Cash Ladder At bet365 Poker

bet365 Poker Cash LadderPlayers are going to be climbing up the Cash Ladder at bet365 Poker since February 9th. Each rung you climb on the ladder will increase your potential bonus.

How to Qualify

The Cash Ladder is the newest promotion at bet365 Poker and this promotion isn’t automatic. If you want to participate you will have to opt in. All you need to do is click the opt in logo at bet365 Poker, and put in your username, password and email to join in the fun.

Climbing the Ladder

After you’ve opted in you will need to find your starting position on the Cash Ladder and then start to climb. There are different starting points for each VIP level so all players will have the opportunity to earn a bonus.

Points for climbing the Cash Ladder are earned by participating in raked hands or in real money tournaments. You will receive 18 points for every $1 dollars paid in rake or in tournament fees.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum players will all have a different Cash Ladder to climb and if you climb your way to the top of the Platinum Cash Ladder before the promotion ends then you can repeat the Platinum ladder as many times as you wish.

If you are a Diamond VIP player then you will start on the Platinum cash level. You can view the different Cash Ladders at the Cash Ladder promotion page on the bet365 Poker website.

Cash Ladder Bonus Details

You have until 12am on March 2nd to opt in for your Cash Ladder Bonus and then all payments will be credited to all players by 12am on March 4th.

Your bonus amount will increase with every rung you complete. The different VIP levels have higher starting bonuses and if you can move up in VIP status you will earn better bonuses.

If you have a current bonus such as a bet365 Poker Deposit Bonus or a Reload Bonus you will be ineligible for the Cash Ladder Bonus until your previous bonus is cleared.

bet365 Poker Sending Players To Les A London Open

Les Ambassadeurs Clubbet365 Poker is going to be sending players to the Les A London Open on February 23rd and 24th and if you play your cards right you could be among them. The Les A London is going to be held at the Les Ambassadeurs Club, the club is located in Mayfair, London.

This is a great poker tournament to play in an exclusive casino that usually only open it’s doors to a select few people. Only those among the rich and famous are typically permitted through the doors but this tournament will have the doors open wide.

Les A Open Prize Packages

If you are one of the lucky that wins a package worth £3,500 you will be on your way. Each package includes the £2,000 + £200 buy-in for the Main Event. Three nights accommodations at the Hilton Park Lane Hotel in London.

Plus £470 for travel expenses and spending money and a year’s free membership at the Les Ambassadeurs Club, worth £1,000.

How to Win

To win your seat at the Les A London Open Main Event you will need to play in one of bet365’s Super Satellites every Thursday at 20:00 GMT. The buy-in for the Super Satellites is £175 + £14 to enter.

If you would rather not open your wallet that wide, bet365 Poker is also going to be running satellites that will award seats into the Super Satellites. For dates and times, look at the Sit ‘n Go lobby at bet365 Poker.

Please have a look at our bet365 Poker Bonus page if you haven’t played at bet365 Poker before.

Enhanced Software Features At bet365 Poker

bet365 Poker is starting off 2010 with several new features that extend the functionality of the bet365 online poker software. The recent additions provide enhanced options and improved playability for online poker players at bet365.

First, bet365 Poker has revamped the tables. A sleek new look accompanies the newly added ability to re-size the tables to suit your own preferences. A table tiling option now allows players to automatically re-size up to four tables to fit perfectly on the screen with a single click, providing the ideal, multi-tabling experience. Players at bet365 will find they can also choose any seat at the table, and the other players will be re-situated as needed.

Also numbered among the new features at bet365 Poker is the addition of Razz. Razz is an established poker form that has been growing in popularity. A variation on seven card stud, in Razz it is the lowest hand that wins.

There have been several other improvements as well. In answer to a request from their players, bet365 Poker has improved the betting slider functionality, making it much easier to bet a larger percentage of the pot in online poker games at bet365. The speed of play has been increased, too, in an ongoing effort to streamline game-play at bet365 Poker. Players can expect faster load times and improved game speed.

bet365 has made updates to the favorites section, as well. Players will be able to access their preferred cash tables and tournaments much more easily. bet365 Poker has also added a new calendar function for convenient scheduling.

One last expansion of the bet365 Poker software is an observer chat. Now, players can chat and show their support as they rail a friend or poker buddy’s online poker game.

To get the enhanced software, those who already have the existing bet365 software simply need to open the bet365 lobby to trigger the automatic update. Those who are new to bet365 can download the updated software to their PC to start enjoying the enhanced functionality of bet365. New players are eligible for Max Poker Bonus’ special bet365 Poker Bonus – a 100% match on the first deposit, up to $500.

bet365 Unlimited Christmas Bonuses

bet365 Poker Unlimited Christmas BonusEven though this promotion started on December 1st there is still time to get your share of the Unlimited Christmas Bonuses at bet365 Poker. Since this promotion is unlimited you can rack up the money fast as long as you play a lot of poker at bet365.

In order to participate you will need to look at your emails or web messages from bet365 Poker. In the messages there is going to be a target and if you make your target you will get a bonus.

Unlimited Christmas Bonus Details

Then you just accumulate real money points by playing to reach your target and you get a bonus. If you earn more then your target you will get a bigger bonus, it’s that easy.

If at any time you want to see how much cash you’ve earned you can look at the ‘Total Banked Page’. Just put in your poker nickname and click enter and you will see how big your poker bonus is.

Getting Your Bonus

If you hit your target on any day before December 24th you will be awarded $1 dollar for every 200 Christmas Points you accumulated on that day. You will receive 24 points for every $1 dollar that is paid in either rake or tournament fees.

Every player that wants to participate in this Christmas promotion has to ‘Opt In’ by December 28th at 23:59 GMT or else you won’t get your bonus. All bonuses will be credited to players accounts in one payment on December 30th.

bet365 Poker Irish Open Promotion

bet365 Irish Open 2010The Irish Open 2010 is going to take place in the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, Ireland on April 1st and will end on April 5th. This is a big event and there is big money to be won, last year the winner of the Irish Open Main Event won over €600,000.

Irish Open Prize Package

The Irish Open Prize Package which you can win at bet365 Poker is worth $7,200 dollars and includes everything you need and more to make this one of the greatest experiences ever.

Each prize package includes the €3,200 + €300 buy-in for the Main Event plus €350 for six nights accommodations at the Burlington Hotel from March 31st through April 6th.

There is also €800 to be used to for other travel expenses and spending. You will also get to go to the Irish Open Party, so you can rub elbows with the other players in the event.

How to Qualify for the 2010 Irish Open

In order to get a prize package at bet365 Poker you need to play in one of the $250 + $18 Super Satellites every Sunday at 7:30GMT. If the buy-in is too steep you can play in less expensive qualifiers to win a seat into the Super Satellite.

For the complete list of satellites including time, buy-in and the prize just login and go to the bet365 Lobby and click Sit & Go’s. You can also find the Irish Open Satellites in our live tournament schedule.

Lovely Autumn At bet365

bet365 September PromosWhile nature slowly but surely reminds us that another summer is nearly over and the days start getting shorter again, bet365 improves their promotions so you can get back to some serious poker playing after a lovely summer break. No matter whether you are interested in the Leaderboard Tournament that lets you play for big cash prizes each month or whether you prefer the very popular Jackpot Sit&Go Tournaments, bet365 offers all serious poker players a lot of incentives.

In September however a lot of these already nice promotional offers will be improved even more. Dedicated bet365 players will know and look forward to the monthly $250,000 Guaranteeds – in September (and we may give it away already, also in October) this tournament will be improved significantly. You will play for 4 times the amount. Guaranteed. And yes, the quick brains among us already know that this equals 1 million dollars!

And since a catchy name has always been the darling of promoters these tournaments are now known as the Monthly Million Tournaments. You may choose to either make use of a direct buy-in of $500+35 or instead opt for one of the many daily qualifiers starting with buy-ins of $1+0.10. It is up to you how you want to make sure to get your part of $1,000,000.

Of course you will also benefit from all the other promotions such as the weekly 100,000 Merit Points New Depositor Freeroll. After making your first deposit at bet365 you will receive a token that allows you to compete in this tournament that can help you boost your Merit Points tremendously. Additionally the top 100 finishers of this tournament will qualify for the Monthly New Depositor Freeroll where you will compete with a maximum of 499 other players for your share of $2,000. And all this completely free of charge.

Also let’s not forget the Monthly Luxury Holiday Draw for poker players of VIP Level Gold or above (you may opt to cash it in instead and receive $2,000) – and you don’t even have to register for it, you will be added into the pool automatically once you reach the Gold Level. Additionally there are various monthly freerolls depending on your VIP Level, starting at a $500 freeroll for VIP Level Bronze. And you are actually a VIP Level Bronze player with just a single Merit Point per month!

If you aren’t a bet365 poker player yet, take this opportunity to check our detailed review and our bet365 poker bonus information. As always, take your time in making up your mind whether this poker room is the right one for you (and don’t base your decision solely on the poker bonus) and if you think it is, just use our link to make sure you get the best experience out of it. And if you are an existing bet365 poker player enjoy the fact that you may now exchange the rain outside for a cash-rain while sitting in your warm and comfortable chair.

New Loyalty Programme At bet365 Poker

Since February bet365 Poker offers their customers a new loyalty programme that aims to be more transparent as well as more rewarding. Poker players will find it easy to understand the concept of the new system and the advantages – one of the more obvious ones is that with the new point system (you will earn the same amount of points per rake regardless of VIP level) you don’t have to force yourself to play each month (we all get sick sometimes or want to take a break and go on a nice vacation) in order to stay at your current VIP level. You can simply take a break, come back and play your usual games and you will be back to your prior VIP level the following month without any point penalties whatsoever.

So to reiterate, every player earns the same amount of Merit Points for the same accomplishments. Fair is fair. In detail that means that each player will earn up to 10 points per rake and the buy-in fees will be rewarded with 15 points per $. Higher VIP levels are nonetheless a big thing as you will be able to take advantage of additional offers (like exclusive $1,500 freerolls or monthly luxury holiday draws) as well as better rates when converting your Merit Points to cash. Platinum Members will even be able to exchange their Merit Points for a WSOP package worth $16,000!

Advancing through the various VIP levels is quite easy and regular players will find that reaching Silver or Gold status is a task which is easily achieved. In order to become a member of the Platinum VIP level you will have to show your dedication and prove that you understand the game. And if you want to become part of the elitist Diamond Club you will have to be one of the big players. You cannot simply gather a certain amount of points to reach that level – the Diamond Club is an honour that can only be achieved through an invitation by bet365. Once you get there however you will enjoy exclusive service as well as lots of benefits and special offers that will cater your needs and wishes.

If you are new to bet365 make sure to sign up through Max Poker Bonus and secure yourself not only the impressive 200% poker bonus up to $600 – you will find details on our bet365 Poker bonus page – but also the right to compete in one of the weekly New Depositor Freerolls for $1,000. And as if that wasn’t enough, the top 100 of the weekly freerolls will qualify for the monthly New Depositor Freeroll for $2,000. Additionally there will be a bet365 Bounty Player in each of these tournaments and if you are the one taking him from the table you will be rewarded with an additional $22 Tournament Token for use in the event of your choice.

Million Dollar Mission At bet365

In February, poker network iPoker offers their players the Febonanza, a leaderboard event that rewards the 300 players who earn the most points in the course of the month with additional cash prizes in the value of $400,000. That by itself is already a very nice promotion – however bet365 decided that their players deserve more and simply raised the bonus for all bet365 Poker to $1,000,000 – and we have to admit, 1 million dollars does have a much nicer ring to it.

So what bet365 will do is to pay you 2.5 times the payout that you would normally receive when finishing the month of February as one of the top 300 point earners. The only thing you have to do to qualify for that is to earn your points on bet365 Poker. If you are a dedicated player on bet365 Poker this turns the Febonanza into the Million Dollar Mission. A Mission Possible we believe.

However that is not all! At bet365 you can also win an extra jackpot with every millionth hand played in February. If you participate in any millionth hand played you will receive a share of the Millionth Hand Jackpot (depending on the limit of the table up to $3,000) – and if you win one of these hands you will also get the whole jackpot sum for yourself. And there is still more to come: As a winner you will automatically qualify for the Jackpot Hand Super Showdown that rewards the highest winning hand with an additional $30,000 while the lowest winning hand will get a $20,000 bonus.

If you are a dedicated poker player you will find that playing at bet365 Poker will reward you a lot in February. Make most of this opportunity and cash in on your poker games. Each hand counts. If you manage to put your name onto the leaderboard you will reap the benefits of bet365’s prize increase. As bet365 Poker player you will earn a whopping $1,875 for ending up last while a regular player who ends up 26th of the 300 top players will still receive less money than you with his $1,500. If you compete in this leaderboard event in a different poker room, you only have yourself to blame. If you are not a bet365 Poker player yet check out our bet365 Poker bonus page and take advantage by signing up through Max Poker Bonus. And if you are already signed up at bet365 – get playing!

Leaderboard Challenge Race At bet365

With their Leaderboard Race Challenge 2008 bet365 offer you the chance to qualify for The Grand Final simply by playing regular cash games. The Grand Final will see players compete for a prize-pool of $130,000 which includes several European Poker Tour Packages worth $12.000 each. The winner of The Grand Final will receive as many as 6 EPT Packages (total value $72.000) and while the players ending up 4th – 10th will receive cash the ones ending in the top 3 also have the option to exchange their EPT Packages for cash if they so please (they will be bought out for 75% of the packages’ worth – the winner for example would end up with $54.000 cash instead of the 6 EPT Packages if he decides he prefers not to compete in the EPT).

How can you qualify for The Grand Final? You will not have to compete in satellites or any qualifying tournaments, you will simply play your usual cash games at bet365 and be rewarded for the rakes you produce. Each week the 40 players who lead the list by accumulating qualifying raked hands will get rewarded with cash prizes. Additionally to that the top 5 players will receive a seat for The Grand Final. If one of these 5 players is already qualified he will be rewarded with an additional 3,000 chips for the final tournament up to a possible total of 9,000 chips! So it really pays off staying dedicated after you have qualified.

The Grand Final takes place on January 19th 2009, the qualification will end after December 28th 2008. And in order to give you a chance to be part of the final tournament even if you don’t have the time to play each and every day bet365 holds a special tournament each week for the top 100 players where the winner gets rewarded with a seat in The Grand Final.

While this Leaderboard Race Challenge by bet365 is an excellent idea to reward cash game players for their activity and dedication we strongly urge you not to start playing excessively just because of that (or any other) promotion. Stay at your limits and play according to your personal bankroll, avoid playing on tilts or playing for too long in one session with your concentration waning. If you manage to be in a promising position in the leaderboard by playing your regular game you can still increase your playing frequency a bit. But it would be the wrong approach to throw your whole usual concept of poker over board simply for a promotion even if it is as tempting as this one.