Poker Glossary

Are you a Bubble Boy – and do you know what that actually means? Do you know the meaning of the word Connectors? Are Outs something you are comfortable with? Is the expression Three Bet familiar to you? If some or all of this typical poker terminology is unknown to you you need not despair as you can simply look them up here in our online poker glossary.

The poker terminology is quite extensive and a lot of the terms are not easy to understand for a new player – if at all. In order to help you react accordingly to someone who talks about Aces Full in the chat we have written this comprehensive poker glossary. If there are still some expressions that are unclear to you and that we haven’t covered here simply contact us with these terms and we will add them to our poker dictionary with the according explanation.

Poker Terminology – Abbreviations

  • A Ace
  • K King
  • Q Queen
  • J Jack
  • T 10 (Ten)
  • 2-9 the remaining cards with values 2-9
  • h Hearts
  • d Diamonds
  • s Spades – Attention: stands for “suited” and not “spades” if used after a card combination (e.g. AQs)
  • c Clubs
  • o Offsuit

Using the abbreviations as explained above you can make hands by simply putting them together. For example Pocket Cards consisting of King and Jack would be simply abbreviated KJ, the higher valued card always being named first (although nowadays this old rule is often neglected – as is sometimes correct spelling and grammar). If the colour of the cards is of importance and you had a King of Hearts and a Jack of Clubs we would talk of KhJc. If both are of the same colour (King of Hearts and Jack of Hearts) we can either choose to simply add an “s” (KJs) to state that the cards are suited instead of having to write KhJh. In contrast to that we can use an “o” for offsuited cards, so we could also denote our previous KhJc as KJo.

With the help of our poker glossary you will find a lot of the poker terms that may have baffled you for some time. While playing poker successfully doesn’t mean you have to throw around all these expressions all the time yourself it does help a lot to get to grips with the basic poker terminology in order to understand fellow players who talk about their strategy. And in some cases some strategy guides may use a lot of poker slang – and unless you know your Pocket Aces from your Connectors you will have a difficult time following them.