The Poker SCOOP Is Big News For UK Players

PokerStars SCOOP 2013It can be hard to keep up with the amount of big events and tournaments that PokerStars provide for players but this is not something to complain about. Poker players are always on the lookout for promotions and tournaments to keep them interested and to boost their chances of winning a great deal of money. The latest PokerStars event to get UK and Irish poker players excited is the Spring Championship of Online Poker. If this seems like a bit of a mouthful, you will be glad to know that the event is more commonly known as SCOOP and the 2013 event is proving to be successful for Irish and UK poker players.

The fact that the third event at SCOOP 2013 had three different buy-in levels meant that it was always going to be a popular choice for poker players. The No Limit Hold ‘Em Rebuy Six-Max Action Hour is quite a title but it proved to be a popular choice and it brought some money to players over here!
With the low level buy-in coming in at $5.50, there was an opportunity for plenty of players to get involved. The huge popularity of this event can be seen with the fact that the prize pool reached $305,385. This is a tremendous sum of money for such a low buy-in and it indicates that players will look to get involved with low buy-in events if the incentive was there.

This huge sum of money was spread out amongst a huge range of poker players but a good chunk of it came to the UK thanks to the player known as “Shaunn1”. Even though there were 17,403 players taking part in the event, this player managed to be number 3 in the overall standings. This position ensured that a prize of $28,530.64 was on its way to Blighty! Thanks to a three way chop, this prize actually turned out to be about 3 grand higher than the money earned by the player who finished in second place.

There was strong interest at mid-level too

The mid-level buy-in for the event was still an affordable $55 and with a lot of money on offer at this level, some well-known poker players could be found sniffing around! Again, there was a big placing for a UK player with Southampton’s Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer picking up $16,502.50 for finishing in fifth place.

There was a big jump up with respect to the high level buy-in, which stood at $530. This is the sort of money that rules out all but the top, the most confident or the already rich players. It was therefore no surprise to see that Chris “Moorman1” Moorman ranking highly at the final table. A sixth place finish is not going to be the highlight of Moorman’s year but picking up $26,212.50 is never a bad thing.

Once again, the allure and appeal of online poker is laid out starkly and the fact that this event provided a level for every type of player made it an extremely popular choice for UK players.