PKR Running Bets For WSOP Main Event

WSOP LogoPoker players all over the world are starting to get a little bit excited about the WSOP Main Event. This is one of the premier events in the poker calendar and players are getting ready to get on a plane from all corners of the globe. If you are sat at home wishing you were involved with the major event, there is going to be a chance that you can have some excitement and perhaps even win some money.

This is because PKR are running betting odds on the WSOP 2013 event and there are a number of special Main Event betting opportunities being lined up. Anyone that is looking to enjoy the WSOP 2013 finale from the comfort of their own home may find that things get a little bit more interesting and engaging when there is money involved with the tournament!

If you want to back the British poker players at the WSOP Main Event, there is a genuine chance to put your money where your mouth is. This is because one of the categories that WSOP provide bets in is the country of birth of the winner. If you are fully backing someone from the UK to beat of all the competition, you will get odds of 21/1. This is definitely going to be worth a flutter and it will give you more of personal involvement with the tournament, so why not get involved when you can!

Are you backing the Brits at the WSOP Main Event?

There are odds of 1.4 to 1 on a player from the USA winning the tournament while the odds on a Canadian player rest at 11 to 1. If you fancy a French born poker player will win the Main Event, you will receive odds of 29 to 1 while the odds on a German player stands at 34 to 1. There is then a big jump to 68 to 1, which is where you find the odds for an Italian or Russian player to win the Main Event. If you don’t think that the eventual winner will come from any of these nations, the Rest of the World odds at 7 to 1 is a great bet to take on.

PKR LogoIf you think that this is the year when a female is going to go all the way at the Main Event, you will get odds of 21 to 1. This means that PKR think that there is the same likelihood of a female winning the Main Event as there is any poker player from the UK doing so! The odds of a female reaching the final table at the WSOP Main Event stand at 3.25 to 1 whereas you will get odds of 1.25 to 1 of no female reaching the final table.

You will also find odds on the top players in poker winning a bracelet and whether any player will win more than one bracelet at this event. You will also find Main Event bets like the age of the winner, the age of the final table players, the winning hand and even the number of players from the US who will make up the final table. No matter what sort of poker bet you can think of, you can bet that PKR will deliver it for this major WSOP event.

The PKR site has long held a reputation for innovation and there is no doubt that this is a poker site that looks like no other. Plenty of poker players that love the interaction and engagement with other players have decided that the PKR site is the one for them. Being able to create an avatar based on yourself or any other character that you want to represent provides a great deal of excitement and higher level of engagement for players. The fact that PKR also provides great innovation with their poker odds is something to look out for too.