bwin Make The New Players Feel Like Winners

So much in the world of poker is aimed at the big players, the big hands and the big money prizes. This can come about for a variety of reasons but usually the more money you have at your disposal, the more chances you have of winning. This is the way of the world but sometimes there is the opportunity for the smaller player or novice to get the benefits that can make them feel on top of the world. bwin may have a massive reputation in European betting and gaming as well as being associated with some of the biggest names in football but the site is also able to look out for the smaller player too.

bwin Poker Rookie Challenge

An interesting opening bonus

The Rookie Challenge, as you would expect, is based around new players to the bwin website and goes further than the usual opening bonuses. The introductory bonuses for poker sites have become quite staid, usually offering a 100% bonus of your deposit amount and occasionally some freeroll incentive as well. This is not enough to differentiate a site from the many other sites offering similar incentives so there is a need for something else. Providing a tournament that pits newcomers up against each other is one way to make people feel as though they can become a winner early on in their time on a site.

5 stages to get through

The concept of the Rookie Challenge on bwin Poker consists of 5 separate stages with the players battling their way up from the bottom. Taking on opposition players in head to head matches gives you a chance to win money for nothing that can be used at a later date. A victory in a head to head match gives the victor 3 freeroll tickets and a further 3 tickets with a value of $1.20, which are able to be used at a later date in a real money poker tournament of the victors choosing. Building confidence and bankrolls on a site is crucial to becoming a regular winner and this is what the Rookie tournament helps players to do.

Each newcomer is rewarded with 10 free tournament tickets for the Rookie Challenge, which should give everyone a chance of victory in the Sit & Go tournament and then try to progress through the stages as quickly as possible.

bwin may be one of the biggest names in online poker but by looking out for the newcomer with their Rookie Challenge, they have shown they are able to look out for everyone in the world of poker.