Collect Cards And Be A Poker Winner

bet365 Poker Road To RioAt Max Poker Bonus, we love poker bonuses and so do you. However, this was not our first love and before we found ourselves falling in love with the turning of a poker card, there was another type of card that we loved to collect. Well, cards and stickers because we used to love collecting these cards and stickers for any big football tournament. Whether it was the standard league campaign or the big football event of the summer, being able to collect cards and stickers to fill in your book was a pretty big aspect of growing up. Swapping your cards with friends was a great way to move through your collection quickly and there are adults all over the world who hear the word Panini and are instantly transported back to their youth.

The magic and wonder that comes from collecting cards never really leaves you and this is something that bet365 Poker is keen to take advantage of. The site has a Road To Rio promotion running in June and July, and there will be plenty of prizes on offer. This should ensure you can get involved with the World Cup as much or as little as you like. If you love football and poker, you will adore what is on offer during the Road To Promotion which kicked off on June 5th. However, if you just love poker and prizes you will still have plenty to look out for in the upcoming weeks.

Big poker prizes on offer every day

A top prize of €5,000 is always going to be something worth playing for but there will also be prizes on offer every single day. If you are involved with the promotion and you socialise in the lobby of the bet365 Poker, you will be in the running to win an iPad Mini. There will be one handed out every single day so if you want to grab a prize that will help you to surf the net, play poker and stay in touch with all of the latest news at the World Cup, this is going to be of considerable interest and benefit to you.

The card collecting element comes to the fore with the fact that you need to collect 11 cards to progress on to the next round of the promotion. The cards are of players performing at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil so you will feel like a child again when you get involved with this promotion. If you are keen to maximise your chances of winning, and at Max Poker Bonus we aim to maximise everything we do, you should look to play poker on the premium tables at the bet365 Poker site. This will give you double the chances of picking up cards, which is always going to be something that players should be looking out for.

If you have been looking forward to the World Cup but have been looking forward for a way to reignite your passion and connect with the tournament like you did as a kid, bet365 may have the solution. If collecting cards was a big part of your youth during a World Cup summer, get involved again but this time, you may be very well rewarded for doing so.

bet365 Poker Offers A Premium Poker Promotion

bet365 Premium PromotionWhile there are many different poker promotions to choose from, it is hard to argue with the excitement and drama that is provided by a poker promotion that sees you ranked against fellow players. Not only are you looking to defeat your peers when you square off against them, at the table, you need to be racking up more points than them to rise up the rankings.

bet365 Poker knows that this is the sort of promotion that players love and if you want to see a big cash prize at the end of a promotion, how about the fact that there is a total of €650,000 on offer. The main body of the promotion sees 5,000 players battling it out for a share of the €500,000 prize on offer. However, there will also be an additional €150,000 on offer to players, so there is a lot of money to play for.

There is no fixed end date for the promotion, so you want to get involved as soon as you possibly can. The promotion will come to a close when the amount of money awarded hits the €500,000 mark, so getting involved as soon as you can, will help you to be a bigger winner. The site had success with a recent €200,000 Premium Chase promotion, and this is the natural successor to that event.

Poker players love the chance to pit their wits against their peers

It stands to reason that the more players you are ahead of, the better prize you will receive. There are 5,000 prizes in total for the main element of the promotion but you still want to focus on catching and overtaking as many people in front of you. However, you will also want to keep an eye out for the players coming from behind. You don’t want to focus so much on the players ahead of you that you allow yourself to be overtaken. When it comes to making the most of your chances tom win in this bet365 Poker promotion, it makes sense to look forward but to keep an eye out for attacks coming from behind.

The position you hold is determined by the number of coins you receive and you earn merit points to pick up coins. You can push yourself up the rankings by playing on cash tables which have stakes up to €2/€4, £2/£4 or €2/€4, so there is variety on offer if you need it. This variety can also be found in the fact that every poker variation and every style of limit is available for the promotion, including Pot Limit Omaha. If you are looking to give your ranking a boost, you will be delighted to learn that the Premium Table cash games provide you with twice the amount of coins, enabling you to really push on in your pursuit of poker glory.

Make sure to check in to the poker lobby to confirm your progress and keep playing to bag a bigger prize.

bet365 Poker Helping Out New Players Getting Started

If you have just started playing online poker or are new to a website, it can be frustrating trying to get your first win. You may be a good player at home with your friends but the world of online poker is a major step-up and it can be very difficult to make your mark against so many good players. If you are only playing online poker to make some money, this can be very frustrating and it may actually turn some people off from playing poker online altogether. bet365 Poker understands that it can be hard to be the new kid in town and so they offer a way to give new players a great chance to win some money.

If you open an account with bet365 Poker and opt in to the new player tournaments, you have 5 chances of winning a share of $2,500. The website has set up a number of Beginners’ Races which have been especially created with the new player in mind. After joining, the new entrant is eligible to play in the race that is ongoing and then the following four races. This should provide ample opportunity to get up to speed with the site and to hone your poker playing skills.

Play against new players

bet365 Poker Beginners' Race

One of the major plus points of the Beginners’ Race is that you will only be competing against other players that are new to the site as well. This should mean that everyone is on the same learning curve, which will hopefully provide an opportunity for everyone to feel as though they have a chance to win a big prize. It should also lower the frustration factor that some players inevitably feel when they are pitched in against veterans that know their hands like … well, like the back of their actual hand!

Another great reason for getting involved in the Beginners’ Race is that there is no need for a huge bankroll for playing. The only stakes that are counting for the race are £0.25 and £0.50, so there is no need to go overboard in your attempt to pick up experience on the site. In a way, Bet 365 Poker is encouraging sensible poker play here and that should always be applauded from a poker site. It can be too easy for them to chase after the profits and big time players so something that gives a benefit to the small players is a positive step.

Everyone can be a winner at the Beginners’ Race

The final plus point about the way the tournament is set up is that it is the number of raked hands you are able to play that decide where you are located on the leader board rankings. This should level out the playing field a bit and ensure that every new player has the same opportunity to be a winner.

It is no surprise to see a poker website offering something for new players; after all, this is what sites revolve around. It is nonetheless good to see bet365 Poker offer new players the chance to build some confidence and winnings by pitting them against other new players and level the playing field.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays, A One-two Punch At bet365 Poker

bet365 PromotionsEvery Tuesday and Wednesday is a one-two punch of promotional goodness at bet365 Poker, with Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays and the 500 Euro Freeroll.

The Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays and 500 Euro Freeroll Wednesdays differ in one key way, that being that the former is offered only for a limited time while the latter is an ongoing promo at Bet 365 Poker.

Every Tuesday between September 7 and October 5 at bet365 Poker will be Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays, which means that players will be entitled to receive a bonus of as much as $1,000 per player with no deposit required. What’s more, each player can earn this maximum $1,000 bonus each and every Tuesday of the promotional period. Since there are 5 Tuesdays between Sept 7 and Oct 5, that means each bet365 Poker player can earn up to a $5,000 bonus for free.

To earn some part or all of your Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays bonus, just play your heart out at bet365 Poker every Tuesday of the promotion. Each Tuesday you earn a bonus equivalent to your results for the day, regardless of it’s a positive or negative number, in other words, if you come out for the day with a $900 loss, bet365 Poker will amazingly pay you a $900 bonus. And your opponent who came out $900 ahead gets the same bonus too. As bet365 Poker says, this is far better than even a reload bonus because there isn’t any deposit or money transfer required in order to win.

The following day, Wednesday, is bet365 Poker’s €500 Freeroll. As already mentioned, this is an ongoing promotion at bet365 Poker. To play for a part of the weekly €500 guaranteed prize pool, you just need to earn 10 Merit Points at bet365 Poker’s real money tables during the week prior to the Wednesday €500 Freeroll event, which takes place at 19:00 GMT. Games played at both Euro (€) and Pound (£) tables apply.

bet365 Poker Holds $2,500 Beginners’ Races

bet365 Poker $2,500 Beginners' RacesIt doesn’t take years of experience to win big at online poker. Sometimes you’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time, like at bet365 Poker while they’re holding their $2,500 Beginners’ Races.

bet365 Poker’s Beginners’ Races are just what they sound like: leaderboard tracked points races for new bet365 Poker players with a guaranteed cash prize pool of $2,500. What should be especially appealing to new online poker players about the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races is that these races are only played on low limit tables.

Eligible table stakes to qualify for the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Race Leaderboard are only $0.25/$0.50 (or in other currencies: £0.25/£0.50 or €0.25/€0.50) or lower. New players will be eligible for 5 Beginners’ Races on bet365 Poker and each raked hand counts the same (regardless of the stakes).

How players are ranked on the bet365 Beginners’ Races Leaderboard is not by performance in the hands they play but simply the amount of raked hands they play. That’s perfect for players new to poker who may put in a lot of time playing raked hands but may not necessarily do so well in those hands.

The top 100 finishers in the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races win cash prizes with the lowest possible cash prize awarded (for 61st place through 100th place) being $10. All players reaching 4th place and above win more than $100 each, with the 4th place finisher getting $105, the 3rd place finisher getting $120, the 2nd place finisher getting $135, and the 1st place finisher, the winner of the Beginners’ Race Leaderboard, getting $150.

Interested players must opt in to the race after opening their new bet365 Poker account. At that point, there are 5 different races you may compete in, the first being the one which is in progress when you opt in to the promotion. You may also compete in the following 4 races which would allow you – in the best case scenario – to come away with $750 overall (if you win all 5 races).

bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races Leaderboard periods typically run about every two weeks.

bet365 Poker Offers Big Summer Reload Bonus

This week only – between Sunday, July 26 and Monday, August 2 – bet365 Poker will be offering all its players a Summer Reload Bonus.

The bet365 Poker Summer Reload Bonus is open to all bet365 Poker players new and old who opt in to the promotion and then deposit or transfer some amount of money into their bet365 Poker real money account. How much of a Summer Reload Bonus you get for your deposit depends, as you might imagine, on the size of the deposit.

bet365 Poker is offering 3 different bonuses in their Summer Reload Bonus promotion: $20, $100, and $500.

If you deposit less than $20 (that’s $19.99 or less) you get $20. If you deposit between $20 and $99.99 you get a $100 bonus. And if you deposit $100 or more then you get the full $500 cash Summer Reload Bonus.

You can make multiple deposits during the Summer Reload Bonus promotional period (July 26 – August 2), but only the highest deposit will be counted toward deciding the bonus amount you receive. In other words, they will not add up all your deposits over the course of the week and base their determination of your bonus amount on that. So make sure you make one big deposit that counts. Even just $100 gets you $500. That’s a 500% deposit bonus. You can’t find that on most poker sites.

bet365 Poker Summer Reload BonusYou are credited for the bonus not when you make the deposit but within 24 hours of the promotion’s end (so that’s 23:59 GMT on August 3. As with any cash Bonus Dollars you receive at bet365 Poker (or virtually any other poker site, for that matter) you must “clear” the bonus to access the funds, meaning you must play in bet365 Poker’s real money games and tournaments to earn a certain number of Merit Points. In this case, the Summer Reload Bonus Dollars will be redeemed at a rate of 1,200 Merit Points for every $10.

You have 60 days from the time of receiving the Bonus Dollars to clear the entire bonus. Any portion of the bonus not cleared by the end of the 60 day term will be forfeited. For more details on how to earn your Merit Points you can also see our info on the bet365 Poker Bonus for first depositors.

bet365 Poker Offering Ongoing Satellites Into Weekly Guaranteed Tournaments

As part of its regular schedule, bet365 Poker hosts a bevy of guaranteed tournaments each week, and also as part of its regular schedule, bet365 also hosts an equally impressive bevy of satellite tournaments into these various guaranteed events.

Details on the 7 regularly scheduled bet365 online poker tournaments with guaranteed prize pools into which the hosts regular satellites are as follows.

  • $20,000 Double Stack Freezeout – This is a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event taking place every Friday at 19:45 GMT for a direct buy-in of $320. Stage 1 SNG (Sit and Go) satellites are $70 for a 5-player game.
  • $40,000 GP High Roller Monday – This is a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event taking place every Monday at 19:45 GMT for a direct buy-in of $530. Stage 1 Satellites are available as ongoing 10-player Sit and Gos for $58 and Rebuy/Add-On Tournaments taking place every Monday at 16:35 GMT for a $55 buy-in.
  • $40,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A – This is a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event taking place every Tuesday at 19:45 GMT for a direct buy-in of $109. Stage 1 Satellites are available as ongoing 10-player SNGs for $13 and a Turbo events every Tuesday at 16:45 GMT for a $12 direct buy-in.
  • $45,000 GP Rebuy – This is a No Limit Hold’em Re-buy event taking place every Monday through Thursday at 18:45 GMT for a $55 direct buy-in. Stage 1 Satellites into this event are available as 10-player Rebuy SNGs for a $6 buy-in and as Rebuy Turbo R/A events every Monday through Thursday at 15:20 GMT for a $6 buy-in.
  • $50,000 GP Freezeout – This is a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event taking place every Saturday at 18:30 GMT for a $109 direct buy-in. An array of Stage 1 Satellites are available into this event, including MTQ R/A events, Turbo events, regular Freezeout satellites, and of course SNGs. Buy-ins for these satellites range from $8.80 to $24, although most of them are $12.
  • Friday $100,000 Guaranteed R/A – This is a No Limit Hold’em Rebuy event taking place every Friday at 20:00 GMT for a $109 direct buy-in. An array of Stage 1 Satellites are available into this event, including R/A events, Turbo and Speed events, and of course Sit and Gos. Buy-ins for these satellites range from $8.80 to $26.
  • $250,000 Guaranteed Big Sunday – This is a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event taking place every Sunday at 18:00 GMT for a $320 direct buy-in. A wide array of Stage 1 Satellites are available into this event including R/A events and Sit and Gos. Buy-ins range from $27 to $70.

All new sign-ups at bet365 Poker referred by Max Poker Bonus are eligible for a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $500. Interested? You can read the exact details, such as the clearing requirements, about this bonus offer on the bet365 Poker Bonus page.

bet365 Has A Great Line Up Of Poker Promotions This May

bet365 Poker Promotions May 2010bet365 Poker, one of the UK’s most popular poker websites, has updated their online poker offerings in order to appeal to wider player base.

All these offerings include interesting promotions, poker games that give members more than value for their money and the opportunity to be a part of poker tournaments with large prizes.

bet365 Poker Bonus

One of the best offerings that bet365 Poker has for its new players is the sign-up bonus which is a 100% match of the deposit made up to a sum of $500. Players will be able to use the extra funds to be a part of many of the poker games and tournaments hosted by bet365 Poker and win big prizes.

bet365 Poker also has an incredible range of poker tournaments for its players that offer a total amount of 20 million dollars in guaranteed prize amounts to the lucky winners. Some of the most interesting tournament promotions currently hosted by bet365 Poker are as follows.


This poker tournament is scheduled to take place in May and June. Players interested in being a part of this event should take part in the qualifiers and mini poker games hosted by bet365 Poker.

ECOOP VI games will run daily on the site from the 14th of May to the 6th of June. It will be a total of 14 events with $4,500,000 standing as the guaranteed prize for this event. Winners will also get a Tag Heuer watch.

WSOP 2010

bet365 Poker also has packages for the 2010 WSOP and is running qualifier events from the 28th of May to the 17th of July for this purpose.

Lucky players can play at bet365 Poker and win their way to the main event of the World Series Of Poker 2010. Players who win one of the WSOP packages will receive $13,000, which includes the $10,000 buy-in and $3,000 of travel money to be used for accommodation and transport.

VIP Players

bet365 Poker also has a very exciting scheme for its members who get to earn points as they frequent the site, play poker and make deposits there. These points can be used to buy into other games.

bet365 Poker Offers $25,000 WSOP Package To WSOP Warrior

bet365 WSOP Warrior Promotionbet365 Poker, a reputed poker portal and part of the iPoker network, recently launched ten special WSOP promotional packages that any of its lucky players can win.

This extremely generous promotion is called the WSOP Warrior and is bet365 Poker’s way of celebrating the 2010 World Series of Poker, a world renowned poker tournament that ultimately awards the best poker players in the world.

bet365 Poker has created 10 poker packages for the WSOP that players can compete for during the month of May. These qualifiers will help players buy their way into the WSOP event and will commence from the 2nd of May and go on until the 30th.

The ten packages offered by the popular online gaming site are all not of the same value and range from a $5,500 WSOP Package to the $25,000 grand package prize.

Join the WSOP Warrior Competition

To be a part of the “WSOP Warrior” promotion, players will have to be registered members at the bet365 Poker site and have made real deposits at the site. Of course, it is also vital to have poker skills and good poker playing strategy as the participants of this event will be required to compete with some poker professionals in the final event.

This ten package promotion under the banner of the WSOP Warrior is an exclusive offering of bet365 Poker and players who are interested in being a part of this will have to buy-in to this promotion, which is not a freeroll.

To get into this competition, poker players will have to spend $320 to register for each event unless they are able to get into the games by winning the qualifier satellites games hosted by bet365 Poker. These qualifier games do not require much of a buy-in and players will be able to play thee games for a price of $1.10 or so.

Players who win the qualifiers and the WSOP Warrior promotion will be awarded with one of the ten WSOP packages based on at what point of time they leave the final table. Winners of the WSOP packages will also get their travel expenses covered and paid accommodation at the superlative Wynn Resort and Casino based on the Vegas Strip.

bet365 Poker New VIP Scheme

bet365 Poker is making small changes, creating new promotions, adding bonuses and their most recent change was to their VIP scheme. The plan is to reward players more often with better rewards.

There are four VIP levels, they are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and the more you play the more your VIP level will increase, plus you can earn rewards on the way.

There are three parts to bet365 Poker’s the new VIP plan and we’re describing them in the following part of this blog post.

Play and Earn

Players earn Merit Points (MP’s) at real money cash games and tournaments. You will earn MP’s automatically and they will start to accrue as soon as you start playing games for real money at bet365 Poker.

You can see how many Merit Points you have earned under ‘My Account’ in the bet365 lobby. You can also view your points in real time when you’re playing at cash tables, the amount you’ve earned is displayed right above your nickname.

Merit Points Distribution
Rake per Hand Merit Points Earned Rake per Hand Merit Points Earned
0.04 – 0.09 0.32 1.51 – 1.75 6.8
0.10 – 0.24 0.64 1.76 – 2.00 7.6
0.25 – 0.50 1.6 2.01 – 2.25 9.6
0.51 – 0.75 2.4 2.26 – 2.50 12
0.76 – 1.00 3.2 2.51 – 2.75 14.4
1.01 – 1.25 4.8 2.76 – 3.00 16
1.26 – 1.50 5.6 3.01 – 5.00 17.6

You will earn 15 Merit Points for every $1 paid in tournament fees.

Improve Your VIP Status

When you go up in VIP status, not only will you be able to enjoy the new perks at your new status, but you will also be rewarded on your achievement. VIP levels are updated once a month and are based on how many Merit Points you have earned in the previous month.

Bronze VIP Status – 1MP

  • You need only 1 Merit Point to become a Bronze VIP
  • Monthly $500 dollar Freeroll
  • Bronze Cash Rewards

Silver VIP Status – Need 1,000 MPs

  • Monthly $500 dollar Freeroll
  • Monthly $1,500 dollar Freeroll
  • Bronze and Silver Cash Rewards

Gold VIP Status – Need 10,000 MPs

  • Monthly $500 dollar Freeroll
  • Monthly $1,500 dollar Freeroll
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Cash Rewards

Platinum VIP Status – Need 25,000 MPs

  • Monthly $500 dollar Freeroll
  • Monthly $1,500 dollar Freeroll
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Cash Rewards

Get Your Rewards

After you’ve done the work and earned the points it’s time to reap your reward. There are cash poker bonuses, tournament buy-ins and other reward options. As mentioned above the more MP’s you earn the better the rewards become.

To claim your reward visit the ‘Get Your Rewards’ page and find the reward you’ve earned and click ‘Claim Now’. Make sure you have the amount of points necessary for the reward or it won’t be awarded.

Cash Reward Options
Merit Points Reward Required VIP
2,000 $10 Bronze
7,500 $50 Bronze
20,000 $150 Silver
50,000 $600 Silver
100,000 $1,350 Gold
200,000 $3,000 Gold
375,000 $7,000 Platinum
700,000 $15,000 Platinum
1,500,000 $37,500 Platinum
2,500,000 $70,000 Platinum
5,000,000 $150,000 Platinum
Tournament Token Options
Merit Points Reward Required VIP
7,500 $59 Bronze
10,000 $109 Silver
22,500 $320 Silver
35,000 $530 Gold
100,000 $1,580 Gold