PKR Running Bets For WSOP Main Event

WSOP LogoPoker players all over the world are starting to get a little bit excited about the WSOP Main Event. This is one of the premier events in the poker calendar and players are getting ready to get on a plane from all corners of the globe. If you are sat at home wishing you were involved with the major event, there is going to be a chance that you can have some excitement and perhaps even win some money.

This is because PKR are running betting odds on the WSOP 2013 event and there are a number of special Main Event betting opportunities being lined up. Anyone that is looking to enjoy the WSOP 2013 finale from the comfort of their own home may find that things get a little bit more interesting and engaging when there is money involved with the tournament!

If you want to back the British poker players at the WSOP Main Event, there is a genuine chance to put your money where your mouth is. This is because one of the categories that WSOP provide bets in is the country of birth of the winner. If you are fully backing someone from the UK to beat of all the competition, you will get odds of 21/1. This is definitely going to be worth a flutter and it will give you more of personal involvement with the tournament, so why not get involved when you can!

Are you backing the Brits at the WSOP Main Event?

There are odds of 1.4 to 1 on a player from the USA winning the tournament while the odds on a Canadian player rest at 11 to 1. If you fancy a French born poker player will win the Main Event, you will receive odds of 29 to 1 while the odds on a German player stands at 34 to 1. There is then a big jump to 68 to 1, which is where you find the odds for an Italian or Russian player to win the Main Event. If you don’t think that the eventual winner will come from any of these nations, the Rest of the World odds at 7 to 1 is a great bet to take on.

PKR LogoIf you think that this is the year when a female is going to go all the way at the Main Event, you will get odds of 21 to 1. This means that PKR think that there is the same likelihood of a female winning the Main Event as there is any poker player from the UK doing so! The odds of a female reaching the final table at the WSOP Main Event stand at 3.25 to 1 whereas you will get odds of 1.25 to 1 of no female reaching the final table.

You will also find odds on the top players in poker winning a bracelet and whether any player will win more than one bracelet at this event. You will also find Main Event bets like the age of the winner, the age of the final table players, the winning hand and even the number of players from the US who will make up the final table. No matter what sort of poker bet you can think of, you can bet that PKR will deliver it for this major WSOP event.

The PKR site has long held a reputation for innovation and there is no doubt that this is a poker site that looks like no other. Plenty of poker players that love the interaction and engagement with other players have decided that the PKR site is the one for them. Being able to create an avatar based on yourself or any other character that you want to represent provides a great deal of excitement and higher level of engagement for players. The fact that PKR also provides great innovation with their poker odds is something to look out for too.

Poker Not Always About High Stakes TourWhen poker plays a role in films, TV or book storylines, it is inevitable that there will be a focus on the high roller and the massive stakes. This is where the lives of people can be changed in an instant, for better or worse. When it comes to drama, having a person’s future depend on the turning of the card is definitely something to be heralded and the high stakes of poker can certainly add a lot to the twists and turns of a great storyline. However, for most poker players, it is not about the high stakes, the low stakes are often what is played for and these can still provide plenty of thrills and spills for the average poker player. Let’s be honest though, there is nothing average about poker!

One of the great things recently in poker has been the celebration of the low-stakes poker game because there is definitely something to like and enjoy about this type of game. The Poker Player UK Tour (PPUKT) has been providing low-stakes poker events and the opening leg has recently taken place in Newcastle. The lucky winner in the £110 buy-in event was Anthony Pringle, who managed to overcome 55 other players to take the top prize. Some people may sneer at a big poker event only having 56 players involved with it but that would be the wrong attitude to take. The tour is taking place all around the country, so there will be plenty of local events and there seemed to be a great atmosphere in the Grosvenor Casino in Newcastle.

A tough Saturday to set up final day

The opening day on Saturday was quite tough for many players with 49 making the exit that day, which left 7 players returning on Sunday. The title was always going to be something to aim for but with a top prize of £1,960 up for grabs, there was definitely a lot to play for. Pringle was initially in second place with respect to chips at the start of Sunday but he quickly overtook the leader and then managed to keep on ploughing through the rest of the field until he came out on top!

There was drama in the final hand with Garry Shepherd hunting Pringle down and at times it looked as though the challenger had Pringle on the run but Pringle held his nerve and Shepherd was sent to the rail, although he has the consolation of a £1455 prize. Being interviewed after his triumph, Pringle said it was the biggest live win of his career and that he was delighted, coming hard on the heels of a similar cash prize he received at a New Year’s Day poker event which was held on the PKR Poker site. You can bet that Pringle couldn’t have felt much more elated if he was playing for higher stakes so it does indicate that there is a place for low-poker stakes amongst the high roller and high intensity poker games.

Another Brit Signs Up For PKR

Simon HemsworthAnyone that likes to follow the fortunes of British poker players will be delighted to learn about the latest developments surrounding Simon Hemsworth. The 29 year old has become the latest sponsored professional for, a site he has plenty of experience in playing.

In recent times, Simon has become one of the mainstay players in the NLHE games and he has managed to develop a sterling poker reputation for himself in recent times and on the site. Although he is able to turn his hand to a number of different poker disciplines, Hemsworth is regularly associated with the 6-max $5/$10 NLHE games. The news of his deal with PKR was unveiled at the PKR Live 2013 event but his first performance for the team came in a London Cash game.

Crazy online poker names help players to stand out

PKR Logo

If you are not sure if you have heard of his name, you may be more familiar with Hemsworth’s online name, ‘Rhymenoceros’. It may not be a name that naturally rolls off the tongue but it is certainly one that stands him out from so many of the other poker players. Simon has been playing poker for more than a decade and he joins a busy and exciting roster at Team PKR.

In the press release statement, Hemsworth said;

I feel very privileged to be asked to be the new Team PKR Pro. I want to help represent a brand I have had great affection for over the last few years. I have played almost exclusively on PKR for a long time now and made some great friends here. One of my main aims is to improve my live tournament record, so let’s hope for deep runs in the near future.

The Head of Content and PR at PKR, a Dan Grant, was also quoted in the release, saying

Simon has been one of the brightest online stars at PKR over the last few years and we know he has what it takes to make his mark in the live arena. More importantly, he’s a fantastic bloke with a great work ethic, and a great example to others who want to achieve success in poker.

While making it as a pro poker player is the dream for so many people, there is no doubt a lot of hard work involved. However, it is sure to be an exciting and challenging time for Hemsworth and congratulations are definitely due to him for his new role.

PKR Backs The Poker Wiki – Now Online!

The Poker WikiAttention, poker fans– there’s a new poker information site on the web, and they’re gunning for the number one spot when it comes to comprehensive poker information. The Poker Wiki, backed by PKR Poker, who coughed up a lot of the funds to make this brilliant concept a reality, is now online. While the site is still new, it already offers plenty of great information, and it’s expected to grow rapidly and steadily until it becomes the internet’s best source for all things poker related.

PKR Poker are the number one 3D online poker room, and the UK-based company has released a true wiki– “an online poker encyclopaedia created by players, for players.” True to wiki fashion, users will be able to add and edit articles, verify the sources, and add citations and links to other pages. As the PKR press release put it, “”Users of The Poker Wiki can access all content for free, and in true wiki fashion can also submit edits and updates as well as adding their own articles. Poker players may write biographies of their poker careers to date, bloggers can provide articles about their websites, casinos can add details of their cardrooms and tournament schedules and live tournament organisers can provide information on their events, including results and reviews.”

While the site is doing well at providing information and has already grown considerably since their launch, there are naturally some areas that could use improvement. Some of the pages need editing, and whether The Poker Wiki lacks them entirely or they simply can’t keep up with the influx of new pages has yet to be seen. The pages are full of citations, which is a promising sign that the people writing the articles are making sure that they verify their facts. The links between articles are currently largely lacking, which means that when you find something interesting in one article and want to move to the next, you have to do a search for it, rather than simply clicking. With time, this will also surely improve.

PKRNow that the site has gone live, PKR Poker has released it into the wild, so to speak. According to their press release: “Although initially funded by PKR, The Poker Wiki has been developed as a standalone project. PKR Media Manager Dan Grant explains: “PKR has worked with a team of writers to get The Poker Wiki up and running, but from now on our involvement will be very hands-off. The Poker Wiki’s future is now in the hands of the poker community who we hope will pick up the baton and contribute content to help create the world’s foremost repository for all things related to poker.”

The main page of the site currently features articles on Doyle Brunson and the 2012 WSOP Schedule Announcement, as well as recently added articles on poker strategy, poker terms (like ante, poker dice, and table image), online poker sites, poker tournaments, and professional players. For wiki newbies, the site even offers a Users Guide that tells users how to do pretty much everything they could imagine, so there’s no excuse for not pitching in and exploring the site!

PKR Shop Adds Great Reasons To Play

PKR ShopA lot of online poker sites offer points to players every time they play a money game on their site but more often that not, these points do not accumulate anything. They are meant to be seen as loyalty points and to provide some benefit in using the site on a regular basis but more often than not; they build up and build up without actually achieving anything for the player. This is not the case on the PKR site where these points can be used to buy a gift from a huge range of items.

As you would expect, there are plenty of poker products to choose from with cards and chips being amongst the most popular of items. If you play poker a lot at home, these are essential items and if you can get them for free through playing poker online, it provides a good benefit to a regular poker player. As you go up the scale, the site offers poker tables and other larger products which are redeemable for a greater number of PKR points.

Read about poker

A nice touch is found in the large selection of poker books that are available. Whether you want to brush up on your skills and strategies, learn more about the origins of the game or read about some of the characters from the world of poker, PKR provides a great selection. Many of the books are also available in the e-book format if you are technologically advanced.

Aside from playing and reading about poker, you may choose to tell the world you are a big poker fan with the clothes you are wearing. PKR has a clothes shop section online and it is possible to buy t-shirts, shirts, hoodies and all manner of clothing accessories emblazoned with some form of poker element. There are a number of humorous poker t-shirts to choose from which should satisfy anyone who enjoys the lighter side of poker.

Great sporting memorabilia available

Of course, not everyone has poker at the centre of everything they do in life and these people will be glad to know that there are non poker products too. There are some amazing sporting memorabilia products up for grabs, including signed pictures and football jerseys. The PKR site also offers a number of luxury items including watches, sunglasses and men and women’s fragrances.

If you feel that playing poker and having the chance to win things is enough of a reward, you can use the PKR points to donate to charity. PKR Poker provides players with the opportunity to donate to their own African charity, so playing poker can help others less fortunate to gain benefits. Many people find it easy to criticise poker websites but with elements like this, they are certainly not as bad as anyone could make them out to be.

These shopping options may not enhance the poker experience but they can add a further reason to enjoy playing on the PKR site.

London Calling To PKR Poker

PKR Poker and Fox Poker Club are holding an event called London Calling this October, 2010. The first event of its kind, London Calling will be a full live poker series lasting 28 days, during which a total of 57 different poker tournament events of varying types and stakes will take place. The slogan for this first-ever PKR Presents London Calling at the Fox Poker Club is “Poker To The People”.

PKR Poker promises that London Calling events will include Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better (PLO8), even heads-up events and a two-day long HORSE event (HORSE, if you don’t know, is a mixed game event of alternating hands of Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Eight or Better). Buy-ins for London Calling events are being kept purposely small, with most ranging between £20 and £100. The London Calling Main Event will have a £300 buy-in.

The dates of this inaugural running London Calling are from October 11 to November 7. All 57 events comprising London Calling over the entire 28 days will take place at the famous Fox Poker Club on Shaftesbury Ave in the heart of down town London.

In addition to the normal payouts the top finishers in each tournament will receive from the pot (and the guaranteed prize pool), a leader board will also be kept, ranking players on a points basis throughout the entirety of the series. At the end of the series, those points will be transferred into chips comprising each player’s starting stack in a special freeroll tournament to take place online at PKR Poker.

What makes this poker series so unique, PKR Poker points out, is that it gives those players who wish to compete in high stakes live poker tournaments with live human dealers but don’t have the bankroll to foot it, the chance to have that experience at a cost they can afford.

PKR Poker Version 2.0 Software & $10k Premium Freeroll

PKR Version 2Happy 4th Anniversary PKR Poker! Or would that be Happy 4th Birthday?

Either way it’s a cause to celebrate, and celebrate PKR Poker is doing indeed, with, among other player bonuses in honour of the occasion, $10,000 in Premium Freeroll tournaments and a huge poker software overhaul.

Version 2.0 of the PKR Poker software includes enhancements and additional implementations of the site’s unique 3-dimensional interface, now offering body language with player avatars that includes facial expressions, chip tricks, and oddly enough, poker tells.

PKR has now also upped its ante (figuratively speaking) on multi-tabling by offering players the chances (or chances rather) to compete in up to nine games, sitting in at nine different poker tables at the same time. Players don’t even have to switch between screens to view the action on all nine tables, though they can switch between tables interchangeably at will. And six of those tables will be shown in 3D.

PKR players can now also add extra accoutrements to their poker display with the addition of national flags, adjustable button sizes and chat window size, and more new customization features.

For its 4th birthday/anniversary special, PKR Poker is also hosting new Premium Freerolls. Ten-thousand dollars worth, to be exact. Since its start, launching on August 17, 2006, the UK based, Alderney licensed site has given away nearly $3 million in freeroll cash winnings.

In 2009 PKR Poker won the eGaming Review Award for Poker Operator of the Year and the International Gaming Award for Online Poker Operator of the Year. Every year since its inception, PKR Poker has increased its overall player pool by an average of 1 million players per year, already at nearly 3 and 3/4 million players now, and well on its way to breaking the 4 million mark. At any given time at PKR Poker, approximately 15,850 players will be found there.

Massive Variety Of Tournament Styles At PKR Poker

PKR Poker TournamentsPKR Poker offers a massive variety of both Multi-table and Sit & Go online poker tournament styles.

Re-buy/Add-on Tournaments: Familiar to most online poker players at any poker, these forgiving tournaments allow players the chance to re-buy into the tournament when they bust out and add-on to a diminishing chip stack before you bust out.

PKR Points Tournaments: Also familiar to online poker players everywhere, these tournaments don’t have cash buy-ins; the only way to register for these big money events is with PKR Points.

Freerolls & Premium Freerolls: PKR offers more than its fair share of freeroll tournaments, free to enter with large money or live tournament entry payouts.

Shorthanded Tournaments: And PKR offers more than its share of Heads-Up, 6-Max, and 10-Handed tournaments.

Winner Take All: Just as the name says, PKR will give the winner of these rewarding tournaments all the money in the prize pool; no cash payouts for 2nd, 3rd, or any places lower than 1st.

Break Thru: In these breakthrough events, PKR promises all players who survive into the final third of the player pool will get their money tripled.

Double Thru: Like the Break Thru tournaments, Double Thru tournaments double the buy-ins of all players lasting into the top half of the playing field.

Terminator Tournaments: These bounty style of tournaments offer big bonuses for taking out other players, however you finish in the event.

Double & Triple Chance Tournaments: A special style of re-buy tournament, the extra fee for these PKR tournaments pay in advance for extra chip stacks kept for you in reserve to use during rebuy periods or breaks, as you see fit.

Phase Tournaments: As the name implies, these are tiered events, in this case Sit & Go style, in which you enter for a low buy-in and then advance through levels, or “phases”, until you graduate to the big money final table; PKR offers two types of Phase Tournaments currently – Ten Seat Phase Tournaments & Heads-Up Phase Tournaments.

Private Tournaments: PKR allows players to create their own private tournaments with an invite-only player pool.

PKR also offers deep stack, speed, and turbo tournaments. And many of these tournaments are available not just in Texas Hold’em but in Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo Split as well.

Qualify For PKR Live V Now

Starting August 19th, the PKR Poker satellite tournaments into the fifth PKR Live weekend (PKR Live V or PKR Live 5, depending on where you look). The weekend will feature two key events: the two-day Main Event and the Sunday Terminator Bounty.

PKR Poker Live 5The PKR Live V Main Event will be standard No Limit Hold’em, while the Terminator Bounty adds the extra twist of a $50 bounty on each player’s head, giving everyone a chance to win, regardless of who wins the whole event.

The qualifier structure for winning free seats in the Main Event and/or the Terminator event starts with a $4.95 + $0.49 Stage 1 qualifier, happening 7 times daily and qualifying 1 in 6 players for Stage 2. The Stage 2 event has a $27 + $2.70 direct buy-in, takes place 3 times daily, and qualifies 1 in 6 players for the third and Final Stage.

The Final Stage of PKR Live 5 qualifiers are $150 + $12 direct buy-in events that give players a choice of which prize package to vie for. Five times weekly, the Final Stage satellite will qualify 1 in 8 players for $1,200 prize packages that include Main Event and Terminator seats, plus $500 in spending cash. Two times weekly, the Final Stage satellite will qualify 1 player for every $700 in the prize pool for a package of Main Event and Terminator seats without the $500 for expenses.

The PKR Live V event is being held in London’s Loose Cannon Club for the first time since the tournament’s inception. The dates are November 12th through November 14th.

The weekend will also feature a host of side games with endless banter on the rails and at the bar.

Who will join the following list of PKR Live winners?

  • PKR Live 1: Phillip ‘escalope’ Coneller
  • PKR Live 2: Karl ‘discomonkey’ Fenton
  • PKR Live 3: vd12345
  • PKR Live 4: Gab1988
  • PKR Live 5: ???

Next PKR PokerStars Event Coming Up

Have you ever won a major poker tournament event sponsored or co-sponsored by PKR Poker? If so, then you are eligible to enter an exclusive PKR Poker online tournament with a low buy-in and an added prize pool called the PKR Superstars of Poker. The next Superstars of PKR tournament is coming up on August 19 at 20:35 GMT and this is your chance to find out if you qualify to enter.

In order to qualify to enter a Superstars of PKR tournament you must have won one of the following headlining tournament events:

  • Aussie Open or Canadian Open
  • Club PKR Money Added
  • PKR Gold Rush
  • PKR Grand Prix
  • PKR Late Night (6-handed)
  • PKR Masters
  • PKR Open and PKR Open Bounty
  • PKR Omaha Showdown
  • PKR Sunday Open

You may also enter the Superstars of PKR tournament if you won any PKR Poker festival tournament, such as the Springfest, the Super Series, or the Xmas Cracker series or, of course, any of the PKR Poker Live tournaments.

Keep in mind, you only ever need to qualify for a Superstars of PKR tournament once (as long as it’s been since 2008). After you’ve won any of these above-mentioned PKR headlining tournaments, you have earned the right to play in every Superstars of PKR tournament from then on.

No longer counted as qualifying tournaments for the Superstars of PKR tournament are: the Big Shot, Daily $17K, Deeper & Steeper + Antes, High Roller, Nifty Fifty, Saturday Showdown, Sunday $30K, or Sunday Classic.

The buy-in for the Superstars of PKR tournament on August 19th is $25. The prize pool added by PKR Poker to the Superstars of PKR prize pool varies at each event. This time, for the August 19 Superstars of PKR event, the prize pool added is $2,000.

Whether you are able to compete in this Superstars of PKR tournament or not, you can watch all the excitement on PKR.TV.