James Martin Wins The GUKPT Reading Event

GUKPT ReadingIt has to be said that the GUKPT is becoming one of the biggest and most celebrated UK poker tours at the moment. There is a huge level of interest in these events and even though Thursday in Reading got off to a slow start, the turnout on Friday was huge, bumping the numbers at the event to a rather large level. While numbers aren’t everything, quality should always be more important than quantity, it is important to know that the poker playing community are buying into what is on offer and are enjoying what is being served up to them. The recent success of the GUKPT season will hopefully convince the organisers to keep going and hopefully there will also be other poker people looking at this success and wondering if they can get involved with events too.

There is no reason to think that you can just parachute into providing a great poker event from nowhere though and while the GUKPT is one of the big stories at the moment, it is not as if it has been an overnight success. There has been a considerable amount of work and effort placed into these events and that is why it is good to see the organisers are reaping the rewards.

A great deal of excitement at the final poker table

One player that is definitely reaping the rewards is James Martin and this is because he was the winner of the GUKPT Reading event. The final table at the Reading event was a rather exciting one, eventually, and there were four different players who held a chip lead at some point. Given the fact that there was no loss of players in the first 90 minutes, there was a lot of tension building but as per usual, as soon as one player cracks, the action really starts to get excited and more interesting. The first player of the final table to head home was Paul Dunne. Dunne was out in 9th position and would take home £1,650 for his efforts. This is not a bad take-home prize for a good weekend of poker and while Dunne would have been disappointed at being the first player to go home out of the final table, he should be happy with what he achieved.

James MartinAfter Dunne made his exit from the GUKPT Reading event, the rest of the goodbyes were as follows. David Lloyd was the next player to go and his 8th place finish saw Lloyd take home £2,270 for his trouble. In 7th position was John Burberry, who managed to grab £3,090 for his work. In 6th place was Alex Zeligman, who received £3,920 for his work in Reading. The fifth place player was Timotheos Timotheou who managed to take home £4,950 for his poker playing exploits in Reading.

At this point the drama was really starting to build and the player that crashed out in fourth position was Adam Howlett, who goes by the name of ‘Buzz’ in the poker community. This left three players and all of the players were guaranteed a minimum of £10,000 from the event. The last remaining female in the event finished in third place. It was a great showing by Ellie Biesske in finishing third and grabbing £10,520 but she will no doubt be a little bit disappointed to crash out so close to the big final showdown.

The top two players managed to reach agreement about the cash and both would be taking home a guaranteed £18,000. This left just over £4,000 to play for and of course, the title and glory that goes along with the GUKPT Reading event. The gallant runner-up was Jeff Kimber, who would have to console himself with that £18,000 prize. The additional £4,640 that James Martin picked up would have been a great reward but the prestige that goes with winning the event and of course picking up a seat at the Grand Final of the GUKPT season will no doubt have meant a lot more.

It isn’t too long until the next GUKPT event and the glamorous setting of Walsall is the place to be between the 7th and 14th of July if you are looking to take part in what is becoming a hugely important UK poker tour.

Full Steam Ahead For Galway Poker Festival

UKIPT GalwayEven though there will still be some people counting the cost of the ISPT event at Wembley, this shouldn’t be taken as an overall sign that the numbers of players interested in poker tournaments is falling. It has to be said that a number of thing went against the ISPT and it may well be that one of the biggest factors that went against it is pure ambition. As the poker tournament promised so much, many poker players disbelieved that they would be able to live up to their promises. This meant that players turned their back on the event, although they may have held an interest in it if there was a more genuine and down to earth mood to the event.

The thing is though, the recent UKIPT event in Marbella has shown that poker players remain keen to appear at these events if the surroundings and set-up are in the right place. It may not be Las Vegas with the WSOP but there was an opportunity for players to get away from their comfort zone, to have a break but still get the chance to take part in a serious poker tournament too. The fact that the number of players taking part in this event exceeded all expectations, which were not uniformly low, indicates that if you give poker players an event that they want to play in, they will still turn out in their droves.

More big events to come for poker fans with UKIPT this season

It may be easy for the UKIPT to sit back and bask in the glory of the success of the event that they brought together in Marbella but thankfully, this is not the option that the company is taking. That overseas event was just the first event of the new UKIPT season and plans are already underway to ensure that poker players have a great time in Galway for the next leg of the event. When it comes to partying, there is not much many people can tell the Irish but with a huge poker party lined up, there is definitely going to be a lot of interest and excitement in what is being lined up for the event which takes place in July and August.

This is not just any event though, this event, taking place between the 27th of July and the 12th of August is lined up to be the biggest poker festival that has ever been held in Europe! This may be placing a lot of pressure on it but given the recent success in Marbella, who would bet against this event? The main poker festival is billed as the Full Tilt Galway Poker Festival, with that online poker site being the main sponsor but the pick of the 60 poker tournaments that are taking place is likely to be the €1,100 UKIPT Main Event! The fact that there are so many poker tournaments taking place is a great thing for the area and UK and Irish poker in general and there will be many people looking forward to visiting the poker village! Yes, there is that much interest in the event there is going to be a poker village for players to come along to and socialise in.

The expectation for the big Main Event of the festival, which carries a guaranteed prize of €1,000,000, is that there will be around 1,200 people coming along to play. This is more than the population of a fair few towns and villages in Ireland so this is definitely going to be a spectacle that is well worth checking out. Some of the other events taking place at the Galway Poker Festival include a Pot Limit Omaha Championship and a UK vs Ireland Heads-Up Championship. This is definitely the sort of event that will bring a competitive edge to the event and if you are in the vicinity for this one, you should do your best to take part or at least watch it all unfold.

Ludovic Geilich Triumphs At The UKIPT Marbella Event

Ludovic GeilichGoing into the final day, the table was set up as follows. Ludovic Geilich was the chip leader with 4,100,000 and the second placed player was Kamil Hrabia, who had 2,815,000 chips. In third place was Pablo Rojas who held 2,155,000 chips while in fourth place was Jorge Erguas Paniagua who had 2,095,000 chips. In fifth place was Asier Crespo, who had 1,410,000 chips while Fernando Curto was in 6th place with 1,190 chips. In 7th was Jonatan Soderstorm, the first player with less than 100,000 chips as he had 660,000 chips. In eighth place was Lucas Blanco, who had 440,000 chips.

The sixth placed player Fernano Curto was the first one to drop out and he received €12,820 for his efforts. The next player to exit was Jorge Erguaras who managed to pick up €17,580 for his work at the poker table. The next one to go was Jonathan Soderstrom and he received €23,800 for his work. The next player to crash out was Lucas Blanco who received €35,710 for taking part in the Marbella event.

Poker payout agreements were made

With three players left in the Marbella event, it was time for the players to sit down and work out a deal between them and after quite a bit of negotiating, there was agreement about what would be lined up for every player. Kamil Hrabia knew that he was getting a guaranteed €95,000, Pablo Rojas agreed to pick up €98,000 and Ludovic Geilich was playing for a guaranteed €116,000. There was still €14,000 up for grabs to play for which meant that the three remaining players had a further incentive to play for the big cash.

The notion of agreed payouts and agreements is something that not every poker player agrees with but when you consider the huge jump in payouts between the fourth placed player and the third player. With Lucas Blanco received around €35,000 for finishing fourth, you can see that Kamil Hrabia would be delighted to pick up a minimum of €95,000. Hrabia was the first to drop out but it had clearly been a lucrative trip for him and if the Marbella sunshine wasn’t enough of a benefit, the cash will have been a huge bonus.

UKIPT MarbellaThis meant that Pablo Rojas and Ludovic Geilich were in the final head to head and with a 3 to q chip lead established early on, Geilich remained in full control, eventually grinding out the win, the big money and the kudos of being a big poker title winner.

Geilich spoke to the UKIPT site after his triumph and it seemed that he was fairly pleased with himself and his triumph. When asked about how he felt about the in, Geilich said;

I don’t know really. I’m happy of course, but I’m dead mellow, I don’t go nuts like these guys. When I get knocked out I don’t get emotional. I’m out, I just leave. It feels good though.

It seems as though Geilich really enjoyed playing against Rojas in the head to head and he was quick to provide praise to his opponent.

What a gentleman, I really like the guy. I didn’t want to beat him heads-up, I wanted us both to win but that’s the deal. I’d have been devastated if I beat him with a bag of spanners. I didn’t want it to end like that.

While many of the poker players were looking forward to a big celebration, Geilich was more focused on catching up on sleep after what had been a tough few days of poker in Marbella!

Great First Day Main Event Poker Action In Marbella

UKIPT MarbellaThere was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the build-up to the Main Event of the UKIPT Marbella event. The fact that it was the curtain raiser of the season meant that there was always going to be interest but with this event being held outside of the UK, there was an added level of interest in how the event would go. The idea of jetting off to sunnier climes to enjoy some poker action is something that appeals to many people and if you were unable to make it to the Las Vegas for the WSOP, heading to Marbella seemed like a great compromise!

One player that was definitely glad that he made it to Marbella was Andrey Vladimirovich Shubin. If you are thinking that a poker player by the name of Andrey Vladimirovich Shubin is a strange name to be leading a UK and Irish Poker tour event you are right but it just goes to show the truly cosmopolitan nature of poker these days. It may be a UKIPT event but it is taking place on foreign soil and at the end of the first day, the leader was a Russian! This meant that there was something for everyone, regardless of where you hailed from!

Plenty of poker players involved in the Marbella madness

A total of 352 players were involved on the first day of Main Event at the Casino Marbella, which was a great return for an event that had a buy in of €1,100. There was a lot of poker action played out on the first day and that hardy bunch of poker players was whittled down to 133. This was a big drop but with 10 different 60 minute levels of play taking place, it was clear that this event was not messing about.

Andrey Vladimirovich Shubin managed to rack up 202,500 chips on the first day of play, which is a fairly confident amount when you consider that he started off with 20,000 chips. You can see why so many poker players were dropping out of the event at a fast rate when the top players were racking up chips at such a fast rate. While Shubin was the clear leader, there were some players that also managed to rack up a lot of chips from the first day of action. The player in second place was Robert Wybrew who managed to grab 181,000 chips while Pawel Keller, who hails from Poland held 152,700 chips. There was a UK representative in fourth place, always handy for a UKIPT event, and Chris Derrick was the lucky player who held 142,500 chips.

One of the players that many people were looking out for at the UKIPT Marbella event was Ondrej Vinklarek. The Czech player has developed a very strong reputation for online player and his username of “Vinkyy” has picked up a lot of cash and a lot of plaudits. Vinklarek has managed to bag more than $4m in online play. The fact that he has earned over $530,000 from live tournaments is a positive thing but it only goes to show how much success he has had in the online poker world.

Of course, Thursday provided another day for players to get involved with the 1B event and you can bet that some of the players who missed out on the Day 1A action or who were bombed out will make sure that they get involved this time. It was expected that more than 350 players would be involved for Day 1B, which certainly goes some way to indicating the popularity of this poker tournament.

Rob Young Looks Back On ISPT Wembley

Rob YoungIt was the poker tournament that UK poker players were talking about for what seemed like an eternity but as with everything else in life, it passed in the blink of an eye. The International Stadiums Poker Tour event at Wembley at the end of May and start of June was a huge event, giving many poker players the chance to strut their stuff on the hallowed Wembley turf. The venue moved from outside to in and at the end of the day, there was a huge €1m given out to the winner but as is the way with modern poker, an agreed deal lessened the take-home cash of the winner but there was a good prize for the final table players!

The money guaranteed for the main event was the source of most of the pre-tournament discussion and many people believed that the event would fall flat before it even got to Wembley. The fact that it didn’t and it showed a lot of people wrong in this regard can be attributed to the hard work, effort and basic support provided by the Dusk Till Dawn club in Nottingham. When it comes to good names in the UK poker industry, this club is able to beat everyone else hands down and Rob Young, the main man at DTD looked back at the ISPT event on his own blog.

A lot of poker players but probably not enough!

With respect to numbers of players, there were a total of 708 players with 428 of these players coming from the United Kingdom with 280 coming from Europe. During the event there were a total of 53 re-entries which means that the total number of entries for the event stood at 761. Rob Young spoke prior to the event taking place and with respect to the number of entries, he said that if the event welcomed 500 players it would be a disaster and if 1,000 players turned up, it would be okay. The fact that the number of people that turned up for the tournament was in between these two would be enough to suggest that it wasn’t a massive success in that regard but there were problems with the event, especially in the run-up to the event.

ISPT LogoOne of the main concerns labelled at the ISPT was the fact that it was scheduled against the WSOP. The problem is that Wembley needs to be booked well in advance and the ISPT was lined up two years ago. This was long before the WSOP announced their schedule and when it was realised that there was going to be a clash, it would be fair to say that a few hearts sank.

The concern with the clash really came home with the fact that only 230 poker players bought directly into Day 2 at the event, which had a buy-in of €3,000. This can be contrasted to the 6,400 players that were involved in the Millionmaker $1,500 event which was held at the WSOP at the same weekend as the ISPT. There is no doubt that there is a demand for high-roller poker events and a lot of poker players like playing for a lot of money but it seemed as though there was a clear favourite when it comes to catching the attention of poker players.

Will there be another ISPT?

While DTD have no current plans to be heavily involved with future ISPT events, Rob believes that there are more ISPT events in the pipeline. There have been suggestions that the O2 Arena in Prague could be a venue for a future event and in planning ahead; there is no doubt that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is something that will host a lot of interest to players from around the world. There is no doubt that the ISPT Wembley event was a great learning experience and an event that many people will have enjoyed. It may have cost a lot of money from Rob Young and DTD but yet again they showed why they are one of the most respected organisations in the UK poker industry. Anyone looking to see how a professional poker club runs would be advised to check them out.

Poker Club Looking To Host A Great Weekend

Felixstowe Poker ClubWhile online poker continues to go from strength to strength, it seems as though it is having a positive impact on the number of people who are playing the game away from their computer or laptop too. Many people predicted that the emergence of online poker would kill of the activity as something that people do together in person but if anything, the rise in popularity of the online activity has helped to increase interest and popularity in playing around a table.

Some major events around the UK have helped poker players find plenty of opportunities to play in large numbers but there are also plenty of local poker clubs around the country. This is a great thing because anything which helps to provide a social outlet for people has to be seen as a positive element and there is no doubt that poker can be a great way for people to come together. Playing online poker is convenient but it doesn’t have the same charm or style as being able to play poker games against people. There is a strong element to bluffing and reading what your opponent says when it comes to poker and a lot of players find this to be one of the most important parts of the game.

Will 100 poker players turn up for the Main Event in Felixstowe?

Kevin Cockerill

It is understandable that an increasing number of organisations are turning to poker to boost their numbers and to provide a more attractive range of options for their members. One such club that has regularly enjoyed some poker fun in recent times but who are looking to take things further is the Felixstowe Poker Club. The club is organising a big poker event for the end of the month, the 29th and 30th of June and they hope that 100 players will take part in the big event they are organising.

The club has been meeting for the past three years at the Felixstowe Conservative Club and they have been doing very well of late. The club is part of a national poker league, players from the club have made it through to the final table of the major competitions and the club itself has also been recognised as being a venue that has performed strongly.

The chairman of the club, Kevin Cockerill, spoke to local press about the upcoming event and the thinking behind it. He said;

Felixstowe Conservative Club is celebrating 100 years and we thought it would be a good idea to have a 100-player tournament as part of the centenary events. It will be the first open event we have held in Felixstowe and the biggest held so far in the area. Players will come not only from the town but across the county and even further afield. If it is a success we would be looking to make it an annual event with the aim to make it bigger and bigger each year. We want to make our town the place for a quality, friendly game of poker.

The club already has 70 members and it expects a great turn-out for the event from its members but they are also hoping to welcome along a lot of new faces. The rise in online poker has definitely sparked an interest in the activity for people of all ages and this weekend will be an excellent opportunity to try out a poker club in real life. On the second day of the big poker weekend, there will be other poker games taking place apart from the Main Event and there will also be live bands and a barbecue.

The Main Event will feature a buy-in of £25+£5 and there will also be a £25 reload option too. It is hoped that the pot will reach around £3,000 which will definitely be a prize that most poker players will take an interest in playing for. The success of poker clubs around the country is always a positive thing and if it can help more people to take a great sense of fun and enjoyment from playing poker, these clubs should be encouraged as much as possible.

Marbella Is Set To Become A Little Piece Of The UK Next Week

UKIPT MarbellaWe’ve finally been getting a run of good weather in the UK, which is about time, but even with that in mind, you know it doesn’t take a long time for all of that to change. This is why there is always a good reason to head abroad. However, when the reason to head abroad is based on not only the sun but on poker as well, there is going to be an awful big queue of folk who are keen to head away from British shores and off to sunnier climes.

The ironic thing is that this big tour event outside of the UK is actually for the UKIPT! Yes, it is all thanks to the United Kingdom and Irish Poker tour that plenty of poker players are digging out their passports, their sunblock and are looking to bring their A-game to the poker table. It is not as if anyone really needs an excuse to head to Marbella for some summer time fun in June but the big Marbella event, which comes with the additional backing of PokerStars is definitely something that will be of benefit to plenty of UK poker players.

Roll on season 4 of the UKIPT

This event is the first in the 4th season of the UKIPT and with Marbella being the home for so many ex-pats, it is a perfect opportunity for poker players to combine sunshine with poker. It seems as though there is going to be a lot of local British people getting involved but you also know that there are poker players boarding a plane even at this moment in the UK and Ireland. The main poker focus may be falling on Las Vegas at the moment thanks to the WSOP event but that is not the sort of event that everyone is going to be able to enjoy or participate in. Sometimes it is better to know your level when it comes to poker and the UKIPT event is definitely going to be of interest to plenty of poker players.

There will be a good few folk hanging around the Casino Marbella this weekend but they would be advised to catch as much of the sun as possible because when it comes to Monday the 10th of June, they may not get to see as much of the sun as they would like to for a week. This is because the festival of poker starts on Monday and even though there will still be a few more days to wait until the Main Event gets underway, there is definitely a great opportunity to start playing poker and get your form right for the major events that everyone will be gunning for.

ESPT MarbellaThe Main Event is a joint event between the UKIPT and the Estrellas Poker Tour (ESPT) and it will run from the 12th of June to the 16th of June. The event is going to be a €1,000 +€100 buy-in event but with satellite events taking place now, you won’t have to pay that price if you are smart, talented or lucky enough. There are plenty of great side events to look out for too and if you are feeling flush with money on your holiday, the High Roller event is going to be one that will catch your eye. There is definitely something for everyone and while it may seem like a waste to spend so much time indoors when there is great weather to be enjoyed, the thrill and excitement that comes with playing poker for big cash is definitely something that will appeal to plenty of folk.

Perhaps mindful of the general attire when people from the UK and Ireland go abroad on their summer holidays, the event has a strict dress code. Poker players have been reminded that the dress code for the event is smart casual and players are not to wear shorts, vests and there will definitely be no flip flops allowed. There are likely to be a good few flops this week during the poker tournament but as long as there are no flip flops, things should be just fine in Marbella for the UKIPT season opener.

The Thrills Continue At The ISPT

ISPT LogoThere may still be one or two mutterings about the overlay but the great thing about the ISPT at Wembley was that the focus eventually fell on the poker. This was always likely to be the case at some point but with even the final hours before the tournament commenced showing more of an interest in cash than chips, there was a concern that there was going to be an overshadowing of the poker play. Once the action got underway on that Wembley turf, like so many times before, everything that was discussed and concerned about in the build-up was forgotten as the excitement and passion of play took over.

There is no doubt that many of the poker players involved would have been honoured to grace the Wembley turf. There is no doubt that the famous old stadium holds a special place in the heart of English football fans but plenty of other great historical events have taken place in Wembley Stadium. The Live Aid concert in the 1980s was a perfect example of people coming together to raise funds, raise awareness and to have a brilliant time. The ISPT event wasn’t along the lines of Live Aid but there was no doubt that plenty of people had a brilliant time on the Wembley turf.

Sunday the 2nd of June was the final day that poker players were getting to play on the Wembley turf. On the Monday, the play was moving indoors to the Bobby Moore suite. Moore was of course the famous captain when England won the World Cup in 1966 but if you are Scottish or Mexican, you will always have doubts about the jewellery that was found in Moore’s belongings at the 1970 World Cup. Regardless of that, Bobby Moore is someone who is loved all over the footballing world and the mere mention of his name will see some English football fans stand to attention.

Poker players were wilting quickly at Wembley

At the start of Sunday’s play, there were 421 players involved but at the end of the day, the tournament was down to 99 players. The leading player at the end of the Sunday and the pitch sessions was Ole Schemion. At this point he had managed to build up a stack of 1,534,000 chips. There were four players in total to break into the million level for chips but Ole was the clear leader and this would have been no surprise to anyone. By the age of 20, Ole has already managed to clock up more than $3m in live tournament earnings so this is a player that knows his way around the poker table.

Boris BeckerEvery player that made it past the Sunday stage into the Monday knew that they were making some money from the tournament, which is always a relief. Some of the big name players that survived the Sunday session were Sam Trickett, Tony G, Toby Lewis, Neil Bernadout, Marcel Luske and Boris Becker. There were some concerns that Boris would be another German to triumph at the home of English football but with so many other great players left in the event, this wasn’t the biggest concern at this point.

Monday turned out to be a quick day at the ISPT with only 20 players remaining at the end of the day. The chip leader at the end of Day 4 of the event, as he had been at the end of Day 1 and Day 2 was Alban Juen. Alban came to the event as a qualifier but by the end of Monday’s play, he held over 5 million chips.

One of the early players to bust out was Sam Trickett. Upon his exit, he immediately donated his $3,000 to the dealers and made his way to the airport to take part in the WSOP! That was quite a classy move and hopefully Sam can bag some big cash at the big WSOP event on Las Vegas.

Other players that made the top 10 were Dave Ulliott, Jean Miguel Lacerda, Florian Hoeller, Leigh Wiltshire, Gwendoline Jant, Xavier el fassy, Jakub Michalak, Pete Linton and Nick Hicks, all of whom were hoping to overtake Alban Juen.

Wembley Was Buzzing At The Weekend

ISPT LogoA big Saturday event is always going to be ensure that Wembley Stadium is buzzing with excitement and the Day 2b event at Wembley Stadium for the ISPT Main Event was such an occasion. The two live days prior to this had seen a total of 761 entries for the live events, which was a good thing but there was no doubt that on Saturday, the talk of the event was still about the money that was needed to ensure that the pre-tournament promises would be lived up to.

In the current economic situation, the prize of €1m to the winner was always going to be a big draw but the thing is, there was a lot of doubt about the event going ahead. That was until Dusk Till Dawn stepped in to guarantee the money. This brought a lot of stability to the event but there is no doubt that it placed a large financial element on the company. It is not as if there was a winner takes prize for the poker players, the money dished out to the winner was just 20% of the overall prize pool so there was a big lot of money needed to make everyone happy. At the time of calculating on Saturday morning, it was looking as though DTD needed to find close to €600,000 to ensure that the first prize winner got all the money that was promised to them.

UK poker players got behind the event

It would be fair to say that the UK poker community was fully behind the event. There are always other poker events and tournaments to look out for so it is not as if everyone was able to play in the event but there was definitely a great turnout from some well-known UK names. There was also a big turn out from France, which is not a surprise considering how easy the main transport links between London and France are. There is an element of surprise at the lack of representation from Ireland though. Perhaps the fact that the Irish football team played at Wembley Stadium in midweek meant that there wasn’t the same desire or need to travel back to Wembley so soon! There was also a limited amount of players from Scandinavia at the big Wembley event.

There is usually a strong turn-out from Scandinavian players for major poker events and London is usually a city that they find themselves in on a regular basis. There were some big name Scandinavian poker players like Ramsi Jelassi, Michael Tureniec and Peter Eastgate but there was hope for a lot more than just these players. Perhaps there was not enough international promotion to capture the imagination of players and it may be that Wembley doesn’t hold the same sort of appeal to non-English players as it does for English poker players.

Michael MizrachiIn the Saturday action itself, there had been hopes for the ISPT ambassador, Michael Mizrachi. The player that is known as “The Grinder” got off to a good start, reaching 150,000 chips but this high level disappeared almost as quickly as it came along. Before too long, Mizrachi was struggling on just over 30,000 chips and he was eliminated from the event shortly afterwards.

There was slightly better success for another ambassador for the ISPT, Liz Lieu. She managed to end the day with 70,200 chips, a considerably better amount than renowned poker player James Akenhead. At one point, Akenhead had broken through the 100,000 chips barrier but by the end of the Day 2 action, he found himself back down to the 44,700 level.

Sunday was going to be the final day of the event where the poker action would be played out on the Wembley turn. On Monday, the poker action moves indoors with the Bobby Moore suite being the venue for the climax to the ISPT Wembley event.

Scottish Eyes Fall On The Nuts Poker League National Final

Scottish FlagThis may be the weekend when poker finally comes to Wembley Stadium but this is not the only major poker event that this taking place in the UK this weekend. Not everyone is too bothered about heading to Wembley to play and this is especially true for Scottish people. Many poker players up North would jump at the chance of playing poker in Hampden or Murrayfield but when it comes to heading down to “that London”, there is no great appeal for them. The Scottish hordes of the Tartan Army will be descending upon Wembley in August when the two football teams clash but it is unlikely the size of numbers of even the frenzied nature of fun of previous jaunts in the 60s and 70s will happen this time around.

So, if Scottish poker players are not too bothered about the idea of rolling down Wembley Way and leaving with the goal-posts, where are they intending on playing poker this weekend? The venue is the Grosvenor Maybury Casino in Edinburgh but for anyone who is concerned about having to spend too much time in Edinburgh, don’t worry, it is close to the main road that takes you to the motorway that gets you through to Glasgow. In less than an hour you can be back in the main city of Scotland where there is a lot more fun to be had!

Nuts Poker LeagueHowever, if poker is your game, it is the Nuts Poker League national final weekend and there is a lot on offer. Players from all around the country will be taking part in the event and it seems as though there are 150 players lined to take part. Each regional division and group of the Nuts Poker League is strongly represented with the Dumfries and Galloway section having 17 players playing! There may not even be 17 people in Dumfries and Galloway who have an internet connection so this indicates the strength of poker in many local areas. Online poker is a big thing around the world but the Nuts Poker League is definitely a great way for people to get out of the house and pit their wits against fellow poker players.

Hopefully the winner takes a big amount of cash away

The total prize money on offer at the Maybury Casino will be £7,000 and there is a treat in store for the big winner. This is because they will be taking home more than £2,000 of this prize money, which is going to be a big incentive to keep playing to the death. You know how these things pan out, there may end up being a final table agreement put in place so that players 1 through 3 or 5 all get a nice cut of the total fund but at times you want to see the winner go all out for glory! Have some courage and strength in your conviction and play for the big money, it is the Nuts Poker League after all; show that you have some nuts!

The Marbury Casino EdinburghThe league has been building up nicely to this grand final with weekly games taking place in pubs all across Scotland. You may be shocked at the news that some Scottish people spend their time in pubs. This style of venue is rarely popular across the country but with the introduction of poker, it has started to pick up in popularity and there have been one or two poker indulging in an alcoholic beverage or two. Who knows, if the popularity of poker maintains, Scottish people may actually start to drink on a fairly regular basis, which could be a boon for the local economy.

With Scottish Independence on the agenda for next year, there is a lot of excitement going on and rumours that Alex Salmond is set to crown the winner of the Nuts Poker League as the new King or Queen of Scotland have yet to be confirmed. This is because the rumours have just been made up and don’t have any chance of coming to fruition but that would certainly make the voting process for an independent Scotland slightly more exciting!