Celeb Poker Can Give You A Big Hand

In poker, and perhaps in life, there are few things better than sitting with a big hand, knowing that you are about to win all the money that is up for grabs. Occasionally you will have a great hand that is beaten by the bad beat but there are sometimes you just know your hand isn’t going to be beaten. Picking up the pot is one thing but knowing that you have outsmarted your opponents is a great feeling and is why some people get into playing poker.

$100 a day up for grabs

Celeb Poker Hand of the Day Bonus

Celeb Poker understands the great rush when you turn in a huge winning hand and they are attempting to make the feeling even better. They are doing this handing out $100 for the best hand that is played every day. You would think that winning with a big hand would be reason enough to celebrate but this additional bonus could leave you feeling on top of the world. It also means there is an even greater incentive to pull out all the stops when playing because an extra $100 on top of your winnings is not something to be ignored.

As you would expect, there are a number of conditions to this prize but nothing too painful or treacherous to stop you getting your hands on the additional loot. First of all, to win the prize, the hand must consist of 4 Kings or better. The hand must be played in a Texas Hold ‘Em ring game and that game must have at least three players involved when the hand was dealt. These are conditions which may prevent some poker players from winning the prize but they should be general enough to appeal to most players.

You have to hold the right cards

To qualify for the hand of the day bonus, the pocket cards have to be used in the winning hand’s ranked cards. When a “4 of a kind” Kings or Aces hand is played, the player must be holding the pocket pair in order to be eligible for the prize.

In poker, there is always a chance that more than one player will play the same winning hand on the same day and in this case, the bonus goes to the player that receives the best hand first. This is fair enough and it could be an incentive for all the early birds who like to play poker in the small and early hours of the morning.

Getting a helping hand is never a bad thing but if you are lucky enough to hold a big winning hand, Celeb Poker could be slipping you an additional $100 for your trouble!