Celeb Poker Can Give You A Big Hand

In poker, and perhaps in life, there are few things better than sitting with a big hand, knowing that you are about to win all the money that is up for grabs. Occasionally you will have a great hand that is beaten by the bad beat but there are sometimes you just know your hand isn’t going to be beaten. Picking up the pot is one thing but knowing that you have outsmarted your opponents is a great feeling and is why some people get into playing poker.

$100 a day up for grabs

Celeb Poker Hand of the Day Bonus

Celeb Poker understands the great rush when you turn in a huge winning hand and they are attempting to make the feeling even better. They are doing this handing out $100 for the best hand that is played every day. You would think that winning with a big hand would be reason enough to celebrate but this additional bonus could leave you feeling on top of the world. It also means there is an even greater incentive to pull out all the stops when playing because an extra $100 on top of your winnings is not something to be ignored.

As you would expect, there are a number of conditions to this prize but nothing too painful or treacherous to stop you getting your hands on the additional loot. First of all, to win the prize, the hand must consist of 4 Kings or better. The hand must be played in a Texas Hold ‘Em ring game and that game must have at least three players involved when the hand was dealt. These are conditions which may prevent some poker players from winning the prize but they should be general enough to appeal to most players.

You have to hold the right cards

To qualify for the hand of the day bonus, the pocket cards have to be used in the winning hand’s ranked cards. When a “4 of a kind” Kings or Aces hand is played, the player must be holding the pocket pair in order to be eligible for the prize.

In poker, there is always a chance that more than one player will play the same winning hand on the same day and in this case, the bonus goes to the player that receives the best hand first. This is fair enough and it could be an incentive for all the early birds who like to play poker in the small and early hours of the morning.

Getting a helping hand is never a bad thing but if you are lucky enough to hold a big winning hand, Celeb Poker could be slipping you an additional $100 for your trouble!

888 Poker Show That All Sport Isn’t As Sexist As Sky

Unless you have been living under a rock on the Moon in recent weeks, you can’t have helped but notice that two presenters of Sky’s football output have gotten themselves into a spot of trouble. Yes, Andy Gray had trouble tucking himself in and Richard Keys was convinced people were going about smashing things and now the two of them have lost their jobs. This has led to many people to come and criticise the world of sports about its sexist attitude but not everywhere is like that.

888 Poker acknowledge that there are some excellent female poker players out there and the site gives its members the opportunity to pit their wits against one of the best female poker players in the business.

Leo Margets is one of the best

Leo Margets WSOP 2009

Leo Margets is one of the top rated female players in the sport and her 27th placed finish out of 6,000 at the 2009 WSOP Main Event was a major accomplishment. Margets was the highest placed women in the tournament and this saw her walk away with a prize of more than $352,000 in the process. This player has shown she has the ability and strength to compete with the men but if you feel you are man enough to take her on, you have the chance with 888 Poker.

The first Thursday of the month offers the biggest prize because if someone manages to knock Leo Margets out of the running, they will pick up $1,000. The prize for managing this on any other Thursday is a mere $250 so there is a big incentive to play at the start of the month. This player and the overall winner are also rewarded with having a bounty placed on their heads for the next games, which means there will be plenty of players gunning to take them out. It is certainly a dog eat dog eat world out there.

Leo does have her charms

The advertising campaign being run by 888 Poker is hardly striking out at the world of sexism as they place an emphasis on the rather attractive nature of Margets but when it comes to poker, she is definitely a player to watch.

Leo Margets 888 PokerWith a buy-in set at $10+$1, most people should be able to justify a shot at this tournament but with spaces limited to 500 people, there is a need to be quick before the places fill up. If you feel you have the ability to be the bounty hunter that can knock Leo Margets out of the running, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Grab A $1 Million Hand From partypoker

partypoker Million Dollar HandAnything with $1 million in the title is going to grab your attention, which is exactly why it was placed in this title. Even though you know that there is some catch involved, the thought of $1 million draws poker players like moths to a light. Even though they know it’s not what they are really looking for, it is impossible to escape it.

After all, with talent, skill, determination and a little bit of luck, surely everyone in a tournament has a chance of winning?

On partypoker, the chance to win $1 million is not even related to your poker skills, it is related to the frequency of your play. If you enjoy a lot of poker, this is the sort of promotion that rewards your loyalty and love of the game.

What do points make?

The $1 Million Dollar Hand game is running in January and for every 15 points a player picks up on partypoker; they are presented with a card. An old British TV show used to say that points make prizes but on partypoker, points mean cards and cards can ultimately mean money.

If your random cards see you with sitting with a pair, you pick up $3 and the prizes progress upwards from here. A two pair equates to $10 and three of a kind earns you $20. This continues all the way up through poker hands with the top billing awarded to the Royal Flush.

A Royal Flush is what to aim for

If you hold a Royal Flush, you will walk away with a share of $1 million and if you are the only partypoker player holding a Royal Flush that money is all yours. If you find out you have to share the prize with a lot of players, you will be annoyed but in reality, you are getting money for nothing.

The chances of winning the big prize are slim but if you are planning on playing a lot of online poker this month, why not give partypoker a go? It may not be an original idea but it is a neat twist on the loyalty scheme where regular players are rewarded with the opportunity of winning extra money.

If your poker skills are strong, the additional games you play could see you walk away with additional funds anyway but if not, you could still be in the running for a big prize. And if that happens, partypoker will be responsible for starting one of the biggest parties of your life.

888 Poker Offer An Incentive For Regular Players

Play More and Win More PromotionMarketing and promoting poker can be a difficult task as no one wants to be seen to be overly encouraging players to play. Non poker fans will often have a negative image of online players so any campaign that rewards players for playing online poker regularly will be deemed with suspicion by some people. However, enjoying a game of online poker a few times a week is no major issue for most people and is a great way to relax after a hard day at work.

With so many gaming options online, poker players will always find a reason to play if they want so any encouragement from a site isn’t going to alter the playing habit or frequency of punters, it will merely encourage them to play on a particular site.

Play More and Win More is a Simple Concept

Which is where the Play More, Win More feature currently offered by 888 Poker comes in. 888 Poker is a well thought of name in the online poker industry and has developed a strong reputation over the years. This latest feature is likely to win the site more popularity as it basically provides regular punters with a further chance to win.

If you play twice a week on 888 Poker, you will be automatically entered into a weekly tournament with $500 up for grabs. If you play four times a week, you are rewarded with entry into a weekly tournament with $4,000 as the prize.

$10,000 is up for Grabs for Regular Players

If you manage to make it onto 888 Poker six times a week, the reward is entry into a fortnightly tournament where the prize is $10,000, which would be a welcome bonus for anyone. The competition between online poker companies is very fierce but this means punters are obtaining the benefit with deals and promotions.

If you are a regular online poker player, this offer by 888 Poker rewards you for your loyalty to the site and gives you an opportunity to make a big winning.

And if you are looking for a site where a Play More, Win More attitude is set to be encouraged, where better than the one that uses Australian cricket legend Shane Warne for endorsements?

Shane Warne Knows How to Play More and Win More

Shane Warne

Warne knows a lot about winning through his illustrious career but his recent text romance with Liz Hurley indicates that he knows something about playing and winning too. 888 Poker are unable to offer you the chance to get the mobile phone number of Liz Hurley but they still provide an attractive offer for any poker fan.

If you are going to play anyway, taking advantage of the Play More, Win More offer makes perfect sense and could give you a greater opportunity to win big at 888 Poker.

Cash In Big At The Big Up This September At Celeb Poker

Celb Poker's The Big UpSeptember, 2010 is The Big Up at Celeb Poker. What’s that mean? It means that throughout the September Big Up promotional period at Celeb Poker, players can “exchange less points for more cash”.

Earn $3,000 for just 225,000 Celeb Poker Points, or $2,200 for just 165,000 Celeb Poker Points. Either way, that’s only 75 points for every dollar earned. Earn:

  • $1,000 for 82,000 CPPs (that’s 83 points per $1)
  • $750 for 65,000 CPPs (that’s 87 points per $1)
  • $500 for 45,000 CPPs (that’s 90 points per $1)
  • $300 for 28,000 CPPs (that’s 93 points per $1)
  • $200 for 23,000 CPPs (that’s 115 points per $1)
  • $150 for 17,700 CPPs (that’s 118 points per $1)
  • $100 for 12,000 CPPs (that’s 120 points per $1)
  • $75 for 9,500 CPPs (that’s 126 points per $1)
  • $50 for 6,500 CPPs (that’s 130 points per $1)
  • $30 for 4,000 CPPs (that’s 133 points per $1)
  • $20 for 2,700 CPPs (that’s 135 points per $1)
  • $10 for 1,400 CPPs (that’s 140 points per $1)
  • $5 for 750 CPPs (that’s 150 points per $1)

To be sure to earn the right cash bonus rate during The Big Up month of September 2010 at Celeb Poker, don’t go to the ordinary VIP Club’s Claim Cash Reward tab, because if you do, you’re liable to accidentally get stuck with the regular (lower) rate of return on your hard-earned CPPs.

Instead, go the Promotions tab of the website and click on The Big Up. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, past the informational charts, and you’ll see a grid of “Purchase Now” links, one for each of the above-mentioned cash rewards.

Click on the appropriate Purchase Now link for the amount of cash bonus you want, being sure you have the listed requisite number of CPPs earned during The Big Up promotional period of September, 2010 at Celeb Poker before you do so.

bwin Poker Holding Free Rookie Challenge

How good do you think you are at online poker? Not very good at all? Perfect! Then you’re just the kind of player bwin Poker is looking for to participate in the free Rookie Challenge.

In the bwin Poker Rookie Challenge beginners at online poker get the opportunity to square off against other online poker beginners. All you have to do to participate is be a new player at bwin Poker (sorry, existing players). As long as you don’t have an account yet at bwin Poker you’re golden. Just sign up and bwin Poker will automatically credit you with 10 tournament tickets into its Rookie Challenge.

The bwin Poker Rookie Challenge is comprised of 5 stages of Sit & Go tournaments, in which players begin at the bottom of the ladder and climb their way to the top to ultimately win tickets into real money events.

  • Rookie Challenge Stage 1 is a 10-player tournament with 1st place getting 3 tickets into Rookie Challenge Stage 2 and 2nd place getting 2 tickets into that event.
  • Rookie Challenge Stage 2 is also a 10-player event, which awards 1st place 2 tickets into Rookie Challenge Stage 3 and awards 2nd place 1 ticket into Rookie Challenge Stage 3.

From here, only the 1st place winner is awarded any prize. Rookie Challenge Stages 3 and 4 are both 5-player events with the winner of Rookie Challenge Stage 3 winning 3 tickets into the Stage 4 event, and the winner of Rookie Challenge Stage 4 winning 1 ticket into the Rookie Challenge Stage 5 heads-up final, in which the winner will be awarded 3 real money tickets worth $1.10 each that can be used at any bwin Poker tournament and 3 Rookie Challenge Freeroll tickets.

The bwin Poker Rookie Challenge Freeroll has a $300 guaranteed prize pool. In addition to winning tickets through the Rookie Challenge, you can also get your first 14 tickets into the bwin Poker Rookie Challenge Freeroll by making your first deposit into a real money account at the site, and then earning just one bwin Poker point.

Palladium Rewards – A Higher Standard Of Player Loyalty At partypoker

partypoker has revamped its Palladium Rewards player loyalty programme, and it’s both simpler and more rewarding than ever. In apparent response to player feedback, partypoker has improved the Palladium Rewards programme with more status levels, greater bonus options and cash redemption options, and most importantly perhaps, a cleaner, more easy to understand points system.

partypoker Loyalty ProgrammeNow you just play at any real money game of any time – cash or tournament – and earn PartyPoints, at a rate of 2 points for every $1 spent in either rake or tournament fees. partypoker updates your PartyPoints balance as soon as you leave a table. You can apply those PartyPoints toward purchases at the PartyPoints Store, which includes gift certificates, tournament entries, and even cash redemption. Plus, players get a progressively increasing discount on items purchased at the PartyPoints Store the more PartyPoints spent at one time.

The only exception to all that is that you don’t get any PartyPoints for games played at private tables on the site.

partypoker Rakeback – up to 40%

As you earn PartyPoints, you advance up status levels, or what partypoker calls “Key Levels”, starting everyone off at Bronze, the lowest, and progressing up through Silver, Gold and beyond. At each level you can now redeem PartyPoints for cash, at increasing redemption rates as you advance levels, and what’s more, with increasing cash bonuses on top of the redeemed amount. And clearing poker bonuses are now a simple (and easy) 25% of the bonus amount.

The highest Key Level to which a player can aspire at partypoker is now not “merely” Palladium but Palladium Elite. At this level, players can purchase bonuses that give them as much as $20 cash back for every 100 PartyPoints earned, making for the equivalent of a 40% rakeback.

To advance to the Silver Key Level you must earn and maintain 400 PartyPoints per month. To advance to the Gold Key Level you must earn and maintain 1,000 PartyPoints per month. At the Palladium Key Level, the requirement shifts to a quarterly period, wherein you must earn 9,000 PartyPoints in a calendar quarter to maintain Palladium Key Level status and 50,000 PartyPoints in a calendar quarter in order to maintain Palladium Elite Key Level status.

bet365 Poker Holds $2,500 Beginners’ Races

bet365 Poker $2,500 Beginners' RacesIt doesn’t take years of experience to win big at online poker. Sometimes you’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time, like at bet365 Poker while they’re holding their $2,500 Beginners’ Races.

bet365 Poker’s Beginners’ Races are just what they sound like: leaderboard tracked points races for new bet365 Poker players with a guaranteed cash prize pool of $2,500. What should be especially appealing to new online poker players about the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races is that these races are only played on low limit tables.

Eligible table stakes to qualify for the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Race Leaderboard are only $0.25/$0.50 (or in other currencies: £0.25/£0.50 or €0.25/€0.50) or lower. New players will be eligible for 5 Beginners’ Races on bet365 Poker and each raked hand counts the same (regardless of the stakes).

How players are ranked on the bet365 Beginners’ Races Leaderboard is not by performance in the hands they play but simply the amount of raked hands they play. That’s perfect for players new to poker who may put in a lot of time playing raked hands but may not necessarily do so well in those hands.

The top 100 finishers in the bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races win cash prizes with the lowest possible cash prize awarded (for 61st place through 100th place) being $10. All players reaching 4th place and above win more than $100 each, with the 4th place finisher getting $105, the 3rd place finisher getting $120, the 2nd place finisher getting $135, and the 1st place finisher, the winner of the Beginners’ Race Leaderboard, getting $150.

Interested players must opt in to the race after opening their new bet365 Poker account. At that point, there are 5 different races you may compete in, the first being the one which is in progress when you opt in to the promotion. You may also compete in the following 4 races which would allow you – in the best case scenario – to come away with $750 overall (if you win all 5 races).

bet365 Poker Beginners’ Races Leaderboard periods typically run about every two weeks.

partypoker Offers You A Full House Of Promotions

partypoker Full House PromotionThis hot month of August is doubly hot at partypoker … or should we say triple hot as there are three major promotions running at partypoker, which makes for a Full House of Promotions happening at partypoker this summer. Between the Sit & Go Jackpots, the $50,000 Cash Game Race, and the $100,000 Grand Final, players have a chance to win a share of over $350,000 in guaranteed prize money.

As would only be fair in a three-in-one promotion designed to appeal to all different players, partypoker is offering one promotion to Sit & Go single tournament players (Sit & Go Jackpots), one promotion to players who enjoy scheduled MTTs or multitable tournaments (the $100,000 Grand Final), and one promotion to players who prefer the cash game tables (the $50,000 Cash Game Race).

The Full House Sit & Go Jackpots promotion, for Sit & Go tournament players, offers jackpots of $10,000 to $50,000 (depending mainly on table stakes), for players who win 5 Full House Sit & Go tournaments of the same table stakes in a row.

The Full House $100,000 Grand Final is an event taking place on August 30th with, you guessed it, a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. There is no direct entry, you can only qualify for the event by qualifying for at least two of the weekly $10,000 Freeroll tournaments. To qualify for the weekly event, just earn at least 1 PartyPoint each day for a minimum of three days of the week leading up to the freeroll. When we said there is no direct entry, we were fibbing a bit. There actually is but it is not money you need: You can reserve your place at the $100,000 Grand Final with 1,000 PartyPoints.

The Full House $50K Cash Game Race, for cash game players, is a leader board based events where players are ranked based on how many points they earn while playing at partypoker’s cash tables during the promotional period (August 2 – 29). Only partypoker’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold members can participate.

More info on how to earn PartyPoints can be found on the partypoker website or in our review of the partypoker Bonus offered for player who sign up at partypoker through Max Poker Bonus.

bet365 Poker Offers Big Summer Reload Bonus

This week only – between Sunday, July 26 and Monday, August 2 – bet365 Poker will be offering all its players a Summer Reload Bonus.

The bet365 Poker Summer Reload Bonus is open to all bet365 Poker players new and old who opt in to the promotion and then deposit or transfer some amount of money into their bet365 Poker real money account. How much of a Summer Reload Bonus you get for your deposit depends, as you might imagine, on the size of the deposit.

bet365 Poker is offering 3 different bonuses in their Summer Reload Bonus promotion: $20, $100, and $500.

If you deposit less than $20 (that’s $19.99 or less) you get $20. If you deposit between $20 and $99.99 you get a $100 bonus. And if you deposit $100 or more then you get the full $500 cash Summer Reload Bonus.

You can make multiple deposits during the Summer Reload Bonus promotional period (July 26 – August 2), but only the highest deposit will be counted toward deciding the bonus amount you receive. In other words, they will not add up all your deposits over the course of the week and base their determination of your bonus amount on that. So make sure you make one big deposit that counts. Even just $100 gets you $500. That’s a 500% deposit bonus. You can’t find that on most poker sites.

bet365 Poker Summer Reload BonusYou are credited for the bonus not when you make the deposit but within 24 hours of the promotion’s end (so that’s 23:59 GMT on August 3. As with any cash Bonus Dollars you receive at bet365 Poker (or virtually any other poker site, for that matter) you must “clear” the bonus to access the funds, meaning you must play in bet365 Poker’s real money games and tournaments to earn a certain number of Merit Points. In this case, the Summer Reload Bonus Dollars will be redeemed at a rate of 1,200 Merit Points for every $10.

You have 60 days from the time of receiving the Bonus Dollars to clear the entire bonus. Any portion of the bonus not cleared by the end of the 60 day term will be forfeited. For more details on how to earn your Merit Points you can also see our info on the bet365 Poker Bonus for first depositors.