A Busy Schedule To Qualify For partypoker Special Sunday

partypoker $500.000 TournamentWhen it comes to making the most of your opportunities to play in the big poker events, you need to look out for satellite events. The fact that there is a massive guaranteed game with a $500,000 prize pool on offer from partypoker has to be seen as great news for people. With a $100,000 prize on offer to the player that wins the tournament, this is going to be something that hugely appeals to poker players. The only problem is that the direct buy-in of $200 may be a little bit too rich for some people.

This is a bad thing because who seriously wants to shell out $200 to buy directly into a tournament? There is a slight difference with the fact that any player that buys-in with this sort of tactic will receive a $500 bonus on top of their winnings. This can add more reasons and incentives to get involved but this is still going to be a price that is too high for most players.

Plenty of chances to play your way to poker success

The good news is that there are satellite tournaments taking place at all hours of the day in the run up to the big event that takes place at 14:00 ET, 20:00 CET, on Sunday the 11th of May. You don’t need to shell out $200 to play in the big guaranteed event, in fact, with some clever play and checking out the satellite event schedule you can gain access for a nominal fee or even no fee at all. There are plenty of games taking place so if you fall short, keep on trying and with games on offer for Party Points, you don’t even need to shell out any money at all.

Clearly not every poker player is going to be able to gain entry to the main event through the use of satellite events. However, you shouldn’t assume that you can’t gain entry because plenty of people do gain entry to the main events for a fraction of the cost that some people do. The old adage about how you have to be in it to win it is very true and this is definitely the case with the partypoker guaranteed game on Sunday.

If you are keen to play for a share of $500,000 come Sunday the 11th of May 2014 but you don’t want to pay for the privilege, make sure you are in the right place at the right time in the build-up to the main event.

Tony G Knows How To Grab Publicity

Tony GTV producers know that sometimes the best form of entertainment is not all about getting the best people. Anyone that needs reminding about this only has to think about Big Brother. With a few notable exceptions, the heavenly Orlaith McAllister being one of them, the people who appeared on Big Brother are the sort of people you would cross the street to avoid if you saw them heading towards you.

However, they certainly made for great TV at times and this was possibly the thinking behind the filming of the PartyPoker Big Game VII in the Casino Barcelona. This event was being filmed on behalf of Sky, who plan on showing it at some point during the summer. When there is no football on the channel every hour of the day they have to fill their air time any way they can and poker will definitely help! You can also bet that they’ll be working Charlotte Jackson a lot harder than they are now to get more people into poker but that is all for another time.

If they were hoping for controversy, they certainly got it when Tony G started to wind up all and sundry around him with Tobey Lewis, IveyPoker pro, getting the worst of it.

Big rants make for great TV

Tony G obviously felt that Lewis was going to straddle in order to raise the stakes but when he didn’t, he was quick to criticise the player. Tony G started shout shouting at Lewis;

What are you doing? What’s going on? There are no scammers here. You’re a disgrace. You should get your chips, get up and leave.

As everyone else started to look rather embarrassed Tony continued, roping in Warren Lush, the organiser by saying;

He’s a disgrace. Where do you get these jerks? Where are these nits from?

Tony G then returned his ire to Lewis, saying;

What is IveyPoker? Is it another scam? Ivey is a gambler; you can’t put that logo on. You are representing a brand that’s all about gambling and giving people a chance. He’s saving his €100 for the bus fare home.

Warren Lush

Some people like to get headlines and attention for the sake of it and Tony G is one of these people. However, at this moment in time, Tony seems to be working rather hard at promoting his sports betting site and casino site. Tony made a big announcement in March 2013 that he was leaving his sponsorship deal with PartyPoker. This had been a good arrangement for Tony and the online poker room with both parties benefiting but it seems as though Tony was facing up to a conflict of interests. It wouldn’t be great to promote PartyPoker when you spend the rest of your time telling people to spend their hard earned cash on Tonybet.com and Tonybet Casino!

As of yet there is no online poker site for the site, although there are mobile elements and you cannot think that Tony is missing a trick here. Perhaps there is something on its way and Tony will soon unveil a poker site where people can come from far and wide to challenge him and the rest of his team. You have to think that there is a challenge between Tonybet Poker and the IveyPoker players along the lines somewhere!

Brit Star Comes Second In partypoker Premier League VI

Premier League Poker VIIn the past year, there have been a number of great moments taking place in Stratford but if you are a big poker fan, the action this weekend will have taken some beating. The Aspers Casino in Stratford City was the venue for the PartyPoker.com Premier League VI event and there were plenty of players with an interest in the event. Whether you were there, watched it on a delayed internet stream or are just reading about it now, this was another massive poker win for a player that keeps on coming back for more success.

Dan Shak was the winner and he came out on top after a tremendous final table where the chip leader was being changed more regularly than a poker players undergarments! Yes, it was frantic at the final table and it took five levels for the first player to drop out of the running. The unfortunate player was Talal Shakerchi. To prove the point, Talal was at point the chip leader and looking good but as often happens in poker, things change and they changed very quickly. From sitting in first to being the worst, Talal Shakerchi was a loser in eighth place.

Dan Shak was the leader of the pack

As also so often happens, when the first big dam breaks, a flurry of players find their way making their way home from the event. In quick succession, Jennifer Tilly, Tobias Reinkermeir and then Daniel Cates exited the final table, leaving four players vying for the title.

At this stage of proceedings, Jonathan Duhamel was in the lead with respect to chops but he would be the next player to drop out. Antonio Esfandiari was next to go leaving Shak facing off against Sam Trickett. Trickett was doing well in front of a home UK crowd and there would have been a lot of people hoping for a local lad to success yet again in Stratford.

Dan ShakTrickett did very well in closing the chip gap and then managed to take the lead. This meant that the momentum was with the English poker player but this is where world class poker players come into contention. Dan Shak went all out and just as quickly as the lead had changed hands before, Shak grabbed a massive advantage and the drove it home on the next hand to win. The triumph saw Shak take home the trophy and $450,000 while Sam will have to contend himself with just $250,000 for coming in second place.

Shak has already been on Twitter after the event and he has been chatting to Shane Warne. One of the best things about Twitter is that it lets you eavesdrop on conversations that celebrities and star names will have with each other, which often brings a lot of gossip to the fore. Sadly, there was no battling between Shak and Warne, the two of them appear to be the best of buds. It looks as though Shak is on his way down under to the big upcoming WSOP event.

He claimed to have been on the fence about whether he was heading or not but after his partypoker triumph, he appears to be in the mood for more success in 2013. Then again, he also stated that he doesn’t want to see a poker hand until he gets over there. Shane Warned responded that he will do his best to get him to an AFL match when he is over there. This means there may be plenty of Twitter pictures and updates flying between the two next month so if this is the sort of Twitter activity you love, two big poker names will be keeping your entertained.

Two More Names For Premier League Poker

partypoker Premier League VIExcitement is definitely starting to build for the PartyPoker.com Premier League VI event that is taking part next month in London. The Aspers Casino in the Westfield, Stratford City complex will welcome some of the biggest names in world poker and with a $125,000 buy-in; these players are going to be going all out to make the tournament worth their while.

The first six names were released to the public last week but another two names have just been added to the mix.

The first name added to the line-up is Daniel Cates. If you are a regular online poker player with Full Tilt Poker, you may be more familiar with Daniel under the name of “jungleman12.” Cates has been making the most of playing in Europe in recent times and given some of the stress he endured when Full Tilt Poker went to the wall, it is no surprise that he is putting a greater emphasis on these tournaments.

Cates has plenty to play for

It was reported that Cates had the biggest poker balance on the site when the big freeze happened so he definitely had grievances with what happened. Then again, when you are a poker player and playing poker is your main source of income, you have to stick at it and Cates will be one of the top players to keep an eye out for at this event.

Aspers CasinoThe other announcement for the big event is the addition of Luke Schwartz to the line-up. Luke goes by the name of “fullflush” and he has a good pedigree of poker playing with over $2.5 million in winnings when you combine online and offline activities. This is a poker player that clearly knows how to finish on the main stage and again, he will be an excellent addition to the line-up.

All eyes will be on the Aspers Casino between the 17th and 23rd of March for the Premier League VI event.

Big Names Confirmed For Poker Premier League

Premier League Poker VIIn London, when there is talk of some big name players confirming they are heading to the Premier League, all eyes usually turn towards Chelsea to see who the club is buying now. Whether they are buying footballers who can’t hit the target, Fernando Torres, or footballers who are kicking the wrong targets, Eden Hazard, there is no doubt that Chelsea are the biggest capital club when it comes to bringing in big name players.

They are not the only show in London town though and if you love to see the biggest poker names coming to the capital of England, you have a lot to look forward to in March. Alongside the WPT London event, PartyPoker.com are hosting Premier League VI in the Aspers casino in Westfield, Stratford City. Yes, this is the venue that laid host to the Olympics in 2012 but is now showcasing talent and skill from other disciplines.

World class poker players are heading to London

16 top class players have been invited to the event but each of them is going to pay the $125,000 buy-in to have the chance of being the Premier League VI Champion. Six big names have been announced for the event so far and there is a lot of quality on the line-up already.

Scott SeiverReigning champion Scott Seiver was the first to be announced and he was followed closely by big poker star Daniel Negreanu. The next two names were Antonio Esfanidari and Phil Hellmuth. Given that Hellmuth has amassed a total of 13 WSOP bracelets in his career, it would be fair to say that he is one of the biggest players in the poker world at the moment. These four players will be joined by Tony G and Phil ‘The Unabomber’ Laak.

The Premier League VI event is already shaping up to be quite the event and there are still 10 more names to be announced!

partypoker Offering Incredible WSOP And WPT Packages

partypoker PromotionsRoll up, roll up, it’s time for some thrilling poker action at partypoker, where players can secure packages to this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) and April’s World Poker Tour (WPT) Vienna.

Yes, the poker room is offering players the chance to win incredible prizes that will take them to Las Vegas and Italy, as well as possibly gain entry to the Spring Million promotion that is guaranteeing $1 million in prizes come early May.

That’s not all, though, as players can still qualify for the partypoker Card Rush promotion, which will see prizes offered from 10 PartyPoints all the way up to $5,000.

Really, there couldn’t be a better time to sign up to partypoker with so much going on, as well as the poker website’s normal line-up of events and promotions.

Hurry! Card Rush Promotion Ends Tomorrow

But be quick if you want to win some prizes from the Card Rush offer as it closes at midnight tomorrow ET (Eastern Time Zone, February 28). However, if you do manage to get some play in, you can quickly earn 15 PartyPoints for a card that will include a free gift from among the 1.8 million on offer.

Check out the ‘Prizes’ tab, then look for ‘Card Rush Race’ to get going, folks. There are still prizes up for grabs, including entry to $2,000 and $20,000 freerolls, as well as an incredible 25,000 PartyPoints, and even $5,000 in hard cash.

The Card Rush Freeroll Schedule

  • Friday, March 2, 13:00 ET, $2,000 Card Rush Freeroll; 14:30 ET, $15,000 Card Rush Freeroll
  • Saturday, March 3, 13:00 ET, $5,000 Card Rush Freeroll; 14:30 ET, $10,000 Card Rush Freeroll
  • Sunday, March 4, 13:00 ET, $3,000 Card Rush Freeroll; 13:00, $20,000 Card Rush Freeroll
  • Monday, March 5, 14:30 ET, $7,500 Card Rush Freeroll

Other prizes include as many as 20 Card Rush Race points, which will see the leading 200 earners win from $100 to $9,000, while every 20th placer from 220 up to 2,200 is guaranteed $50.

WSOP 2012 Qualifiers Kick Off

Meanwhile, partypoker’s WSOP 2012 promotion kicks off at midnight ET tonight and runs until 23:59 on Sunday, June 17, when players can grab hold off a $14,000 package through satellites that includes the $10,000 main event buy-in and quality accommodation at a top Las Vegas hotel for 10 nights, as well as $2,000 cash to spend.

Each Sunday from 14:50 ET will see a $750 buy-in WSOP Satellite run, which will reward 5% of the field with those incredible WSOP packages.

However, partypoker know that not everyone has the bankroll to afford such a large buy-in, so the poker room are also providing sub-satellites that run daily, from freerolls to WSOP Satellite Qualifiers that cost just $80.

partypoker WSOP 2012 FreerollsFreerolls to Las Vegas Start Here

The freeroll will see the leading 25 players handed tickets to the daily $2 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy – and thereafter you can aim for a spot in the WSOP Satellite Qualifier as every $80 added to the prize pool provides an entry.

There is also a $4 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy with the same criteria and even a $9 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed event that will hand out WSOP Satellite Qualifier seats for 10% of the field.

Then, if you are again among the top 10% in this $80 event – which run daily at 14:50 and 19:50 ET, as well as Sundays with a turbo tournament at 12:50 ET – you are in the $750 buy-in WSOP Satellite and just one step away from getting on a flight to Vegas come early July… if you can make the top 5%.

Get on over to partypoker to take a look at their full qualifying structure page for a shot at the big time… and big bucks!

WPT Vienna Satellites Up and Running

Of course, partypoker and WPT Poker are famous for their great giveaways and this is certainly also true of the WPT Vienna promotion that is running right now at the website until 23:59 ET on Sunday, March 25.

If you have your sights set on making it to Vienna’s Montesino Casino for the April 10 to 15 main event, partypoker have numerous WPT packages worth $7,000 to give away.

Qualifiers run every day between now and March 25, with freerolls providing the leading 25 players with entry to the $1 WPT Vienna Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy tournament.

However, players can also buy into the $6 Sub Qualifier Speed event – with both Sub Qualifier tournaments offering seats for each $40 added to their prize pools in the Satellite Qualifier that runs every day.

The WPT Vienna Satellite Qualifiers start at 13:45 and 20:45 ET every day, while there is also a Sunday turbo event. Similar to the above satellites, every $375 added to the prize pool will provide one seat at the next WPT Vienna Satellite.

World Poker Tour Vienna$7,000 Packages to be Won

One $7,000 package is already guaranteed from the $375 buy-in Vienna Satellite that runs every Sunday at 15:20 ET, while each extra $7,000 added to the prize pool also assures places in the main event come April 10.

The WPT Vienna prize package includes the $4,700 buy-in to the main event, as well as six nights’ hotel accommodation and $900 to spend.

Keep the faith and maybe you’ll be lining up alongside some of the world’s best poker pros as they all aim to emulate Dimitry Gromov’s success from last year when he defeated fellow Russian Maksim Kolosov in their heads-up encounter to leave Italy with $636,733.

If you are interested, check out the full qualifying structure here and get registered today for an opportunity to face up to the top pros in Vienna.

partypoker Could Be Sending You To Vienna For The World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour ViennaMidge Ure and Ultravox may have warbled on about Vienna and how things meant nothing to him but partypoker are giving all poker players a great reason to care about Vienna. As you may know, the World Poker Tour has expanded and it now contains a stop off in Vienna, the Austrian capital. The Austrian leg of the WPT tour takes place in March and if you want to be there, partypoker could put you in the heart of the action at the Montesino Casino.

The site is offering a range of qualifiers and weekly satellite games all the way up until the 13th of March, so there are plenty of opportunities to book your place in Vienna. The opportunity to go abroad and play poker at a major event is something that most poker players dream of so being funded to do it by winning a few poker hands is something worth playing for.

End of March is when you could be Vienna bound

The Vienna leg of the World Poker Tour takes place between the 25th and 29th of March and is sandwiched in between stops in California and Slovakia. With it being the second last European date on the tour, there is sure to be a great deal of interest and the fact that Vienna has only recently been added to the tour line-up should create an extra level of interest in this event. There will be more than enough poker and gaming opportunities to keep you occupied but if a break in play occurs, there are worse cities to be in than Vienna.

When you arrive at a tournament, you know you are going to be up against some quality players who have sponsorship deals and major backing, which can be quite intimidating. This is why partypoker are looking to level the playing field with a $7,000 package for each winner who makes the trip. This package includes the $4,600 buy in for the WPT Vienna main event.

You will get plenty of spending money too

It also includes five nights’ accommodation and $1,400 spending money to allow you to make the most of any time you have in Vienna away from the poker tables. With one in twenty players picking up this Vienna prize package, there is a huge incentive to get online and play with partypoker. Even if this site is not one of your regular poker playing sites, this is the sort of prize that will grab attention and divert you towards it.

Grab A $1 Million Hand From partypoker

partypoker Million Dollar HandAnything with $1 million in the title is going to grab your attention, which is exactly why it was placed in this title. Even though you know that there is some catch involved, the thought of $1 million draws poker players like moths to a light. Even though they know it’s not what they are really looking for, it is impossible to escape it.

After all, with talent, skill, determination and a little bit of luck, surely everyone in a tournament has a chance of winning?

On partypoker, the chance to win $1 million is not even related to your poker skills, it is related to the frequency of your play. If you enjoy a lot of poker, this is the sort of promotion that rewards your loyalty and love of the game.

What do points make?

The $1 Million Dollar Hand game is running in January and for every 15 points a player picks up on partypoker; they are presented with a card. An old British TV show used to say that points make prizes but on partypoker, points mean cards and cards can ultimately mean money.

If your random cards see you with sitting with a pair, you pick up $3 and the prizes progress upwards from here. A two pair equates to $10 and three of a kind earns you $20. This continues all the way up through poker hands with the top billing awarded to the Royal Flush.

A Royal Flush is what to aim for

If you hold a Royal Flush, you will walk away with a share of $1 million and if you are the only partypoker player holding a Royal Flush that money is all yours. If you find out you have to share the prize with a lot of players, you will be annoyed but in reality, you are getting money for nothing.

The chances of winning the big prize are slim but if you are planning on playing a lot of online poker this month, why not give partypoker a go? It may not be an original idea but it is a neat twist on the loyalty scheme where regular players are rewarded with the opportunity of winning extra money.

If your poker skills are strong, the additional games you play could see you walk away with additional funds anyway but if not, you could still be in the running for a big prize. And if that happens, partypoker will be responsible for starting one of the biggest parties of your life.

partypoker Hosts WPT Amneville Satellites

WPT Amneville 2010partypoker, lead sponsor of the World Poker Tour, is now holding satellite tournaments into November’s WPT Amneville, France main event.

In all, partypoker will be giving away five prize packages into this, the premiere WPT event to be held in France, each package worth $7,000 and including the $4,500 buy-in into the WPT Amneville main event, hotel accommodations during your stay for the tournament, and $1,200 for expense money. In addition, the WPT Amneville prize package winners will also be treated to partypoker’s world renowned world class hospitality.

partypoker WPT Amneville satellites and qualifiers start Monday, September 13 and run through Sunday, October 17, 2010. The cheapest way to enter the qualifying structure is through one of partypoker’s daily WPT Amneville freeroll tournaments in which the top 50 players from each will advance to a sub qualifier speed rebuy event.

Players can also opt to buy in directly into this sub qualifier speed rebuy event for a $1 buy-in. These events take place daily and award an entry into the weekly WPT Amneville satellite qualifier for every $40 in the prize pool. Alternatively, players can win a seat in the weekly satellite qualifier through one of partypoker’s daily $5 + $1 sub qualifier speed events; one in eight players will win.

The partypoker WPT Amneville Satellite Qualifier takes place every Sunday at 1:45 pm ET. Players can either win their seat through one of the aforementioned methods, or they can buy in directly for $37.50 + $2.50. One out of every ten players in each of these weekly satellite qualifiers will land themselves a seat in the WPT Amneville Satellite on Sundays at 3:20 pm ET. The direct buy-in into this event, in which partypoker will award one in every twenty players a $7,000 prize package, is $350 + $25.

Snowball Into Big Winnings At partypoker With September Snowball Promo

Snowball partypokerpartypoker is holding a new promotion this September called the Snowball, with every player participating able to win up to 15 prizes each.

Prizes in the partypoker Snowball promotion include cash, as much as $5,000, and freeroll entries, valued as high as $100,000. With the Snowball promotion, the more momentum you gain, the more prizes you can win, and the faster and easier it is for you to win subsequent prizes. Hence the name Snowball.

Between September 1 and 30 just play in as many real money games at partypoker cash and tournament tables as you can, racking up as many PartyPoints as you can before the promotional period’s end.

In some promotions, every time you pass a hurdle from one level into the next, you give up the preceding prize to advance to a better prize, but here the prizes snowball one on top of the other, with partypoker only adding and never taking away from your kitty of prizes as you progress up and up toward the top prize level of $1,500 and $50,000 in freeroll tournament entries for all players earning at least 50,000 PartyPoints.

Players from Bronze to Palladium Elite status will find something for them in the Snowball promotion, with each level player able to strive for prizes typically a bit out of their price range (or prize range, as the case may be).

Earn at least 500 PartyPoints during the Snowball promotion and you’re guaranteed a cash prize of at least $20. Earn at least 5 PartyPoints and you’re guaranteed a $5,000 freeroll entry. Five freerolls are taking place in all, with prize pools ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. All it takes to win entry into all 5 freeroll tournaments is 200 PartyPoints.

The partypoker Snowball Freeroll tournaments will take place between October 4 and 8, one per day, starting with the lowest stakes and leading up to the highest.