888 Poker Has What You Are Looking For

888 PokerWhen it comes to finding the best poker site for your needs, there is a lot to think about. Every person is different so it is important for you to think about what sort of criteria is important for you. You are not short of options when it comes to enjoying online poker but if you want to enhance the amount of enjoyment you get from your poker time, it is best to focus on finding the site that offers what you are looking for.

One of the most important things to think about, and something that can be overlooked at times, comes down to the security and reliability on offer from the big names. There may be offers and promotions provided by a lesser poker site which sounds really enticing but in the long run, the respectability and assurance that comes from choosing a big name poker site is often of benefit. Of course, there are some good poker sites that can offer a strong reputation and plenty of great offers.

Poker that you can rely on

888 Poker is the best site for anyone who wants to start playing poker and if you download 888 poker today, you are in line for a great time. The site is very well regarded and it belongs to a highly regarded online gaming company. Then again, if you are more interested in the promotions, free gifts and poker opportunities, you are sure to be satisfied with what is on offer as well. It is the all-round benefits and opportunities provided by 888 Poker that makes it the natural choice for so many poker players. Boosting your bankroll at the start of your time on a site will ensure that you get the best opportunity to settle into the site and get to know what it has on offer.

Download 888 PokerWhen you see what 888 Poker has on offer, you will be glad of the big welcome bonus provided by the site. There are always tournaments and cash games taking place, so no matter what style of poker you prefer, there will be something that meets your needs. Although Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker game on site, you will have a chance to play other poker games, which is a crucial element for some players.

No matter what poker experience you are looking for, 888 Poker is sure to deliver what you need.

UK Poker Player Comes Second In Berlin High Roller Cup

Najib KamandYou’ve got to be in it to win it is something that most people recognise in life. This is true for all events and activities that have a competitive element. While taking part in something to win it is great news, it often means that you have to deal with the heartache of losing out on something.

Then again, the heartache of losing is often lessened when you get a big pile of cash along with it. Money can certainly make a lot of things feel a lot better and for one UK poker player in Berlin recently, the pain of losing will not see quite so bad.

This is because Najib Kamand has picked up a great deal of money over this weekend in Berlin. Things got off to a reasonable start for Najib, based in Surrey when he took part in the €1,000 NLH Turbo game. He finished in 14th place, a reasonable spot and he picked up a decent amount of money for his efforts. A return of close to 3,000 euros is good enough for the weekend but it turns out that Kamand was just getting warmed up for the weekend.

Success follows on from success when you work at it

On Saturday the 20th of April, Najib entered the € 3,000 No Limit Hold’em – Berlin Cup High Roller and as the name suggests there was a lot of money at stake. There were close to 200 players involved in the event and with every player placing €3,200 into the event, there was a total of €564,540 up for grabs. The top 20 positions would receive cash but obviously anyone looking to make a big amount of cash would have had their heart set on the final table.

Micah RaskinThis is exactly what Najib was able to do, just coming up short at the end when he lost out to the winner Micah Raskin. However, there was a three-way tie agreed by the last three players so there was a big amount of money coming the way of Najib Kamand. €105,366 is the sort of prize that will greatly appeal to most players and it make the impressive return for the Turbo game on the day before look like loose change for the UK based poker player!

Kamand also received a huge poker win in 2012 when he bagged $153,578 thanks to finishing fifth in a 1,500 No Limit Hold’em at the 43rd World Series of Poker event which was held in Las Vegas. This means that the player has been able to bag some huge poker prizes in recent times and is definitely the envy of plenty of poker players in the UK and beyond.

bwin Poker Introduces New Double Or Quits Sit & Go Format

Double or Quits Sit & GosIn bwin Poker’s newest style of poker to be introduced into their online poker repertoire, half the players will win and half will lose.

The only question is, in which half will you be? Double or Quits is the name of the new game and as bwin Poker describes it, it’s basically a twist on the Double or Nothing style of tournament that has lately become so popular in live poker.

bwin Poker’s Double or Quits Tournaments are a Sit & Go style of tournament which means that they run around the clock, a new one beginning each time the requisite number of players (in this case, 10) is met.

The first difference between bwin Poker’s Double or Quits and your standard sit and go tournament is that in Double or Quits, the top 5 players are paid out. That’s half the playing field of each tournament walking away from the table in the money. It’s not even split according to placement in the top 5, but rather split equally amongst all 5 players, hence the “Double” in the name, because the top five double up and the bottom five bottom out.

From there, bwin Poker puts another spin on the structure and gives every player, that’s all 10 players, whether they made the top 5 or bottom 5, are permitted a rebuy within the first half hour (30 minutes) of the game. This gives players knocked out before making the top 5 another chance at doing so, and it rewards the other players by enriching the total prize pool to be split amongst half of them, hence the “Quits” in the name, as players have to choose early on whether to contribute double their investment into the pot for a 50/50 shot at winning it back or quit now.

The starting stack for Double or Quits Sit & Gos is 1,500, with blinds going up every 6 minutes. The original buy-in (and rebuy) is $6 (or $5 + $1), giving the top 5 finishers from each Double or Quits tournament a minimum of $12 back, but probably a whole lot more because, after all, who can resist a rebuy?

888 Poker Gets Social

888 Poker is making big waves, and the perfect kind for surfing – first with a new 3D online poker room and now with full social media integration.

Social media integration means that 888 Poker can now be joined with and enhance the experience of all your social networks. Connect your 888 Poker account (at my.888Poker.com) to your various accounts with social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and maybe best of all YouTube.

Compare 888 Poker performance with your Facebook friends, Tweet about your progress in a game on Twitter, and record your poker games and capture those incredible hands to share with your connections on YouTube.

Plus, the social networking experience at my.888Poker.com includes Blue Carpet Events, behind the scenes looks at various big money live poker tournaments in exotic locations, an insider look at the World Series of Poker, and an bustling community of players like you posting blogs, commenting on discussion forums, join themed groups with like-minded people on subjects that interest you, ask and answer questions, study up on the successes (and hard-won lessons) of the elite group of 888 Poker Ambassadors, post photos and videos, take poker polls, and win prizes by participating in exclusive 888 Poker social media promotions. An example of one such promotion is a huge refer-a-friend bonus of $50 for you and $25 for each of your friends you refer who sign up for my.888Poker.com.

At the time of this writing there were 15,117 members in 35 groups writing, reading, and commenting on 276 blog posts, 2,678 photos, and 210 videos on my 888 Poker.

Members of my 888 Poker also get the opportunity to set up private tables and private tournaments at 888 Poker. So you can invite your Facebook friends to an exclusive 888 Poker tournament or cash game with a select invitation only group of players.

partypoker Hosts WPT Amneville Satellites

WPT Amneville 2010partypoker, lead sponsor of the World Poker Tour, is now holding satellite tournaments into November’s WPT Amneville, France main event.

In all, partypoker will be giving away five prize packages into this, the premiere WPT event to be held in France, each package worth $7,000 and including the $4,500 buy-in into the WPT Amneville main event, hotel accommodations during your stay for the tournament, and $1,200 for expense money. In addition, the WPT Amneville prize package winners will also be treated to partypoker’s world renowned world class hospitality.

partypoker WPT Amneville satellites and qualifiers start Monday, September 13 and run through Sunday, October 17, 2010. The cheapest way to enter the qualifying structure is through one of partypoker’s daily WPT Amneville freeroll tournaments in which the top 50 players from each will advance to a sub qualifier speed rebuy event.

Players can also opt to buy in directly into this sub qualifier speed rebuy event for a $1 buy-in. These events take place daily and award an entry into the weekly WPT Amneville satellite qualifier for every $40 in the prize pool. Alternatively, players can win a seat in the weekly satellite qualifier through one of partypoker’s daily $5 + $1 sub qualifier speed events; one in eight players will win.

The partypoker WPT Amneville Satellite Qualifier takes place every Sunday at 1:45 pm ET. Players can either win their seat through one of the aforementioned methods, or they can buy in directly for $37.50 + $2.50. One out of every ten players in each of these weekly satellite qualifiers will land themselves a seat in the WPT Amneville Satellite on Sundays at 3:20 pm ET. The direct buy-in into this event, in which partypoker will award one in every twenty players a $7,000 prize package, is $350 + $25.

New 3d Poker Room At 888 Poker

888 Poker 3D888 Poker’s slogan is “We play different” and they’re not kidding. Case in point: the new 3D poker room that 888 Poker has just released.

888 Poker’s new 3D poker room is nothing if not stunning. It gives players an incredibly choice in the look and feel of their game, with graphical choices in the deck that you use (with different front and back designs on the cards), and table layouts and themes, including the option of placing 3D featured images behind your table. You also get to choose from a broad selection of 3D player avatars. Additional game settings (such as auto muck hand, and post blinds) and color indicators (such as to indicate whether each player Folded, Called, or Raised) make game play not only more visually appealing but smooth, intuitive, and much easier to follow the action.

The 888 Poker lobby has also been improved with its 3D renovations, with a bevy of customisable options for players comfortable using the 888 Poker lobby, and a quick-click beginner’s lobby offered as an alternative to players who aren’t quite accustomed to the full breadth of options offered in the regular 888 lobby.

In honour of their new 3D poker room, 888 Poker is holding a special promotion called 3Directions to Win, in which players can win prizes like iPads and cash up to $15,000. The 888 Poker 3Directions to Win promotion includes crazy give away tournaments offered at buy-ins of just 8 cents, as well as prizes awarded to players who participate in at least 10 Sit & Go tournaments in the new 3D 888 Poker room at stakes over $1.

Already 888 Poker boasts an overall 5 million player pool. With news of this innovative 3D poker experience the site is now offering, players can only expect this action to continue to build.

London Calling To PKR Poker

PKR Poker and Fox Poker Club are holding an event called London Calling this October, 2010. The first event of its kind, London Calling will be a full live poker series lasting 28 days, during which a total of 57 different poker tournament events of varying types and stakes will take place. The slogan for this first-ever PKR Presents London Calling at the Fox Poker Club is “Poker To The People”.

PKR Poker promises that London Calling events will include Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better (PLO8), even heads-up events and a two-day long HORSE event (HORSE, if you don’t know, is a mixed game event of alternating hands of Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Eight or Better). Buy-ins for London Calling events are being kept purposely small, with most ranging between £20 and £100. The London Calling Main Event will have a £300 buy-in.

The dates of this inaugural running London Calling are from October 11 to November 7. All 57 events comprising London Calling over the entire 28 days will take place at the famous Fox Poker Club on Shaftesbury Ave in the heart of down town London.

In addition to the normal payouts the top finishers in each tournament will receive from the pot (and the guaranteed prize pool), a leader board will also be kept, ranking players on a points basis throughout the entirety of the series. At the end of the series, those points will be transferred into chips comprising each player’s starting stack in a special freeroll tournament to take place online at PKR Poker.

What makes this poker series so unique, PKR Poker points out, is that it gives those players who wish to compete in high stakes live poker tournaments with live human dealers but don’t have the bankroll to foot it, the chance to have that experience at a cost they can afford.

bwin Poker Holding Free Rookie Challenge

How good do you think you are at online poker? Not very good at all? Perfect! Then you’re just the kind of player bwin Poker is looking for to participate in the free Rookie Challenge.

In the bwin Poker Rookie Challenge beginners at online poker get the opportunity to square off against other online poker beginners. All you have to do to participate is be a new player at bwin Poker (sorry, existing players). As long as you don’t have an account yet at bwin Poker you’re golden. Just sign up and bwin Poker will automatically credit you with 10 tournament tickets into its Rookie Challenge.

The bwin Poker Rookie Challenge is comprised of 5 stages of Sit & Go tournaments, in which players begin at the bottom of the ladder and climb their way to the top to ultimately win tickets into real money events.

  • Rookie Challenge Stage 1 is a 10-player tournament with 1st place getting 3 tickets into Rookie Challenge Stage 2 and 2nd place getting 2 tickets into that event.
  • Rookie Challenge Stage 2 is also a 10-player event, which awards 1st place 2 tickets into Rookie Challenge Stage 3 and awards 2nd place 1 ticket into Rookie Challenge Stage 3.

From here, only the 1st place winner is awarded any prize. Rookie Challenge Stages 3 and 4 are both 5-player events with the winner of Rookie Challenge Stage 3 winning 3 tickets into the Stage 4 event, and the winner of Rookie Challenge Stage 4 winning 1 ticket into the Rookie Challenge Stage 5 heads-up final, in which the winner will be awarded 3 real money tickets worth $1.10 each that can be used at any bwin Poker tournament and 3 Rookie Challenge Freeroll tickets.

The bwin Poker Rookie Challenge Freeroll has a $300 guaranteed prize pool. In addition to winning tickets through the Rookie Challenge, you can also get your first 14 tickets into the bwin Poker Rookie Challenge Freeroll by making your first deposit into a real money account at the site, and then earning just one bwin Poker point.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays, A One-two Punch At bet365 Poker

bet365 PromotionsEvery Tuesday and Wednesday is a one-two punch of promotional goodness at bet365 Poker, with Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays and the 500 Euro Freeroll.

The Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays and 500 Euro Freeroll Wednesdays differ in one key way, that being that the former is offered only for a limited time while the latter is an ongoing promo at Bet 365 Poker.

Every Tuesday between September 7 and October 5 at bet365 Poker will be Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays, which means that players will be entitled to receive a bonus of as much as $1,000 per player with no deposit required. What’s more, each player can earn this maximum $1,000 bonus each and every Tuesday of the promotional period. Since there are 5 Tuesdays between Sept 7 and Oct 5, that means each bet365 Poker player can earn up to a $5,000 bonus for free.

To earn some part or all of your Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays bonus, just play your heart out at bet365 Poker every Tuesday of the promotion. Each Tuesday you earn a bonus equivalent to your results for the day, regardless of it’s a positive or negative number, in other words, if you come out for the day with a $900 loss, bet365 Poker will amazingly pay you a $900 bonus. And your opponent who came out $900 ahead gets the same bonus too. As bet365 Poker says, this is far better than even a reload bonus because there isn’t any deposit or money transfer required in order to win.

The following day, Wednesday, is bet365 Poker’s €500 Freeroll. As already mentioned, this is an ongoing promotion at bet365 Poker. To play for a part of the weekly €500 guaranteed prize pool, you just need to earn 10 Merit Points at bet365 Poker’s real money tables during the week prior to the Wednesday €500 Freeroll event, which takes place at 19:00 GMT. Games played at both Euro (€) and Pound (£) tables apply.

Snowball Into Big Winnings At partypoker With September Snowball Promo

Snowball partypokerpartypoker is holding a new promotion this September called the Snowball, with every player participating able to win up to 15 prizes each.

Prizes in the partypoker Snowball promotion include cash, as much as $5,000, and freeroll entries, valued as high as $100,000. With the Snowball promotion, the more momentum you gain, the more prizes you can win, and the faster and easier it is for you to win subsequent prizes. Hence the name Snowball.

Between September 1 and 30 just play in as many real money games at partypoker cash and tournament tables as you can, racking up as many PartyPoints as you can before the promotional period’s end.

In some promotions, every time you pass a hurdle from one level into the next, you give up the preceding prize to advance to a better prize, but here the prizes snowball one on top of the other, with partypoker only adding and never taking away from your kitty of prizes as you progress up and up toward the top prize level of $1,500 and $50,000 in freeroll tournament entries for all players earning at least 50,000 PartyPoints.

Players from Bronze to Palladium Elite status will find something for them in the Snowball promotion, with each level player able to strive for prizes typically a bit out of their price range (or prize range, as the case may be).

Earn at least 500 PartyPoints during the Snowball promotion and you’re guaranteed a cash prize of at least $20. Earn at least 5 PartyPoints and you’re guaranteed a $5,000 freeroll entry. Five freerolls are taking place in all, with prize pools ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. All it takes to win entry into all 5 freeroll tournaments is 200 PartyPoints.

The partypoker Snowball Freeroll tournaments will take place between October 4 and 8, one per day, starting with the lowest stakes and leading up to the highest.