UK Poker Player Wins Big On PokerStars

PokerStars LogoThe size and scope of PokerStars means that there is always going to be a good reason to log on to the site. Some players will find the fact that there are so many poker players on site will be intimidating and likely to negatively impact on their chances of winning. That is true but it also means that the spoils available to successful players can be of great importance and highly enticing. This is definitely the poker site for players that like to think they have a chance of winning big money and at the weekend, another UK poker player struck big.

The Sunday Second chance game at the PokerStars site is a big hit with players and the fact that there is a $175,000 guarantee is definitely going to be a big factor for many players. This weekend there was an even bigger incentive as the prize pool was inflated thanks to the huge number of players that were involved. With 1,568 players battling it out for the top prize, there was a total of $313,600 up for grabs. This ensured that the top 180 players would receive money for taking part in the event but if you are going to get involved with an online poker tournament; you may as well be involved to try and win it!

A large sum of money was picked up on Sunday

Matt Perrins

The big prize on offer was $52,386.88 and that amount of money made its way to the UK thanks to the poker skills of Matt Perrins. The player, who goes by the name of “pezler06” online will definitely be thankful he made the decision to get involved with the online tournament on Sunday. This is far from the first big win in Perrin’s poker career though and he can boast of a WSOP bracelet! This came about in rather bizarre circumstances when he won the $1,500 buy-in No Limit Deuce-to-Seven Lowball at the WSOP. This prize alone saw him bag $102,105 and he has achieved success in the live and online poker arena since then too.

The fact that there is a big UK poker success or two online should ensure that you have the motivation and confidence to try more big name poker events. Just because one UK poker player wins an event doesn’t mean that you will win an event but it should indicate that there is no reason why you can’t win an online poker event. A lot of it is about finding the right event for your level because if you are a rookie poker player, you are going to need a lot of good fortune to bag a massive prize. However, we all have to start somewhere and low online tournaments can help you to develop the confidence that will one day see you rise to the top in the big events.