More SCOOP Success For UK Players

PokerStars SCOOP 2013With the weekend nearly upon us, you may be thinking about your plans for the weekend. If the weather manages to stay nice, many people will be desperately heading out into the sun, making the most of what is on offer. Of course, it is still far too early to say whether the weather will be nice this weekend because you can never tell on a day to day basis in this country! There is definitely a need to have a Plan B up your sleeve and if there is no chance to get out and have a brilliant time in the sun, you should look into staying indoors and having some fun.

This is where playing online poker may be the best bet for you. There are some players that think that playing online poker is a waste of time and that they would be as well burning their money for all of the good that it does them. This is one viewpoint but it is not the attitude to have in life. You can only become better by practising and playing. Online poker players should view their progress like a journey and there are many steps to take before you become good and confident. However, once a breakthrough is made, you will never look back!

Anybody that is looking for inspiration for what can happen to UK poker players when they play online only needs to look at some of the results from the SCOOP event. The Spring Championship Of Online Poker has been a big draw in the past week and there has been a lot of money heading to the UK thanks to the skills and determination of many of the best bedroom poker players in the country. You don’t need to be one of the big name poker players to win these tournaments but you do need to be involved.

Play poker and be a winner

An example of getting involved can be seen in the UK players that took part in the eight event at the SCOOP tournament, which was a No Limit Hold ‘Em offering. There were a number of levels for players to get involved at and the low and medium levels were won by British players. If this is not the sort of thing that will inspire you to success then it is hard to know what will.

The low level event had a buy-in of just $11, which is something that many UK players will be happy with as this works out as being less than a tenner! The top prize for this category was scooped up by a player called “1hmm11” who earned $20,057.76 for his efforts.

Sam GraftonThe medium level, which had a buy-in of $109 was won by a Britain too. The player listed as “potbet11” was the heads up winner who grabbed a SCOOP watch and just under $80,000 in prize money! Sadly the $1,050 high rolling buy-in event was not win by a British player but Sam Grafton did manage to earn himself $153,251 for his efforts.

It wasn’t all great news for British poker players at this event though as Jon “LUFCBAS” Spinks was the player who managed to be the bubble buster at the final table. Then again, if the LUFC part in his online name stands for Leeds United Football Club, there will be plenty of people up and down the country having a slight chuckle at Jon’s expense! Such is the nature of football rivalries!

So, no matter what sort of weather there is this weekend, you should think about finding some time to enjoy online poker. You don’t need to commit yourself to a major event like SCOOP or even any of the big name poker tournaments which take place every weekend but you do need to commit to doing something with your time. The more poker you play, the more you will hopefully learn and this weekend might just lay the foundations for a lot more poker success to come in the future!