players that are new to the site as well. This should mean that everyone is on the same learning curve, which will hopefully provide an opportunity for everyone to feel as though they have a chance to win a big prize. It should also lower the frustration factor that some players inevitably feel when they are pitched in against veterans that know their hands like … well, like the back of their actual hand!

Another great reason for getting involved in the Beginners’ Race is that there is no need for a huge bankroll for playing. The only stakes that are counting for the race are £0.25 and £0.50, so there is no need to go overboard in your attempt to pick up experience on the site. In a way, Bet 365 Poker is encouraging sensible poker play here and that should always be applauded from a poker site. It can be too easy for them to chase after the profits and big time players so something that gives a benefit to the small players is a positive step.

Everyone can be a winner at the Beginners’ Race

The final plus point about the way the tournament is set up is that it is the number of raked hands you are able to play that decide where you are located on the leader board rankings. This should level out the playing field a bit and ensure that every new player has the same opportunity to be a winner.

It is no surprise to see a poker website offering something for new players; after all, this is what sites revolve around. It is nonetheless good to see bet365 Poker offer new players the chance to build some confidence and winnings by pitting them against other new players and level the playing field.