888 Poker Gets Social

888 Poker is making big waves, and the perfect kind for surfing – first with a new 3D online poker room and now with full social media integration.

Social media integration means that 888 Poker can now be joined with and enhance the experience of all your social networks. Connect your 888 Poker account (at my.888Poker.com) to your various accounts with social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and maybe best of all YouTube.

Compare 888 Poker performance with your Facebook friends, Tweet about your progress in a game on Twitter, and record your poker games and capture those incredible hands to share with your connections on YouTube.

Plus, the social networking experience at my.888Poker.com includes Blue Carpet Events, behind the scenes looks at various big money live poker tournaments in exotic locations, an insider look at the World Series of Poker, and an bustling community of players like you posting blogs, commenting on discussion forums, join themed groups with like-minded people on subjects that interest you, ask and answer questions, study up on the successes (and hard-won lessons) of the elite group of 888 Poker Ambassadors, post photos and videos, take poker polls, and win prizes by participating in exclusive 888 Poker social media promotions. An example of one such promotion is a huge refer-a-friend bonus of $50 for you and $25 for each of your friends you refer who sign up for my.888Poker.com.

At the time of this writing there were 15,117 members in 35 groups writing, reading, and commenting on 276 blog posts, 2,678 photos, and 210 videos on my 888 Poker.

Members of my 888 Poker also get the opportunity to set up private tables and private tournaments at 888 Poker. So you can invite your Facebook friends to an exclusive 888 Poker tournament or cash game with a select invitation only group of players.